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Columbia, SC | Baby-wearin’ mama to a 4-month old 👶 girl. S l o w l y transforming our beige 🏡 into a home. Traveling the 🌎 with @48nointerstate.

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Chubby cheeks and a DIY hairbow. Somehow I got home from Hobby Lobby without the alligator clips so I had to improvise with a Bobby pin. It did the trick! #12daysofchristmascrafts #babysfirstchristmas
Merry Christmas from 7 pairs of legs and a sad, drooping Christmas tree (we might have forgotten to water it for two weeks after we put it up!). My favorite of all the items I made for baby girl this Christmas is this pair of pj pants. The Mister and I have been wearing ours since our second Christmas together, back when I didn’t know how to sew very well (I put one of his pockets in backwards and accidentally stitched both of mine closed!), and now she has her own pair. The dogs even have matching bandanas (not pictured because I forgot about them until after we took the photo)! #babysfirstchristmas #12daysofchristmascrafts #merrychristmas
Their stockings were hung by the chimney with care... Well, the three children’s were, anyway (yes, that includes the two furry, four-legged ones!) The digs as little girl all got personalized handmade felt stockings, but mine and the Mister’s won’t be done until after Christmas - or more realistically, next year! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!
#12daysofchristmascrafts #babysfirstchristmas
We kept it simple with decorations this year- two moves and a baby in the space of 8 months left us in no mood for our usual. We never went overboard, but it was just too much to think about this year. I love the result of the few pieces I pulled out from the Christmas village boxes ⛪️ paired with greenery I ‘stole’ from a common area in our neighborhood because we have no trees in our new yard.🌲
When I was in first grade, we made little sled ornaments out of popsicle sticks. That ornament still makes its way onto our tree every year, and now we have a similar one for baby girl. But thanks to the dollar bins at @Target, I didn’t have to make hers from scratch! When a red permanent marker didn’t work (the wood absorbed the ink, blurring it), I gave it a few coats of red craft paint before trying the text again with a paint pen. It was a cheap, easy way to commemorate the little lady’s first December 25. #12daysofchristmascrafts #babysfirstchristmas
If you have to spit up or should do it on a festive burp cloth your mom made while staring at your Christmas tree. #12daysofchristmascrafts
I made this felt flag 10 years ago for our first Christmas as a married couple. I got as far as marking out the letters on red felt, but then something happened and I didn’t finish the job. Santa and Rudolph just hung out with a huge blank space over their heads for years. Last week, I finally cut out the letters and glued them on- only after realizing my fabric glue had dried up, ordering a new container, and waiting for it to arrive. 🙄 Now for our first Christmas as parents, we have a finished flag. 😃#12daysofchristmascrafts
The second Christmas craft I made for baby girl was this cute pair of footie pants using a pattern I found online from @vagabondstitch. It was easy to follow, even while wearing a baby- which of course meant that half of my brain wasn’t working. 🙄 #12daysofchristmascrafts
Afternoon craft time with and for baby girl who’s about to grow out of her cute newborn dress!
It’s difficult to find time to create between caring for the little girl, completing regular household tasks, and easing back into work. So I made a goal to complete 12 crafts related to Christmas between today and December 25th. They’re unlikely to be anything like the more involved projects I used to be able to knock out in one afternoon. Even something as simple as what you see here took unprecedented effort to complete! My intention is to enjoy the pockets of time I find to create fun items with or for the little girlie for her first Christmas. 
Up first is this cute 5-minute DIY: an iron-on patch basted onto a plain white onesie, which the little girlie wore for her first Christmas outing: picking out a tree! (In truth, she actually wore it 5 nights in a row because apparently that’s how long it takes new parents to purchase, put up, add lights to, and decorate a Christmas tree while simultaneously juggling an infant and preparing and eating dinner.) I chose to baste the patch instead of iron it so that both the patch and onesie could be reused in the future; after a simple removal of the stitches, I can embellish a larger shirt with the same patch this time next year! 
The candy cane is my favorite of a $3 pack of four ‘ugly sweater’ patches from the Target dollar bin; the other 3 will wind up either on another shirt or in the Goodwill box for some lucky thrifter!
The #oneroomchallenge is over, but the Vintage Toy Nursery is far from complete. Check out what did and didn’t get done in the space of six weeks as our baby girl grew from preemie clothes to 3 month ones - and what I’ll continue to work on as she continues to grow! Link is in my profile.
Now is the time to stock up on fabric for handmade gifts - and @spoonflower’s 50% off fat quarters sale runs through Thursday, so you can get more fun patterns! One fat quarter provides enough fabric for a tea towel, several small zipper pouches, or even a travel pillow! Take a look in my studio for new designs made from my watercolor doodles.