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Today I’ve been working on a display/storage wall for baby girl’s hair bows. It’s coming along slowly in between feeding, snuggling, and doing laundry, but I know it’s gonna look great. Before I had one of my own, I had no idea how little I would be able to accomplish each day while caring for a tiny baby. Today I tried wearing her with a wrap for the first time, and so far it’s helping out. Instead of being couch-bound from pre-dawn til dusk, we can still snuggle while I’m up and doing things. Baby girl gets to sleep on her mama and mama gets to be slightly productive. It’s a win-win!
In week 2 of the #oneroomchallenge, little was accomplished, but I did get this precious photo of our new baby girl printed and framed. Head over to the blog to check out the rest of our progress! 🔗 in profile
There’s no shortage of secondhand decor options from my own childhood for the little lady’s vintage toy themed nursery, including these beanie babies I found in a box in her closet. Does anyone remember Polly Pocket? I wondered what had happened to mine and was so excited to find it among the beanies! Sadly, there’s no #oneroomchallenge update on the blog today, mainly because there is no news! Check back later this weekend to find out what kind of progress I can make in the next few days!
Labor Day weekend took on a whole new meaning this year when our firstborn surprised us by arriving three weeks early.  We chose to wait until delivery to find out whether we were having a boy or a girl and were so excited to finally find out that we had a sweet baby GIRL.  It’s a moment we’ll never forget, and the surprise was so worth the wait! I decided to jump into the One a Room Challenge this fall and focus on making her bedroom a little more special. Follow the link in my profile or search ‘nursery’ on the blog to follow along!
After a week of stunning sunsets over the marsh, it’s back to the real world. In the month to go before little baby arrives, there are boxes (still so many boxes!) to unpack, car seats to install, necessities to purchase (after we figure out what they are!), bags to pack, and probably a bunch of other things I forgot to list.
The pre-dawn sky on this morning’s run was a treat. When I woke up over an hour before my alarm at 5:00 this morning, I decided to hit the road early. Such a beautiful start to the day!!
When you’re desperate for some color on the walls in your new house but aren’t ready to make permanent decisions or put holes in the wall and life is busy and you’re living without modern conveniences like a washer and improvise when it comes to hanging art. I love seeing this pop of pretty color every time I look up from the kitchen sink! I recently purchased this beauty from a talented childhood friend @carlonsteller - go check her out!!
It’s not a pretty picture, but it’s a beautiful sight. More than five weeks after moving in to our new house, the washer and dryer are out of storage and in the laundry room! No more lugging dirty laundry to friends’ and family’s houses or taking an overflowing hamper on vacation with us. Living without the ability to run a quick load of laundry is a great reminder to be thankful for what I have- and a challenge to remember as I catch up on all the sheets, towels, and clothing that are flooding the laundry room floor!!! One load down, seven(teen?) to go...! Thank you to good friends and family who provided free storage space and manpower to help us move these final two items into our house!!
The fact that one wall in the office/sewing/crafting space looks this good is pretty amazing. Swipe to see what it looked like this time last week and its current status. More practical changes to come soon, like getting my desk situated!
The neighbor’s landscaper left behind a giant pile of slightly faded but still beautiful hydrangeas after he finished pruning over the weekend. I couldn’t stand to see them sit in that pile and die, so I rescued a (huge!) handful and scattered them around the house in a few of my favorite vases.
This cute little travel pillow kept me comfy and helped me sleep on our last transatlantic flight. Make your own with a fat quarter of my Paris Icons (aqua background) fabric, on sale today in my @spoonflower shop!  Link to the shop is in my profile.
We’re back at home with a to-do list a mile long and an unknown number of boxes remaining to be unpacked. So in my head I’m spending another day walking along the streets of Charleston, sweating through my clothes, and admiring all the beautiful old houses instead of getting buried by work!