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Based in Germany.
I am trying out Raw Food now. Recommended raw recipe ebook:


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That's the cutest little house for the cutest little cupcake I have ever seen 😂 
#cupcakes #sweettooth
In a dreamland of spices and herbs 😍 
#cooking #shopping
Like in a dreamland 😁 Veggie and fruit market in Haifa, Israel. All kinds of aubergines and stuff. I started eating less meat and more raw food. 
So far it is going well, but needs some adjustments 😉 
Wish me luck! 
Btw: I bought a super nice raw recipe cook-ebook. Link is in bio. Highly recommended. 
#raw #vegetables
Best breakfast ever! 
I love the pockled veggies. It is so simple and filling. We have humus, pickles, bulgur salad, lentil-freekeh mix and fresh, warm bread. Along with a dark and hot mocca, this is as close to heaven as it gets 😁☀️
Das allerbeste Frühstück! Die salzig eingelegten Gemüse sind so gut! Es gibt Humus, Eingelegtes, Bulgursalat, eine Linsen-Freekeh Mischung und wsrmes Brot aus dem Ofen. Mit einem dunklen, dampfenden Mocca ist das ziemlich nach am Himmel 😀☀️
#breakfasttime #oriental
Freshly grilled peperoni, only served with kosher salt and pepper is the best!! Nom nom. 
Frische Paprika ist am besten vom Grill....wer keinen Grill hat, nimmt die Pfanne 😊 Super mit simplem grobem Meersalz und Pfeffer. Der Hammer!
Today's crop of homegrown red peperoni 😍 Will be a spicy month... What chilli is your favourite kind?
#spicy #homefarm
Best breakfast, containing sundried tomatos and avocado. Nom nom. What's on your plate today?
Who can say No to a freshly baked, warm Arabic pita bread and hummus for breakfast? 🤤 Can you smell it? 
The local frangipani trees carry fragrant blossoms this time of the year. Wonderful! #Israel #hummus
Mussels! Yumm. 
The best way is made simple: Just some aromatic veggies and garlic. In the end squeeze a little lemon. Voila!
💡Important: Do not put any salt as the mussels are coming from salty waters and salt the whole dish! 💡
#mussels #homecooking
😍 Es ist wieder Saison! Frische Muscheln sind am besten mit Wurzelgemüse und Weisswein gegart. Nom
It is just this season again 😍 Fresh mussels are the best when cooked with vegetables and white wine. Nom 
#muscheln #mussels
For a handful of happieness...
After work with Sushi from my favorite delivery place  yumm
#dinnerideas #sushi 
Can you taste the flavours of the grilled and slightly burnt veggies? Aubergine, zucchini and bell pepper. The best side for a bbq 😍😍