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End of tour family selfie 🙌🏽 25,000 miles in the books this Fall 🚌💨💨 from the 10+ breakdowns, fuel leaks, broken carburetor, our A/C being out 90% of the 10 (HOT!) weeks and yeah, I’ll just say this was the most physically and mentally challenging tour to date. We learned SO MUCH about ourselves and the perseverance it takes to keep moving forward! We grew even more from the amazing bands we got to observe night after night. It was an absolute pleasure jumping on @slightlystoopid set for Mona June, @tribalseeds for In Your Eyes And @matisyahu for King Without a Crown. Every day, a new day to grow. Cheers to a wonderful way to spend summer vacation. Cheers to all the fans who made it possible!!!! 📸 @inthebarrelphoto #ImWithStoopid 🔥🔥🔥
This was our third time playing @redrocksco and by far my favorite. Shed a couple of happy tears on that stage last night.. and ran up to the top like tradition! Shout out to @chrisdelcamino for 📽! One hour of sleep, 2 hr nap. Today, 2 hours of sleep, and one short plane nap! WHEW! @reggaeonthemountain here we come!!!!!! LAST. SHOW. GEEZE! #HowISpentMySummerVacation ☀️✊🏽 thank you @slightlystoopid @tribalseeds @matisyahu 🙌🏽✨
#MessageInABottle is now LIVE 🖤 So many people to thank for this one... head over to YouTube and check out the premiere!!! Love you guys, hope you enjoy 🖤 📸 @gypsea_rebel
*** Finished, thank you so much fam. ***
In 30 minutes I invite you to join me for a Live Chat/ Q&A about our single, “Message In a Bottle”. If you’ve heard it, I’d love to get your opinion and answer any  questions about it. I tried going the deep-post route but I feel like this is more personal. The music video airs tomorrow at 11am PST but before it does, I want us to feel connected about it! 🖤🖤🖤 I’ll only have about 15 minutes to chat bc we play at 6pm. So see you in 30!!! #IGLive 📸 @gypsea_rebel
Hirie-Zona ❤️🙌🏽
Riverside tonight! We go on at 8pm followed by the one and only @matisyahu ✨ #LetsGetHirie!
Today we start our last run of shows with @matisyahu @tribalseeds and @slightlystoopid 🖤🔊 Hope to see you guys out there!!! @gooddays_photography
When you and all your best buds are musicians 🤪 can’t avoid the casual jam sesh! @jesseroyal1 we gotta finish this one 🔥🔥 #gimmedat
Who knows this fur baby? ❤️🐶❤️
Our last headlining show in Santa Ana oversold!! I can’t thank our fans enough for sharing our music! I enjoy our meet and greets so much; getting to know pre-existing fans even more and introducing myself to all these new kids on the block! I hope we get to keep bringing it for years to come. This is what we were born to do 🙌🏽 #dreamer 🎥 @connartandy
FINALLY! No blurry dates.... let’s do this!!! #DreamerTour this FALL! 💙💙
Casual skanking / gum chewing 😋