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I like honest food. Recommended raw recipe ebook:


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Have a nice hummus-morning 😋
#breakfast #hummus
🇬🇧 My new muffin creation. Scallion muffing with a lid of caramellized ( with honey) slice of ham. So delish! 
The mix of sweet and salty rocks it. ********************
Here is my recipe:
Recipe: *260g flour mix with
*2 tsp baking powder
*1/2 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate
*Salt and spices
Mix in a second bowl * 2 eggs
*120ml oil
*220g cream cheese
*Thin ham slices (one per muffin)
Separate mixing is important for a fluffy consistency. Mix everything together.  Line half of the muffin cups with a slice of ham and fill with dough. Fill the other half directly and place a slice of ham on top. Then smooth gently with a little honey. 
20 min at 180° in the oven: Voila! 💃
🇩🇪 Rezept: * 260g Mehl mischen mit
* 2 TL Backpulver
* 1/2 TL Natron
*Salz und Gewürzen
In einer zweiten Schale mische * 2 Eier
* 120ml Öl
* 220g Frischkäse
Herta Finesse Scheiben ( pro Muffin eine)
Das getrennte Anmischen ist wichtig für eine fluffige Konsistenz. Alles vermengen.  Die Hälfte der Muffinförmchen mit einer Scheibe Schinken auskleiden und mit Teig füllen. Die andere Hälfte direkt befüllen und mit einer Schinkenscheibe belegen. Dann sanft mit ein wenig Honig bestreichen. 
20 min bei 180° in den Ofen: Voila! 💃 #lecker
Found lost silicone muffin pans. Time to put them back in use. Gonna develop a recipe with honey caramellized ham. 😋
#homebaker #cookingtime
Kimchi No. 2: I know, I know, I post about Kimchi all the time 🙄 It is just so....unbeatably yummy!
#kimchi #japanesehomecooking
Is it just me or does a whole chicken always look a little weird, sitting in the oven? Still so yummy and I love the skin 👌
Chicken with an olive oil- thyme scrub, baked on carrots, parsnip and potatoes. 
#dinnerideas #oven
The cutest little gingerbread-manikin I have ever seen. Christmas is coming! 
Have a wonderful pre-christmas time everyone! 
#christmasmood #sweettreats
Kimchi is one of the most versatile food I know. It is a great side dish, perfect low-calory snack, spice up for dishes or salty hangover-buildup 😋 I love it and it is easily made. 
Are you doing you Kimchi at home too?
#kimchi #homemade
Good morning with a strong coffee! 
Have an ibspirational day everyone! 
#goodmorning #coffeetime
Honest food does not need a fancy presentation! 🤗
The best octopus I ever had in #Barcelona for take away. Simply slices, grilled and marinaded with olive oil and garlic 😋
Wahrhaftiges Essen braucht keine übertriebene Darbietung! Das war der beste Oktopus, den ich  jemals hatte. Spanien weiss, was gutes Essen ist. Nur in Scheiben, gegrillt, in Olivenöl und Knoblauch mariniert. Ein Genuss 😋
#octopus #meeresfrüchte
Zarzuela is the best fish stew Ibever had! In this carribian interpretation, there is coconut milk added. Such a nice treat!
#fish #catalunya
That's the cutest little house for the cutest little cupcake I have ever seen 😂 
#cupcakes #sweettooth
In a dreamland of spices and herbs 😍 
#cooking #shopping