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#Repost from the dear, @sophiabush 👇🏽
I have been in tears for days. Looking at these images. Reading about guards in these internment camps refusing to allow caged children to hold each other. Kids as young as two years old, sobbing, with no one to console them. That does lasting psychological damage to children. As does being ripped from their parents arms, some so young they are still breastfeeding. There have to be some nonnegotiables in our society. And human rights violations like these should be one. Using children as bargaining chips? No
Quoting here from @valariekaur, via @sallykohn
1. More than 2,000 children have been separated from their mothers and fathers since April, more than 100 under the age of four. They are held in tents, big box stores, and warehouses converted into detention facilities. Family separation can cause children “irreparable harm,” stated the American Association of Pediatricians.
2. The Trump administration claims it is enforcing the law. This is false. It initiated a zero-tolerance policy in April to prosecute all undocumented migrants as criminals and separate them from their children -- as a deterrent. The administration has no plan to reunite families it has separated. It has the power to stop this policy at anytime.
3. The U.S. has a long history of separating families of color, taking Native American and black children from their parents. Here's the truth: Lawmakers can only secure the popular support for such brutal policies if the targets are already seen as less than human. The current administration has primed us to see migrants at the border as "animals," "criminals," and "rapists." Once you strip a people of their humanity, you can do anything to them... including take away their children.
4. But we can insist on seeing migrants not as criminals but as mothers, fathers, sons, daughters seeking a different life. They don't have documentation. That's a civil violation, not a criminal one. It does not deserve state-sanctioned torture. We can stop this.” .
Protest. Protest. Then protest some more. Fight like hell for your values and for what you know is right. #FamiliesBelongTogether
Always honor your word by following it up with action. And watch the people in your life who do the same by really showing up for you...It’s a gift, so when you find them cherish them and hold them close. #MissionMonday #WhatsYourMissionStatement?#MakeAChoice #MakeItHappen
What a blessing 🙌🏽 #HappyFathersDay to my Dad and all the Dads out there! 
Dad, I honor you and am thankful for you everyday. 💞
When your best friend’s in town this is how you do #FitnessFriday! @therealmariskahargitay #Hilariska #EasierWithAFriend #SynchronizedSistas 👊🏽💪🏽💞#WhatsYourMissionStatement? #MakeAChoice #MakeItHappen
A year ago we said goodbye to our beloved, Rumi. But, we know she’s always with us and this Rumi quote is forever within us as she was a shining example of it. “You have within you more love than you could ever understand.” #Rumi 🙌🏽💞 #AdoptDontShop
People inevitably reveal their true selves, listen and watch their words and actions. #MissionMonday #WhatsYourMissionStatement?#MakeAChoice #MakeItHappen
Vamos Rafa!!! J’adore le tennis!! 🙌🏽🎾👊🏽 @RolandGarros #FrenchOpen #Tennis #Rafa #Nadal
Celebrating the end of an epic journey that fueled the desire for many more RV #CruisinAmerica #Roadtrips 🚍🐶🌄 pic by the dear @samanthamarq 🙌🏽💞
My dogs were not about to be upstaged by a photo decal. #CruisinAmerica on our #Roadtrip2018 🐶🚍
“You always live to fight for another chance. I’ve done a lot of fighting and this is just the beginning.” ~ @serenawilliams 
#MissionMonday #WhatsYourMissionStatement? #MakeAChoice #MakeItHappen #Repost
#Sunset is my favorite time of day... Especially when it’s with my pack. 🙌🏽 #SundayVibes #CruisinAmerica
These two new friends, whom I feel I’ve known a lifetime, are such beams of light, kindness and integrity. I am grateful to be part of their village and vice versa. Bless you, @jedidiahjenkins and @ruthielindsey for your generosity of spirit and awesome sense of humor. 🙌🏽💞