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Columbia, SC | Transforming a house into a home with thrift store finds and elbow grease. Traveling the world with @48nointerstate.

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This cute little travel pillow kept me comfy and helped me sleep on our last transatlantic flight. Make your own with a fat quarter of my Paris Icons (aqua background) fabric, on sale today in my @spoonflower shop!  Link to the shop is in my profile.
We’re back at home with a to-do list a mile long and an unknown number of boxes remaining to be unpacked. So in my head I’m spending another day walking along the streets of Charleston, sweating through my clothes, and admiring all the beautiful old houses instead of getting buried by work!
The Angel Oak is thought to be 400-500 years old with a life expectancy of about 900 years. It’s an impressive sight that I’ve wanted to see for several years, and today was the day! 🌳
Decided to use my own creations as props in styling class @havenconference. Can’t wait to find places to display them in our new house!!
Such a fun second day of @havenconference learning and creating and meeting new people!
DIY fun with @joann_stores!
So many fun experiences at @havenconference yesterday! Listened to and met @peytonwlambton and @chrislambton13, learned basics of tiling with @jeffreycourthd, @rogue_engineer, and @the_handmade_home_jamin, used a @ryobi wet saw to cut tile for the first time, etched glass with @dremel, ate great food, enjoyed friends, and learned plenty of other stuff, too.  All ready for day two today!!
It was so much fun playing with @Dremel today at @havenconference learning to burn wood and etch glass. I couldn’t think of a more appropriate design than the #palmettostate’s flag for my new creations! #havenshere #havenconf #dremel #gettinghotwithdremelathaven #southcarolina #diy
I enjoyed a hot, sticky afternoon wandering the streets of Charleston with @jenuinehome sharing the little bit of history I remembered from my 8th grade field trip a couple decades ago!
What I should be doing is packing for @havenconf. What I’m actually doing is resting on the couch, ignoring the oven buzzer, and pretending I’ve already packed. 🙄
When I packed up my old office before our move, it never occurred to me that I wouldn’t have the new one in order by the time @havenconf rolled around a month later. Today’s cue served as a reminder that I had no idea where my business cards were. After dinner, I finally got up the nerve to go search for them behind the mess of boxes, Christmas decorations, outdoor furniture, lawn equipment, and more that blocked my path through the garage to the cubes in which they were hiding. In the end, my endeavor was a success!
This morning, I realized we were out of orange juice so made a quick trip to the grocery store before breakfast.  Upon entering, I passed the wall of flowers and did an about face- these colorful hydrangeas were calling my name. They brighten up my dark work corner quite nicely!  The desk is the best kind of distressed - naturally, over time from years of use. It’s a roadside treasure I discovered on a run a few months ago. After I finished my run, I drove over to pick it up solo, which isn’t exactly recommended during pregnancy- but I couldn’t leave it, and it wasn’t very heavy!  It then sat in the dining room in our tiny townhouse until the move because there was literally nowhere else for it to go but back to the curb!  It’s now my temporary desk space until we get situated enough to focus on fun spaces like offices and craft rooms.