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Is it the weekend that makes us interested in booking last minute flights to Stockholm, or is it just this living room. Either way, this room makes us want to say "Hej." // Home inspiration via @amlamlaml.
Thank bathtub it's Friday. 🛀🏼 // Design by @callahaninteriors of #HomepolishCHI + photo by @dustinforest.
If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then our little hearts are made of mint accents, stylish dishware, and croissants, because our hearts are in this kitchen. We always knew we were part carb. 🥐 // Design by @partywitha_ka of #HomepolishCHI + photo by @dustinforest.
Best seats in the house, since we sadly we weren't able to secure seats during this morning's Beyonce + Jay-Z concert ticket presale. Instead we'll just swivel here while listening to "End of Time" by B on repeat. // Design by @talirothdesigns of #HomepolishNYC + photo by @garruppo. Link in bio for full tour.
If we could have one superpower, it’d be apparition, Harry Potter-style. We’d apparate from this dining chair to that bar stool to the refrigerator, experiencing the full space but also grabbing a fruit salad and/or last night’s leftovers. Then we’d transport ourselves upstairs (because stairs are hard), so we could see the master bedroom + bath + all the rooms. For those frightened by possible splinching, there’s the link in bio to see the rest of our designer @callahaninteriors' insane before & after home tour. ⚡️// Design by @callahaninteriors of #HomepolishCHI + photo by @dustinforest.
When the built-ins are so good they distract from any awkward junior high-era photos displayed inside. Now that we’ve grown out of "that haircut" and into more refined tastes, we can invest in things like superfoods and super design, a la this space. // Design by @shelby.elese for @lmrice + photo by @berlekamp_photography. Link in bio to discover how you can get super designed, too.
Staring at these stairs and appreciating the fact that someone redesigned the railing to be so breathtaking (instead of just the stairs being what is literally exercise breath taking 😅). // Inspiration via @emaphotographi + design by @falkenreynolds.
Sometimes we wear our hearts on our walls, too. And sometimes they're bursting with pieces from the past/new/high-end/vintage, but always timeless. // Tour our designer @talirothdesigns's new home via the link in bio and find out why this is one of her favorite corners. Photo by @garruppo. #HomepolishNYC
Feeling inspired by the rose gold accents paired with triangle-print tiles and wondering if we could channel these features into a custom made engagement ring so that we can propose to this bathroom. We want to lock it down. 🛀🏼 // Design by @shialice_ of #HomepolishLA + photo by @chadmellon. Link in bio for this can't-miss bathroom transformations.
Remember that scene in the Lizzie McGuire movie when she went to Italy and sang about "hey now hey now this is what dreams are made of"? We did the same thing, but in Vancouver about this groovy living room and sadly without the tiny cartoon version of us. // Inspiration via @emaphotographi.
In the middle of an intense game of tag, where the kitchen is base (obviously). We're here mostly to regain our breath; partly to admire the light fixtures; and partly to grab a snack that boosts us for rest of the sport. We think we saw some string cheese in the fridge earlier... // Design by @jturek of #HomepolishNYC + photo by @seanlitchfield. Link in bio to tour this New Jersey tudor home.
We knew right off the bat that we would be best buddies with whomever resides here. You can tell a lot about someone based on their tastes in books and eclectic seating options. You can’t judge a book by its cover but you can judge a potential pal by his or her choice in beaded chairs. Let us impart to you this lesson: Always befriend the person with the beaded chairs. // Design by @studiomhli of #HomepolishNYC + photo by @claireesparros. Link in bio to tour this surreal Brooklyn home.