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Summer brings the hot sun, quality time with family and friends and of course.... VBC (Vacation Bible Camp)!!! Thank you to Holy Family Parish, Chris, Jennifer and all the volunteers for leading us into a great VBC beginning. We love seeing our HFS students, alumni and parents at camp!! #holyfamilyschoolsanjose #holyfamilyparishsj
It’s summer vacation and it’s time to look back at some of the events we did not get to share. 
One of the best programs we have at HFS is our “buddy” program. Every year, each student receives a new buddy from their buddy class and throughout the year, they are given the opportunity to bond through activities, crafts & sitting with each other at Mass. 
The 2nd and 6th graders said goodbye to their buddies on the last week of school with some friendly board game competition. The 2nd graders truly enjoyed their time with their big buddies! #holyfamilyschoolsanjose
Happy first day of summer break! It was a bitter-sweet day yesterday, as we said goodbye to our friends leaving HFS. Many are moving out of state/country. We wish you all the best! 
However, how excited were we that summer break was beginning? We gathered at our last prayer service of the academic year... acknowledging some students with awards, saying goodbye to the former student council and welcoming the new, and lastly the blessings from Father Andrew as each class was formally recognized to the next grade level. 
What a wonderful year we had! We are so proud of all our students and so thankful for our Holy Family Community for all the time dedicated to making this year special! #holyfamilyschoolsanjose
Thank you seventh graders and Coach Hashimoto for hosting a fun filled Field Day! 
Today’s Hawaiian themed games included coconut water, relay race, beach ball volleyball, giant bowling, balloon toss and more. 
Definitely some fun in the sun today! #holyfamilyschoolsanjose
Our emotions are all over the place as we watch these students grow! They grow in height, they grow in intelligence and they grow with maturity . . . the next thing we know, they are stepping up into first grade! 
Congratulations to our kindergarten class (HFS class of 2027)! We look forward to watching you grow into young men and women. #holyfamilyschoolsanjose
A special kinder tradition in Mrs. Nagashima and Mrs. Lancaster’s class with the celebration of the father figures in their lives. Donuts with dads was a success with the homemade ties and yummy breakfast treats. 
Proud doesn’t even begin to describe how we feel about our PreKinder and 8th grade class of 2019. 
Today, our PreKindergarteners, walked down the aisle with pride, sang as loud as their lungs allowed and  accepted their PreK stepping up certificates with big smiles on their faces as their names were called out one by one. 
How bitter sweet it was to say goodbye to our 8th grade graduating class, many of who spent the last 9 years at HFS. We are so proud of how hard they worked this year, how much they have grown and the individual person they are growing to be. 
Congratulations, class of 2019! #holyfamilyschoolsanjose
Today we recognized the accomplishments of our students at our first awards ceremony. 
Congratulations to all our 8th graders as well as the 6th and 7th graders that received awards. We are so proud of our HFS students and how hard they ALL work! #holyfamilyschoolsanjose
Celebrate. Honor. Remember. #holyfamilyschoolsanjose
Today we continued a beautiful tradition. Our 6th graders hosted the Welcome to the Table Mass for our 2nd graders (and few 4th graders and a 6th grader) who received their First Communion and Confirmation. 
Moments like this melt our hearts. With the rain subsiding, the preschoolers were able to enjoy their teddy bear picnic outdoors. 
A visit from the HFS bear and some parachute fun after a picnic lunch, these cuties enjoyed one of their last few days of school, as many of them will be graduating and moving on to Kindergarten. 
Another auction winner became principal for the day! What a treat it was for the staff and students to have Mr. P as our principal for the day. 
He had some meetings to attend, a few class observations and had a few parents with questions that he answered with confidence. 
He is giving everyone a sweet treat at the end of the day and a Marvel inspired free dress day! He met with the 6th grade teachers and made sure his fellow students did not receive any new homework for tonight. 
Great job, Mr. P! #holyfamilyschoolsanjose