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Rooted & rocking reggae🎙💃🏽
Professional Wandering Soul 🌌⚓️
Based in San Diego 🗺 Raised on O’ahu 🌴


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Angel baby Vienna 💕
My bassie is a baddie 👀💯 Turn up that low end!!! Love you @bassmanflores 💝
Ogden tonight 💝🎥 @edgarg760
Growing up in the Philippines, Italy and Hawai’i taught me how culturally diverse we are as a species. I am proud to be this mixed plate of cluster mess and thanks to @fender I’m able to express it ❤️ California Series is the best guitar I’ve ever owned. No lie! 
Pc: @sugarshacksessions 
#fenderplay #fenderpartner
When Christmas is steadily approaching and all I wanna do is come home and cuddle my mama ❤️ miss you. See you soon xxx
So excited to receive my new @Palm! Does practically everything my normal phone does but it’s super small, less distracting and travel friendly! When I don’t feel like lugging around my giant smartphone, Palm is perfect. It helps me be more in the moment while still on-grid. I use it during my runs, nights out and beyond. 
Check it out! 
#PalmPartner #PalmCrew #LifeMode
This is #Utah 💯 @fivewivesvodka thanks for the hospitality! Nothing like vodka water to keep you warm in the snow 🤔💁🏽‍♀️✨
8 shows back to back this week!! ❄️Just touched down in Utah!! See you tonight, fam!!☃️☃️ #hirie
😮🤓😍 Thiiiiis.... ❤️✨#daysonthegreen
🙌🏽 It’s all love. Glad we got to bring love to Ventura and some money to benefit fire victims. Mahalo KJEE Radio & @Iration for making this happen! Again tonight!!! 🎥@jakealbrechtphotography
Wish you well and goodbye!!! 🖕🏽🖕🏽
Ventura: Round 2 tonight 💯

Photo by @edgarg760 
#hmua @roxy_hmua 🗣 feat. my hormones ✨
Next two nights in Ventura!! A portion of the proceeds will benefit those affected by the wild fires ❤️✊🏽 bring any supplies/donations as early as noon! Doors 6pm 👌🏽 Party time.