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Our HLS Bicentennial exhibit, "Collections | Connections: Stories from the HLS Library," tells the story of HLS through six themes. Today we are highlighting the theme promoting justice! You can visit the exhibit in the Library’s Caspersen Room daily from 9-5 through June.⠀
@harvardlaw students, staff, and faculty have worked to promote justice through academic leadership, student-led demonstrations, and preserving and making available trial material of international significance. Pictured here are the Harvard Voluntary Defenders in 1972 or 1973 (HOLLIS 8001351559), a student group that is now a student practice organization that provides free representation to low-income defendants. They are the only organization in the state that provides pro-bono representation for low-income people in criminal show-cause hearings; that is, a district court hearing that determines if there is probable cause to believe someone committed a crime. #hlslibrary #hlslspecialcollections #harvarddefenders ⠀
Join us on Monday, March 19 at noon in WCC 2036 Milstein East B for our next book talk on "Can It Happen Here? Authoritarianism in America," with editor Cass Sunstein @crsunstein and contributor Jack L. Goldsmith! This collection of essays explores "the lessons of history, how democracies crumble, how propaganda works, and the role of the media, courts, elections, and “fake news” in the modern political landscape—and what the future of the United States may hold."⠀
Lunch will be served! Hope to see you there!
Happy 85th birthday to former @harvardlaw student and current Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg! 🎈🎉 Justice Ginsburg completed her 1L and 2L years at HLS before receiving her LL.B. from @columbialawschool in 1959. In Fall 1971, Ginsburg returned to HLS to teach the elective course “Sex-based Discrimination and the Law." The 1971/1972 HLS Catalog includes this description:⠀
"Throughout, the course will examine the support law has provided for subordination of women to men, and the stimulus law might provide toward equal opportunity for members of both sexes to develop their individual talents…The course is open to women as well as men!"⠀
You'll notice that the Yearbook’s editors missed a typo and refer to Justice Ginsburg as Mr. Ginsburg.⠀
#rbg #ruthbaderginsburg #harvardlaw #happybirthday
Today marks what would have been the 115th birthday of former HLS Associate Librarian, Philip A. Putnam (1903-1976). Putnam began his career at the Library as a “stack boy” at age 16, where he was tasked with shelving and retrieving books from the shelves. He went on to earn a LL.B. from Northeastern University in 1927 and in 1931 was named assistant in the Law Library. He would go on to become the assistant librarian in charge of the reference department, reading room, and stacks. Putnam ended his fifty-year career at Harvard as Associate Librarian. For this and other Library and HLS stories, check out the exhibit Collections | Connections in honor of the Law School’s Bicentennial, on display through June 2018 in the Caspersen Room, Langdell Hall, daily 9-5. #librariansofinstagram #happybirthday #hls200 #collectionsconnections
Say hello to our Research Services Assistant, Anna, who is enjoying "The Reformer: How One Liberal Fought to Preempt the Russian Revolution" before our book talk on Friday! Join us on Friday, March 9 in WCC 2036 Milstein East B at noon for a lunchtime book talk. We'll hear from author of "The Reformer," Judge Stephen F. Williams, United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, who will be joined by  panelists Joshua Rubenstein, Associate, Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, @harvard and Associate Director for Major Gifts @harvardlaw, and with Alexis Peri, Assistant Professor of History @bostonu. Add it to your calendar and join us for lunch! #harvardlaw #librarybooktalk
Did you know that the games in the microforms room are available for check out? That's right! You don't have to spend the night at the library if you want to get a game of Risk going! Check out any of the games from the microforms room at the circulation desk and you can bring them home with you. #librariesofinstagram #boardgames #gamenight #harvardlaw
