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Columbia, SC | Transforming a house into a home with thrift store finds and elbow grease. Recently crossed the US on backroads with @48nointerstate.

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Painting the ceiling has been a new experience, and I'm glad it's done. It was difficult to reach into the corners in this tight space and I wound up standing on things I probably shouldn't have in order to reach them. The ceiling is all one color now, which makes more of a diffenrence than I realized it would. On to the doors and trim!
I'm asking for help today. I'm thinking ahead to painting the floors in the #oneroomchallenge powder room, and I keep flip flopping on the design. I'm excited about my Augusta stencil (design shown here) from @cuttingedgestencils and colors but can't make up my mind on a couple of things: 1: Should I go light on dark (option 1) or dark on light (option 2)? 2: My colors will be a barely off-white and a medium blue but I'm wavering on the blue color. Swipe to see Behr's Polar Bear paired with Jean Jacket (option A) and Treasure Map (option B), and let me know what you think!  I'm leaning more in one direction but would love a second (third, fourth, fifth!) opinion! 📷 credit: left 🖼; right 🖼 @mommyjena
On the blog today, I'm sharing the DIY vanity update for week 2 of the #oneroomchallenge. I made these changes for free using supplies I already had on the paint shelf but the change looks like a million bucks to me! Swipe for the before.
I went for a little ride on this slippery bathmat last week. Today, I'm sharing a quick, easy DIY anti-skid mat I made from an old yoga mat to prevent future adventures. All the details are on the blog!
I pulled out the paint over the weekend and this blank slate of a room is getting a major pop of navy! I initially planned to give the vanity a fresh coat of white, but at the last minute decided to break out some navy and I'm so happy with my decision.
Week 1 of the @oneroomchallenge is up on the blog! I'm transforming this outdated bathroom for $75 by removing its hideous wallpaper and painting just about everything else!
A recap of the final week of #30projectsin30days so far is on the blog today, including the progress on the kitchen island. I have yet to finish the last two of my tasks, but I'm so close I can taste it!
Project 28: the plan was to organize the hundreds of recipes I've pulled out of magazines. Before I got started on that, I happened to tug at the loose edge of wallpaper in our downstairs bathroom, and the next thing I knew an hour and a half had passed and the hideous wallpaper laid in piles on the floor.  What luck that the @oneroomchallenge starts this week!  I hadn't planned to participate, but it looks like I have a project for it after all.
Project 27: I touched up a few places upstairs where little glops of paint had been left behind on previous paint jobs. This one was pretty easy to cover; some of the others were NOT. I'm so close to completing #30projectsin30days (make that 35 days) and should wrap things up by tomorrow evening!
On the blog today, I shared how I took our ugly, gross master bathroom from an embarrassment to an enjoyable room to use for under $200! No major remodel required. Thanks to the motivation from participating in #30projectsin30days, I got it done quicker than I would have thought was possible! Still a few little odds and ends to wrap up, but I'm so pleased with the changes so far!
It's back to the real world after an escape to the Gulf Coast over the weekend. First up, finishing up those last few #30projectsin30days!
Project 26: I'm starting to think that this should count as two projects. I'm stripping the faux marble I painted on the island's wood counter four years ago and taking it back to butcher block. There are a few reasons for this change; the main one is that I should have given it another coat of polyurethane about 2 years ago. I use it so heavily and it's worn down over time; the marble design started to chip off a few months ago. I enjoyed it while it lasted, but it's finally time to accept the inevitable and take it back to wood. That's proving to be harder than I anticipated thanks to multiple layers of countertop paint and two attempts at the marble design with acrylic craft paint before I was pleased with the outcome, and several layers of Polycrylic to finish it off. I called it a day when the tendons my elbows started hurting and will get back at it next week. #30projectsin30days #diyhurts  #diy #homedecor #fauxfinishing #homedecorblogger #homedeco #budgetdiy