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hey this account is for any friends who like my art and would like to keep up with what i’m doing || @anishohmyghosh is my main account

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two years ago i had a show called the stage where i originally released white. check it out if you still haven’t!
!!!! check it out guys !!! look up white by deep seas on any streaming services
hey guys!!! white. comes out this saturday!!! here’s a little rewind series of some graphic design
these r my new friends
here’s a new introduction to who i am and what i do
here’s a shot from “a walk in the park” a show we played where we wore all white for our releasing album. the album released the following month
two years ago was when i started the “white.” marketing project. we took pictures, played a show, and did all kinds of promotional things on social media. i can’t believe this album is releasing again two years later
here’s a chalk on blackboard sketch
i can’t wait to release these tracks. i’m actually thinking of waiting to release these songs on november 11th. so the rereleases will be out on the two year anniversary of the original songs. what do you guys think? should it be released earlier? comment or dm me your thoughts
deep seas at artserve is now on youtube - the entire show is up if you’d like to check it out we played an acoustic set and a full band set
here’s a compilation of some great senior year music moment for me