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Living on the go since 2007, hitchhiking and rambling along. Podcasting regularly on the Freestyle Travel Show.

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One last beer before I'm stuck in Germany. Maybe five more beers actually... burning Monopoly money - typical airport dance.
I've been in Cape Town for nearly two weeks writing... and getting distracted by peripheral good times, but being productive all the same in this sweet little pad I'm cat sitting in. Keeping it up for a while longer, we'll see what comes next from here.

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Hitchhiking became dodgy today, but thanks to an amazing ride prior to that all is completely fine. I already felt how slow rides have come in South Africa because of a lack of trust, and I've gotten all the stories of danger in the form of muggings and so forth that contributes to that lack of trust. I didn't feel that danger myself until I got dropped off in Mount Frere today where I had to walk through the busy main road to the far side of town, by which point I'd been marked, accruing a not so subtle shadow walking along with me. A shocked woman told me I should walk back towards town, coincidentally a cop car nearby she flagged down for me said the same. Unlike in Egypt these cops both didn't care in a way (be free, do you, but here's what's up) and actually cared quite a bit at the same time (gave me a short ride back towards town, said I could sleep in the police station if I didn't get a ride by dark, and hung around until I hitched a ride out). Even while I waited another sketch nugget came talking to me, looking me up and down yet well aware of the police presence, telling me that everyone in town knew I was there, "we don't ever see a guy like you here". Luckily I did indeed get a ride another hour down the road, but the woman who gave me the ride was also shocked I was in the previous town and frightened that I was going to the town she was heading too. Between that, the heavy rain and the sun setting, my options of hitching forward were pretty awful.

Luckily, as I said, the previous day I'd gotten an amazing ride from a saw mill manager who put me up in a cottage on his property for the night (picture), filled me with good food and let me shower, had arranged a ride to a good spot this morning and left me with an envelope I later discovered had a pile of money in it. Said pile of money was more than enough for an overnight bus to George, my literal ticket out of sketchville.

In about 800km I'll hop out and have a couple couchsurfing hosts waiting for me, easy, easy.

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Feeling free in South Africa, especially after getting to this Drakensberg area where it's absolutely beautiful. Hitchhiking out of Johannesburg proved pretty slow, but I'm hoping this improves as I continue towards Cape Town over the next week.

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Back to the good life.

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Spent nearly 7 days detained by police in Egypt at various locations without much communication or explanation. Will record a podcast soon, as that's the only way to fully describe what happened and some of the absolutely inhumane conditions I was subject to and others are still unfortunately dealing with as I write this, "rightfully" so or not. I was finally freed to the airport where I had fight awaiting, only landing in Johannesburg hours ago feeling free as hell. Fuck, that was out of control.

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Hanging in this town for a night to record a podcast episode, then hitching north to see some more of Egypt. More of the taxi confusion and checkpoint nonsense hitchhiking today, but actually went fairly smooth, hoping that continues.

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The situation snorkeling at Blue Hole today was absolutely mind blowing, one should come to Egypt just to see what I'm talking about. Going on one more hike here in Dahab in the morning then hitchhiking south.

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My #couchsurfing host in #Dahab makes simple and impressive pebble art (as well as the canvas and frames) that he sells at the Friday market here. Really happy to be staying with him here, as he also let me borrow his bike and snorkel gear to hit up Blue Hole today.

#pebbleart #dahabartist #egypt #hospitality #art
I ended Israel with a float in the Dead Sea and an overnight hike in some canyons south of there after. I woke up this morning and hiked out, hitching my way to the Egypt border... easily the most annoying crossing to date. After fees on both sides and baggage scans I was greeted by series after series of cops, military and border patrol confused and unreceptive to my focus on walking and hitchhiking rather than taking a bus. Slowly I got forced rides from checkpoint to checkpoint dealing with the same herds of armed guys checking my passport and questioning me throughout, each time with new issues. Pays to be persistent, patient and at home with uncertainty; I finally arrived in Dahab where I have a couchsurfing host to meet soon and get sorted. More Egypt ahead!

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I spent the day #hitchhiking from a foggy #GolanHeights in the north of #Israel down to #Jerusalem finally. It took 13 rides and some unexpected detours, but happy to have made it with a friendly #trustroots host waiting here for me.
Got a foggy look at #Syria today as I continue to #hitchhike through #Israel.