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Transforming a house into a home with thrift store finds and elbow grease. Recently roadtripped across the US on backroads with @48nointerstate.

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Regramming my one of own #eclipse pictures...hop over to my travel account, @48nointerstate, to see the others!
What a beautiful end to a great family beach trip!
Wrapping up a fun family beach week with this watercolor of some umbrellas I saw on the beach during my sunrise run this AM. In reality, the umbrellas were more of a red-orange, there were six navy chairs, and no cooler was present, but I thought it looked a little more lively this way. And I ❤️ a turquoise/hot pink/navy combo, too.
It was so easy to make a pretty watercolor sky with my new water brush. No uneven splotches!
Big news! I spelled all the words right today. 😁
Apparently making pretty letters makes me incapable of spelling words. Perhaps the view from my cool vacation work space was further distracting me.
Here's another corner of the bedroom, complete with dog crates and a too-small painting on the wall. When I originally received my grandmother's pink chair, I wasn't planning to leave it pink. But it was in such good condition it didn't make sense to tear it up down and reupholster it with the gingham check fabric on the pillow you see here. But after it lived in our bedroom for a few weeks, we realized we kind of liked it as it was. When I found the never-been-used armrest covers under the cushion, I stitched up a little matching pink pillow out of them (you can see it on the bed two posts back). So now it fits the space and is a little reminder of my grandmother each day. Also in this corner: cornices handmade by my father-in-law and a lamp that belonged to my other grandmother: just a corner full of family.
Today's just been one of those days. And today's #handletteringforrelaxation message couldn't have been more appropriate. Here's to a better and more productive tomorrow!!
Traveling is fun, but it's great to be home. I've been working in our bedroom a lot recently and will be sharing those changes throughout August. In the meantime, if you were enjoying the travel pictures, follow our travel account @48nointerstate for more!
I was SO excited that our backroads route just happened to take us past Lucketts in Leesburg, VA. I think everyone else in the car thought I'd lost my mind when I started squealing and pointing.  I calmed down and explained that I'd seen this place online several years ago and had wanted to go to it ever since. It was just a quick stop and nobody bought anything, but I finally got to go!  I'd love to go back one day soon for a less rushed visit.
I just had to stop and stare at this beautiful house on Pleasant St. in Concord, New Hampshire. The door is what initially caught my eye, but then I noticed the amazing woodwork across the entire facade. They don't make houses like this anymore.
I can't explain how excited I was to find fresh Maine blueberries in the grocery store in Kittery.  Warm Maine wild blueberry pie with a scoop of ice cream on top was one of my favorite treats on our big cross-country trip last year, but those sweet little berries are also delicious when mixed in to Greek yogurt for a midmorning snack!  What's your favorite vacation treat from a faraway place?