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After a long soak in that tub, this graphic runner is starting to look more like a runway where we can strut in our robe. And in the privacy of Laurel Canyon, why wouldn’t we?
Design by @GalinaHolechek for @Mac_Clark_
Photo by @Jess_Isaac
One glance at this glamorous home, and suddenly our posture is better, our style is more posh, and we're throwing cocktail parties with truffle hors d'oeuvres and the bubbly is flowing. 🥂
Design by @KatherineCarterDesign
Photo by @TessaNeustadt
With kitchen accessories this well-curated, it’s only natural to want to show them all off.  Especially that circular cutting board taking center stage, which we'll be using for our Friday night personal pizza party. 
Design by @ShannonTateInteriors
Photo by @JoyelleWest
The design is off the wall in this home, thanks to the striking, zigzagging Kelly Wearstler wallpaper. 
Design by @GiaMarInteriors of #HomepolishNYC
Photo by @Seth_Caplan
We know bringing work home with you is a thing, but what about taking the office home with you instead? Catbird is making us wish that were possible with their new Brooklyn HQ, which masterfully blurs the lines between workplace and living space. Click the link in bio to tour the rest of the unabashedly feminine space.
Design by @TinaRichDesign of #HomepolishNYC
Photo by @ChristianTorresPhoto
When your friend invites you to dinner at their enviably accessorized Silver Lake home, and the artwork accurately depicts the tangled route you took to avoid traffic and arrive before the first bottle of Malbec has been uncorked. 
Design by @nine_dot_design of #HomepolishLA
Photo by @jess_isaac
This bedroom has so much room for activities—think morning yoga and a dance party under what's essentially a wicker disco ball. But realistically, you'll find us lounging in that monstrous canopy bed.
Design by @RosaBeltranDesign
Photo by @ChadMellon
These red, bold-faced words are the ones we exclaim when we find that special piece of furniture we’ve been searching for far and wide for weeks. And usually most of New York City can hear us. 
Design by @LizLipkin of #HomepolishNYC
Photo by @ChristianTorresPhoto
A vanity with this many drawers is bringing out the Type A organizer in us, and we won’t rest until we’ve devised a plan for how to divide our toiletries into exactly nine separate categories. Did we mention we'll probably enjoy every minute of it? 
Design by @getspacedout for @taylorcharris
Photo by @heidisbridge
After lounging languidly on this daybed for a while, we’ve come to realize that nothing in this room is black and white. Like the fact that this artwork is actually framed wallpaper, yet looks like it belongs at MoMA. 
Design by @GiaMarInteriors of #HomepolishNYC 
Photo by @Seth_Caplan
Finally, a living room where we can watch the red carpet on TV and feel equally—err almost—as glamorous as an A-lister while munching on truffle popcorn (only the fanciest popcorn for a space this luxe). And yes, the empty space on that marble shelf is reserved for our imaginary Oscar. 💁‍♀️
Design by @hue_r_u of #HomepolishNYC
Photo by @SeanLitchfield
When you poll the room on what they're feeling for dinner, and you get a lot of this 🤷🏻‍♀️, use it as an excuse to keep growing your countertop cookbook collection. And your painting collection, too—because why not satiate your appetite for art while you're at it? 
Design by @ShannonTateInteriors
Photo by @JoyelleWest