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Holy Family School is participating in the Scripps National Spelling Bee and today we completed our first annual school spelling bee finals, which included two finalist from each grade (4th-8th grade). As the 10 finalist stood in front of their classmates, teachers and parents, one by one they came up impressing everyone in the audience. We are SO proud of them all and look forward to Luce, today’s champion, representing HFS!!! #holyfamilyschoolsanjose
Look who is back at Holy Family Parish! We are all very excited to welcome Chris Mardesich back to our Parish as our Youth Ministry Director! 
So, here is an exciting look at what is to come for our youth: - Life Teen
- Edge
- Crab Feed - Life Teen Retreat - Epic summer adventures (stay tuned...) #holyfamilyschoolsanjose #holyfamilyparishsanjose
Holy Family School invites you to join us at our Open House on Wednesday, January 30, 2019 from 6:00pm-8:00pm. Check in at the Community Center, get a campus tour, meet our wonderful staff, students and parents. 
Check out our website: www.holyfamilyschoolsj.com

The 6th graders visited the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and experienced one of the largest collections of artifacts on exhibit in Western North America. #holyfamilyschoolsanjose
Happy New Year! #holyfamilyschoolsanjose
Merry Christmas from Holy Family School! #holyfamilyschoolsanjose
The spirit of Christmas was amongst us at Holy Family School. Class parties, Los Posadas and Christmas carols are amongst the many blessings we shared this week! 
Merry Christmas from the staff and students at Holy Family School! #holyfamilyschoolsanjose
“Moooo,” is the feedback Buttercup and Olaf gave our Preschool- 5th graders during their visit at Holy Family. The excitement of having a cow and calf on campus was contagious!

We were blessed to have Mobile Dairy Classroom come out for on a on-site visit. We learned so much about how a cow is so beneficial to our communities. Getting to pet them was a bonus! 
#holyfamilyschoolsanjose #mobiledairyclassroom
The sweetest thing about our HFS buddy program is when you see the big buddies step up to be a good example, a good leader and a good friend to their little buddies; When you see them laugh together, the look a little buddy gets when he/she admires their big buddy and the smile that goes a long way. 
Thank you 7th graders for spending some time creating angels with your 3rd grade buddies! 
Mrs. Caron and Ms. Furey’s 4th grade class hosted a donation drive. They did a fantastic job collecting over 300 items for the Downtown Street Team organization. 
Downtown Street Team believes in “lifting someone out of homelessness.” Thank you 4th grade for your service to our community. #holyfamilyschoolsanjose
5th grade got a special treat today when alumni Kenneth Ronquillo was their guest speaker. “When Lola passed, she left me a lot of paintings. So we still have work to do together. I’m going to see it through.” -Kenneth

Kenneth, HFS class of 1999, spent the afternoon with the 5th graders learning how art can be a useful tool to learn about your own culture. Before his Lola (grandma) passed, she created paintings with Kenneth. He learned a lot about his families culture while spending time with her. His mission is now to complete all the paintings his grandma started. 
Kenneth and the 5th graders created wonderful art together. 
#holyfamilyschoolsanjose #lolaxkenneth
And that’s a wrap! Christmas Concert 2018 was alive with music,  joy and love! Thank you to our music teacher, Mrs. Borrino.