HLSL Reference Librarian Lisa is getting a head start on reading "American Capitalism: New Histories" before Wednesday's book talk! Join us this Wednesday, March 7, in WCC 2036 Milstein East B at noon for our latest lunchtime book talk. 🥪🍪📚 "American Capitalism: New Histories" editors Christine Desan and Sven Beckert and commentators Bethany Moreton, Professor of History, @dartmouthcollege; Michael Ralph, Associate Professor, Department of Social and Cultural Analysis, @nyuniversity; and Seth E. Rockman, Associate Professor of History, @brownu will be with us. As always, lunch will be served! #harvardlaw #librarybooktalk
In honor of #blackhistorymonth, here's a portrait of Clarence Clyde Ferguson, Jr. (1924-1983): educator, diplomat, and humanitarian. He graduated from @harvardlaw in 1951. His accomplishments include serving as general counsel, United States Commission on Civil Rights; dean of Howard Law School; and deputy assistant secretary of state for African Affairs. In 1977, he became the third African-American professor to receive tenure at HLS. This portrait by Melvin Robbins (1918-1999) in 1986 was a gift of the Harvard Law School Black Alumni Organization and friends of Professor Ferguson. It hangs in the Library’s reading room.⠀
#blackhistory #harvardlawhistory #hlslspecialcolletions #harvardlawfaculty
Our HLS Bicentennial exhibit, "Collections | Connections: Stories from the HLS Library," tells the story of HLS through six themes. Today we are highlighting the theme Library as Lab! You can visit the exhibit daily from 9-5 through June.⠀
In the early 1870s, HLS Dean C.C. Langdell (LL.B. 1853) wrote these famous words: “The work done in the Library is what the scientific men call original investigation. The Library is to us what a laboratory is to the chemist or the physicist, and what the museum is to the naturalist.” “Library as Lab” was a powerful metaphor in Dean Langdell’s day, and it remains so today.⠀
If Langdell thought of the library as a laboratory, then legal opinions were the specimens to be examined, dissected, and analyzed by young legal scientists. This casebook (HOLLIS 3183251, copy 4) on torts belonged to future Supreme Court Justice Louis Dembitz Brandeis (LL.B. 1877), a student in then Assistant Professor Ames’ Torts class. Brandeis entered HLS in 1875, shortly after the Law School implemented Dean Langdell’s case method. From Brandeis’ copious annotations one can see that he viewed his Torts casebook as akin to a lab notebook, with general legal rules, notes about the cases, and citations to additional authorities scribbled in the margins. #hlslibrary #hlslspecialcollections #casebook #harvardlaw ⠀
In honor of #blackhistorymonth, check out this early edition of The Blackletter, published by @harvardblsa, the Harvard Black Law Students Association, back in 1975. The Blackletter (HOLLIS 14792771) was the precursor to the Blackletter Law Journal, which is now the Journal on Racial and Ethnic Justice. The edition shown here features an article from the series titled, "Round Peg in a Square Hole: A Series of Articles About Blacks at Harvard," which includes the article featured here about Derrick Bell, the first African-American to receive a tenured position @harvardlaw in 1971. Bell is often credited as one of the originators of critical race theory. ⠀
Explore other articles from "Round Peg in a Square Hole," which feature Rudi Pierce, David S. Nelson, and Christopher Edley, and learn more about the history of The Blackletter and @harvardblsa online- all the issues are available at bit.ly/hlsblackletter! #blackhistory #harvardhistory #harvardlaw #hlslspecialcollections
Anyone out there ever used a dictation machine? These bright green discs are from the W. Barton Leach manuscript collection in #hlslspecialcollections and are made of soft vinyl. They were recorded using a SoundScriber, a dictation machine similar to a DictaBelt. Each side of the disk holds about 15 minutes of audio. The note that our A/V Archivist, Chris, found with these discs while prepping them for reformatting and digitization suggests that this is a recording of Professor Leach discussing a bill, probably related to perpetuities reform, with the HLS Record. Professor Leach taught at HLS from 1929-1969. #hlrecord #avarchives #dictation
Here's a fun book spine that was #foundinthestacks by Jane, the library's Historical & Special Collections Assistant. This well worn yet eye-catching book is a 16th century foreign treatise on arbitration and award (HOLLIS 6840119) that was published in Venice in 1547. The decorated paper on the spine is unusual but not unheard of. If you check out the catalog record you'll see that the rare books cataloger thought it was significant enough to mention! #hlslspecialcollections #rarebooks