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I just want to say, mister John Mayer sir, that I totally get your anime sentiment. So, I made this for you. Keep living the dream mister Mayer sir.
Got a Nokia 7 Plus a few days ago and I am digging the way the Zeiss-powered camera takes photos. Also, they look absolutely magnificent on the phone's vivid 6-inch 18:9 full-HD display, if I may add. I'm excited to take more shots with this sexy machine. Join me on this journey and let's find out if this is the phone I can rely on. #Nokia7Plus #Nokiamobilephotograhy
Nabe for lunch today, care of the amazing @r.nakpil. Itadakimasu!
Hindi kami maka chicken dinner lately so chicken lunch na lang #CHICKENSKWAD
Self portrait, June 2018
Braving rains together
Deadpool 2 headshots
Color study using Mayer's 'New Light'
What do you get someone who gives so much, but only asks for so little? Easy: every damn thing she asks for and more.

Happy birthday, my love.
Mothers ❤️
Me, doing my best Will Smith impression.