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All hail the elements for the perfect Instagram photo, and find us standing here and taking a few too many pics. Feel free to kindly ask us to move if you need to take your own 'grams, then check out our link in bio to see our most 'liked' Instagram kitchens ever. #KitchenWeek // Design by @carolinewolf of #HomepolishLA for @grasiemercedes and @damienfahey + photo by @tessaneustadt.
Waking up is hard to do. We chatted with our CEO @noasantos and our pals at @popsugar and @keurig to talk about how the AM sets you up for success. “Just like you want to wake up in the right sheets on the right bed with the right pillows and slip on the right bathrobe, having a great cup of coffee in the morning is a pretty important part of a daily routine.” Read more of his thoughts on mornings (and life in general) via the link in bio. ☕️ #ad
Achieving total clarity in this space. We are so present and ready to take on the week ahead and hope that this energy lasts. If our minds happen to wander, this kitchen is our guide, peering into our souls to tell us that we can achieve our dreams. And with that, Homepolish #KitchenWeek is live. Check out our link in bio for all things kitchens this week. // Design by @shannontateinteriors of #HomepolishBOS + photo by @joyellewest.
Sundays are for homemade eggs benny eaten in sun soaked corners, with either Lionel Richie's 'Easy' or Maroon 5's 'Sunday Morning' playing in the background. Or both. Just not at the same time. // Design by @amyrow of #HomepolishNYC for @leximainland. Photo by @juliarobbs.
Colored bedding can be so stressful! Sometimes you just want to sleep in a fluffy white cloud with little cloud-like sconces behind you so it feels like you're snoozing in one of those Mario levels where you take the secret tunnel up to the heavens and it's all blinking stars and no mean Koopas for miles. But then again, maybe you wanted a bit of color and gave that job to the littlest pillow. The Toadstool of decorative pillows, if you will. Link in bio to tour the rest of this space. // Design by @margonathansoninteriors of #HomepolishLA + photo by @sempervirens__.
The Captain has indicated that we have begun our initial descent into the barcart. In preparation for landing, please place your seat backs and tray tables into their upright and locked position. Actually, you can keep your trays down and seats back just because it's not a real plane and it's weekend casual cocktail time! // Design by @haleyweidenbaum of #HomepolishLA + photo by @tessaneustadt.
When your body lives in Brooklyn, but your soul lives on the beach, you use blue rugs to mimic the ocean, clean white walls to mimic the frothy surf, and a perfectly leaning board to channel the waves. Link in bio for more of our newest tour. // Design by @lizlipkin of #HomepolishNYC + photo by @christiantorresphoto.
Using that chic, black, old-school-but-modern typewriter to send a love letter to @kellymartininteriors because we have passionate, poetic feelings about how she designed the space. Link in bio to see more and inspire you to write your snail mail. But if you want to book a designer, you'll need to use the internet for that. (Link also found in our bio.) // Photo by @meghanbob. #HomepolishLA
Put down the trashy romance novel and read a book that can really help (it’s not that long so you can go back to your novel soon enough). Our CEO @noasantos sat down with @popsugar and @keurig to create the Book of Life, a guide to help you get prepared—and excited—for all the design chapters of your life. Check it out via the link in bio. #ad
Deep thoughts: If we're sipping on bubbly under a bubbly chandelier, do we live in a bubble? // Design by @amyrow of #HomepolishNYC for @leximainland. Photo by @juliarobbs.
Picturing one of those action movie moments when something dramatic happens but they slow the frames down while Hans Zimmer is playing in the background. So many feelings about this space that it's pushing us over the edge into quiet angst. // Design by @onclouddesi9n of #HomepolishCHI + photo by @dustinforest.
Dream shower situation by #HomepolishCHI duo @partywitha_ka and @charlottewilliaminteriors. Link in bio to read all things design in Chicago, and also to look at more photos of this lust-worthy bathroom. // Photo by @dustinforest.