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Will our health insurance reimburse us for staring at this room because it should be classified as therapy. // Design by @carisselynelle of #HomepolishSF + photo by @fluxi.
Forever hoping that @mattbellassai invites us over for happy hours and even Unhappy Hours, as long as it's here. Link in bio to see how we worked with him to dress up his apartment. // Design by @emmaberyl of #HomepolishNYC + photo by @juliarobbs.
Bed-ception: When you dream about a bedroom while sleeping in said bedroom. // Design by @getspacedout of #HomepolishNYC + photo by @lindseabrown.
Black and white goes beachy. Check out link in bio to see just how. // Design by @formandfield of #HomepolishSF + photo by @helynn_ospina.
Take selfie, check quality, step 3 feet to the left, repeat. We're obsessed with how @gracieturnerdesign used wallpaper at @lemon_laine. // Photo by @carolinesharpnack. #HomepolishNashville
Beach better. @formandfield made a modernist surf shackβ€”and she might just let you stay there. Link in bio for details (hint, hint). // Photo by @helynn_ospina. #HomepolishSF
Sitting here makes you smarter. #OsmosisByDesign. We don't judge a book by its cover, but we definitely judge the whole reading nook situation. πŸ“š // Design by @ariel.farmer of #HomepolishNYC + photo by @nickglimenakis. Link in bio for details.
Meal Prep Sundays turn into Meal Prep Mondays because we've been too mesmerized to chop a thing. // Design by @ninajizhar of #HomepolishSF + photo by @helynn_ospina.
Bistro stools freed from the shackles of only living in a bistro, thanks to @gracieturnerdesign's design for @lemon_laine. πŸ‹πŸŒΏ // Photo by @carolinesharpnack.
Industrial but in a cool way, not like, "I live in a factory and want for a better life" way. // Click link in bio to tour the space. Design by @emmaberyl of #HomepolishNYC + photo by @nickglimenakis.
Submitting an application to Beat Bobby Flay because these counters + stovetop + oven means victory is guaranteed. πŸ”₯ // Design by @jenniferldennis of #HomepolishDC + photo by @laurametzlerphoto.
Adult soak > adult swim, because 15 minutes is far from enough. Soak up more of this tour via the link in bio. πŸ›€πŸΌ // Design by @mr.alecholland of #HomepolishNYC + photo by @lindseabrown.