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Just a fish living in her dream, like her dream
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I would come back to you again. ❤. Thanks all who accompanied me to these cute creatures. Couldn't get enough of them.
Today, 18.06.2017, marks one year of me flying to bintulu with my parents to study. Thanks both of my parents, mummy and daddy 😍, for letting go of their princess to fend on her own, growing stronger each day in faith. Pampering her with ❤ and dedication. Without you guys, I would be nothing today. Thank you 👨‍👩‍👧
One year before now I told her I was going to study in bintulu, we held each other, crying out hearts out because we were leaving each other. Today marks my one year in bintulu. 😍  Love her so much. 🎀
Huge throwback to this amazing place #osakaprefecture #osakaaquarium #biggestaquariumintheworld
My army at the back and at the sides (when you choreographed it in a short time, all have to see you dance to dance) love you guys.  #myjob #fdgc
Miss these furry guys. Oops. Cannot say furry liao. Botak liao.
Throwback to yesterday's event. Thank you everyone. 😍😍😍😍
I miss the place and the food. Hope I can go back there soon enough but this time with my family.
Who said we can't have high class meal at home?  Made possible by @alexlimjh @omcdream 😘. #homesweethome
The men all so handsome I just wanna die.  #Harrypotter #universal #studio #Osaka #throwback
Sensei gave me this in Japan.  I love it!  It also has a seal purposely made.