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The final question to ask yourself when you read any news story is: can this really be true?

The story could be backed up by photos or videos but this two elements could be doctored so we should always view them with caution.

In the end, you must apply a reality check using your own common sense. If the story seems implausible, be very skeptical until proven otherwise.

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Often, details that are missing in a story are more crucial than what is being conveyed. What is the piece of information that is being left out? Is that piece of information important for you as a reader?

If it is a vital piece, there is a possibility that it has been excluded on purpose, or that it's just fake news.

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The identity of the publisher is a very important factor when checking whether news is fake.

Is the source of the news a blog you've never heard of, one of those ubiquitous websites proffering gossip, or reputable, large news organisation with a long tradition.

Nice graphics that look credible are easy and cheap to create these days, so pay more attention to the publication.

Only caveat: there's no guarantee the story is true if it comes from a large tabloid publication, or a channel that has a reputation for bias.

Also, beware of scammer websites that imitate domain names of genuine publications, so pay close attention to their URL. 
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There’s always two sides to every story. When you are reading the news, put yourself into the other party’s shoes.

If the story is biased and the opposite view is not depicted in the content of the story, it is high likely to be fake news.

So, try to see the story from the perspective of the unrepresented parties in the story, and think about whether the story is trustworthy or not.

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Next, another way to identify fake news is by asking yourself what the publication gains from the posting?

Fake news authors usually has an ulterior motive, whether it be financial, political or commercial.

Also, ask yourself if the story gives the impression of wrong-doing? Are you angered after reading the story?

Be conscious of your reaction and ask yourself if anyone has anything to gain from upsetting you.

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A second question to ask yourself when identifying fake news is what prompted the story?

Real news doesn't just materialise from nothing - usually it is sparked by a media release, press conference, or some other clearly identifiable event.

Often there is some commercial influence in news stories, but it is better to know how the story originated.

If you can't tell, it's probably fake news.

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Identifying fake news is a skill all media consumers must have.

It is simply impractical to police every published story for factual accuracy.

But news consumers can become better judges themselves, rather than blindly accepting everything they’re told and relying on others to decide whether stories are truthful.

First, ask yourself, who is the person or organisation quoted in the story. Do you know them? Are they trustworthy?

If the answer is no, or you have never heard of them, you would immediately question whether the story is believable.

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All event presentations are now media, too
- we've witnessed cringeworthy moments at business events where the guests on stage say things to their audience as though it was a closed-door audience. Sure, the audience might be small, but don't they see the cameras recording their presentation. To borrow from Shakespeare, "all the world's a TV camera". The media is never stagnant. You shouldn't be, either.

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Technology has transformed the way media communicates today.

Don't be surprised when a crew turns up with tiny cameras (or even records on their iPhone). That doesn't mean your interview won't be seen by millions of people worldwide. But it does require a different approach from media guests like you. Are you aware of what this means for you?

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In recent years, the number of traditional journalists and reporters has been shrinking.

There are bloggers who are not bound by the same processes and quality control as traditional journalists and similarly, the reporters are not as well read as the veterans of yesteryear. This impacts your interview because of the questions you are likely to be asked.

Have you been trained in how to deal with these?

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With the advent of new media and disruptive marketing, companies produce their own content in-house. But these risk being glorified sales pitches. Arguably you need to work even harder to build your credibility than in a traditional media interview. Do you know how?

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It has become increasingly popular- almost routine - for Senior Business Leaders to talk to their staff in a live webcast.

But for most this is an entirely new experience.

A webinar involves live video, but is not a traditional media interview. There is a live audience, yet it's not a seminar.

The hybrid nature of webcasts, combined with the pervasive nature of Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Instagram Story, Periscope and multitude other live streaming platforms means you could be going live before you know it.

Are you ready for this?

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