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We thought it would be fun to show you our top posts of last year—we think they represent it pretty well though Marine Cases is a bit of a surprise. Stay tuned for more glimpses of our people, treasures, events, and more during 2018--and happy new year! #hlslibrary #librariesofinstagram #bestnine2017
Come and get ‘em! We’re delighted to share that the companion #booklets for the #hls200 #bicentennial #exhibit, Collections | Connections: Stories from the Harvard Law School Library, are now available in the Caspersen Room. Drop by to visit (or revisit) our six themes spotlighting different aspects of HLS over its now two centuries of #history. @harvardlaw #harvardlawschool #legalhistory
Today the @HarvardLibrary learning session for library staff featured many @harvardlaw Library staff talking about our experiences offering #LightningLessons to our students. #rtlshares #librariansofinstagram
It’s #lawexams time at @harvardlaw! If you need a reminder that you’re good enough and smart enough to get through your #exams, stop by the Library lobby and pick out a #postit to stick somewhere to remind yourself that #youvegotthis! We also love this quote from Professor Frug that was left last year: “You are not your grade in my class, to me or to yourself.”
Need a break from studying? (And maybe a little encouragement?) Wander by the Hark ramp tables for a break and a peek at this Law Students' Survival Handbook from the 1970s! This is a recent (awesome) donation that hasn't even been catalogued yet! #hlslspecialcollections staff is hanging out with material created by student orgs until 1:00. Come say hi! #harvardlaw #studybreak
What would you do with access to 18 million books, a stipend, and 2.25 months to work? Apply to be a @HarvardLIL summer fellow and show us! 
https://lil.law.harvard.edu/collaborate/2018/summer/fellows/apply/ #internships #summer2018 #libraryinnovation #libtech
Check out this collection of paper clips, fasteners, and pins, removed from #hlslspecialcollections manuscripts.. all part of a good day's (digitization prep) work! 🖇📎📍 Digitization involves *much* more than imaging or reformatting material. Fasteners like these need to be removed, odd-sized and fragile items must be identified, someone has to count every. single. page, copyright and other rights issues have to be addressed, and a whole lot more!! Next time you use digitized material, take a minute to appreciate all the labor that's gone into this amazing work! #digitization #librariesofinstagram #rustypaperclips
Student Orgs: Historical & Special Collections is posted up in Areeda 524 til 1pm to provide support in managing or archiving your records! We’re also set up to forensically copy your data if you have any records to donate to the archives. 💻 💾📀 Join us to learn more about what we’re doing or co-work on a project of your own! #harvardlaw #hlslspecialcollections #studentlife #archives
It's not too late to learn what haunts the HLS Library. Sleepwalkers, witches, and molasses--and more! Sign up for an afternoon tour at bit.ly/hhlsl17!
Hello @harvardlaw! This horrifying hairy hand hopes you've signed up for one of the #hauntedhlsl tours on 10/30 & 10/31 at 12:10, 4:00, & 5:00! Sign up at bit.ly/hauntedhlsl2017.⠀
Many law students may already be familiar with the story of the hairy hand, but if not, we're happy to fill you in! In 1922, an eleven-year-old boy scarred the palm of his hand from contact with an electrical wire. A few years later, a doctor used skin grafted from the boy's chest to fix the scarring, but this caused his palm to grow hair. In what was to become a famous case in first-year law classes, the doctor was sued for breach of contract (Hawkins v. McGee, 84 N.H. 114, 146 A. 641 (1929)), and the court ruled in the boy’s favor. #hlslspecialcollections #harvardlaw
Interested in a quick graveyard visit to get in the Halloween spirit? 👻 Here's an image of US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall's grave in Shockoe Hill Cemetery, Richmond, VA. (HOLLIS 6831884) Unlike the more than 500 cabinet cards in Historical & Special Collections that feature formal portraits of legal figures, this one shows only a grave. ⚰️ Marshall died in 1835, though this image most likely dates from the late 1890s. It is from the studio of G.W. Davis and has been retouched, but to what end we don't know. It’s also unclear when and how it found its way into the Library's collection. ⠀
Want more from your spooky library? Sign up for our second annual Haunted HLSL Halloween Tour at bit.ly/hauntedhlsl2017. Tours are 10/30 & 10/31 at 12:10, 4:00, & 5:00. 🎃🦇☠️
#chiefjusticejohnmarshall #cabinetcard #graves #shockoehillcemetery #hlslspecialcollections #hauntedhlsl
Ever wonder what the HLS Library website looked like in 2008? Well, now you know! This screen shot shows the Library's website as it was captured by Harvard University Archives on February 6, 2008. Check it out at bit.ly/hlslwebsite2008! Today, Historical & Special Collections is developing its own web archives alongside the #webarchiving work taking place across campus. See what has been captured so far at bit.ly/hlslwebarchives! #hlslspecialcollections #librariesofinstagram