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Sr. Raiders Badminton at District tournament today qualify 17 athletes for Zone Championships on April 29th. Congrats  to our Gold medalists:
SBD: Richard B./Ethan S.
IBD: Dom M./Dom V. 
JBS: Logan F.
SBS: Toby A
SMD: Isha S/Read K.

And Silver Medalists:
IBD: Damien C/Ethan M
IGD: Jhianne C / Krizelle P
JBD: Fred L/ Lyle S
SGD: Maddy R/Baylee J

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Tonight is Report Card pick up/Portfolio Review night. Check in with your child’s Period 5 Advisory teacher to pick up report cards. Drop in anytime between 5:30-8:30. 
Also tonight is the April Grad General Meeting at 8:00. Grads can start to pay fees provided they are in good standing with Stewardship, marks and fees. 
And finally don’t forget that the Krispy Kreme doughnuts from the fundraiser can be picked up this evening. 
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Krispy Kreme Doughnut orders are available for pick up Tuesday evening April 16.  Please join us during Report Card/Portfolio Review between 5:30-8:30pm.
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Congrats  to current HRHS Raiders competing with Team Alberta this summer 2019.....
Clay Vetter - Team Alberta U18 participating in the Football Canada Cup in Kingston, ON in July.

Rylan Feist, Josh Chapelski, Lucas Seffern and Dillon Orieux competing at the U17 Pacific Challenge in Maui, HI in August. 
Evan Eide, Dante Tabacu, Nash Etson, Cullen Wagner, Dom Caco & Grayson Christie were selected to the Football Alberta Senior Bowl (Team North), competing in Calgary in May. 
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Sr Badminton in Vermilion today claim more medals!!! The Dom’s go undefeated and take gold in Boys Doubles; AJ and Logan battle in the final to win gold & silver respectively in Boys Singles, and Isha wins silver in Girls Singles. 
Honourable mentions to Toby A as well as Damien C/Ethan M for finishing tied for third in Singles and Doubles. 
On Tuesday the entire Sr roster will compete Tuesday as Holy Rosary will play host to 7 other schools in the Vermilion & District Sr Badminton Championships. Shuttles begin to be served at 9:00am. 
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As well tonight, we would like to showcase one of the people from behind the scenes that makes Music Man Jr possible: Jacob Feeley. This is Jacob’s second year on the Tech Crew and he has been the Tech Lead this year. Jacob is known for his sunny disposition and his intensive knowledge of panda bears. In his spare time, Jacob can be found saving kittens and puppies from abandoned wells in the country side. 
Come enjoy Jacob’s hard work behind the scenes on the Tech Tower during Music Man Jr at HRHS on May 3, 5 & 6th. Tickets available at the door or by calling the school (780) 875-3600.
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Photo cred: Bryan Don – Photography 30
Zach Matias is a Grade 11 student who will be making his acting debut as Tommy Dijilas in The Music Man Jr. Zach enjoys playing volleyball and is a self-proclaimed “decent dancer”. Zach was discovered when he was supporting his friend at The Music Man Jr auditions, Mrs Bonilla Sand liked his personality, and he came in for an impromptu audition. The rest, as the say, is history. 
Tickets are available by calling HRHS @ (780) 875-3600. Tickets will also be available at the door the night of the show!
$10 for adults and $8 for children. Children 5 and under are free!
Come join us on May 3, 5 or 6th! See you there!
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Photo cred: Bryan Don – Photography 30 student
Janessa Andres is a grade 8 student playing the role of Amaryllis. Previously, she was July in Annie, the bookseller in Beauty and the Beast, and chorus for The Little Mermaid, Shrek, and The Lion King. Janessa is an avid pianist, saxophonist, and author who enjoys camping. 
Tickets now available by calling the office! (780) 875-3600. (May 3, 5 & 6 @ HRHS)
Photo Cred: Bryan Don – Photography 30 student
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HRHS Jr Badminton hosting the Division Playoffs today starting at 1:00. Teams participating are Holy Rosary, ES Laird, College Park, Bishop Lloyd and Onion Lake. Top two in each category will go on to represent the Lloydminster Division at the NW Districts also hosted here at HRHS this Saturday, April 13.
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Music Man Jr Spotlight :
Hi! I'm Julia Gordon, and I play Mrs. Paroo. I am 13, I'm in Grade 8 French immersion, and this is my first show! I love to read, sing, and watch movies. I hope you love the show!
(May 3, 5 & 6th at HRHS. Tickets now available at the office!) Photo by: Bryan Don – Photography 30 student
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Sports Performance 10/20/30 made the most of the double period 5 block today at Explosion Gymnastics.
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Grade 12’s please submit your yearbook write-ups and your baby picture to your Per5 teacher ASAP. Those on spare in Per 5 submit info and picture to Mr Lucas. Deadline is April 16.