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Legislative Policy Analyst, Executive Board Member of the Monday Club, Board Member Boys & Girls Club of Delaware, & State Human Relations Commission

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We remember the individuals and first responders who lost their lives and loved ones on September 11, 2001. #NeverForget
There's still time to vote. Your vote is your voice. We need change, I plan on implementing a new era of engagement in Wilmington. We need to come together as a community to help and support each other.

For your closest polling booth, click the link

#HinesForSenate #ShesForHines #HesForHines
As many of you know, my wife is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and works with a lot of seniors in the 3rd State Senate District . Grateful to hear how my wife service has helped each of them in some way.
When you run into extended family and try to stop them from telling your childhood  stories to your wife  from way back when... “baby I remember when Jordan did...” LOL #palmtofacemoment #hinesforsenate
Thanks for your support Reverend Kurtis . #hesforhines
Me: “hope I got your support”  Child: “of course Mr Jordan...mommy said “you are our pick!” “ #hinesforsenate
It’s Primary Day!!! Thank you to the 75+ volunteers who are out volunteering at all the State Senate 3 polling locations
Thank you Kecia. #shesforhines
Thank you @nexterspac for your support
Thank you Billups family for your support. #hesforhines #shesforhines
I want to encourage a new era in community engagement. I want Wilmington to thrive, and with me at the helm I promise to do just that. #HinesForSenate #TimeForChange #WhenWeAllVote @whenweallvote
Thanks for your support Stephen and Ms Janet. #Sheforhines #hesforhines