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I don't get to Charlottesville very often but this was a good reason to go. I loved getting to shoot at @kingvineyards! You guys, this venue is so beautiful! Someone hire me to shoot their wedding there so I can go back?!? Pretty please?
Oh how I love the mountains that I call home. There is nothing better to be than mountain views.
Been thinking about this ole girl a lot lately. I rescued her from a horse farm that sold her at auction and she had a huge wound on her shoulder. The size of a basketball. They rounded the horses up with four-wheelers and ran her into a barbed wire fence. I was probably 11 or 12 at the time and I spent hours in the barn talking to her and helping dress her wound. This picture was taken a few years later and I just decided to hop on bareback for a few laps around the field. She lived to be at least 30 and she was such a sweet girl, until you started tightening the saddle 😉😳
"I'll go anywhere, anywhere with you". These two got married last year and then picked up and moved across the country to work at a dude ranch! So cool! Every now and then pictures from their time out west pops up and I want pack up to go visit them.
This has been most of my afternoon. But that's okay. I have a few galleries going out this evening and I'll be starting off the new week with a few more things checked off my to-do list.
Happy Sunday friends. My day is going to be filled my editing, laundry and grocery shopping. What does your Sunday look like?
I can't share this full picture because the bride from yesterday's bridal session standing to the right and it's killing me not to share. I can't wait to hit publish on these images for the blog. Y'all she hiked her wedding dress to the top of a mountain for these 😍 Raise your hand 🙋🏼 if that is something you would do.
Sparkly wedding details for your Friday evening...
Still one of my favorite senior shots from this past spring.
Let me just tell you about my newest office accessory...my letter board. It's so much fun and it brings a little color to the office.
I've been trying really hard take time and enjoy summer this year. Last year I realized that it flew by and I hardly went to the lake or the river. I was shooting weekends every weekend it felt like and I the next thing I knew it was December. So tonight Nathan and I ate ate on the dock, went evening swimming and played with the pups in the water. So I've giving you permission to actually enjoy summer. Step away from the computer, put that Netflix show on pause and go outside.
When having a relationship that is long distance for several years, it's only fitting that part of the reception decor is made from paper maps and is held at the Virginia Museum of Transportation. Aren't these flowers the cutest?