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A Singapore-based group of dog lovers who believe dogs should be treated with love and respect. We help abused, neglected or abandoned dogs.


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Mathilda charges into the Year of the Dog with a 窶徂ong bao窶 and lots of good cheer. 
Bet you didn窶冲 know how smart Mathilda is!! Mathilda is a gorgeous 3+ year old brindle dog with rare markings, making her extra special. To add on to her perfection, she also has a fun-loving, sweet, extremely obedient, intelligent, eager to please personality with zero aggression.

Mathilda is HDB Approved. Email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg to give this intelligent beauty a forever home.

P.S: Swipe to see this gorgeous beauty in action! Isn窶冲 she just lovely?

Dear All,

Our dear Sunny passed away today in the wee hours of the morning. 
Rescued 4 years ago, we are truly thankful that the last years of Sunny窶冱 life has been spent happily with a long-term foster who tended to all his needs, and now we wish for him to rest in peace沍 
Having a foster is so important to our furry friends like Sunny, as it can really make a huge difference to them. If you can help our furry friends in any way, please do not hesitate to message us or email us at hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg .

<Diapers for SALE!!> Hello everyPAWdy! Hope all of you are having a good week so far!! We just want to let you know that we got brand new, unopened diapers for sale:

Mamy Poko XL pants 24pcs per pack x 5 ($50)

Mamy Poko XL tape 46 per pack x 3 (50)

NTUC 40pcs $8

Collection will be at Upp Thomson. Good deal, don窶冲 miss out!!沚シ沚シ
Sweet Mr W is in need of a loving home! 
This handsome male only needs two walks a day, home cooked meals daily, and you窶冤l get a loyal companion for life! 
Unfortunately, we窶决e not sure how he is in the company of other dogs. 
If you wish to give Mr W a loving home, drop us an email at hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg -
Hey guys! Remember Donut? We posted about her recently and now, just to update about her recovery. Currently she is slowly recovering, no longer in pain but does need plenty of rest. However, she really misses the freedom of walking outside and sniffing grass and keeps trying to drag herself out! For now, we have ordered a stretcher to help carry her outside and so that she can sniff grass. Hopefully, after her review in a month窶冱 time she can start her hydrotherapy sessions and maybe even go out for slow walks! We wish for Donut窶冱 speedy recovery!
Rain or shine, you will be fed 笶」笶」 Volunteers braved the cold and wet to bring food to the wet, hungry street doggies who have been anticipating our arrival. 
Every Saturday we need cooked food, volunteers with and without cars to bring food to these sweet doggies who wait for their weekly warm meals. If you can contribute in any way, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg 
This was taken while our volunteers were still out in the wet doing what we love best 汳

Thank you everyone for making this happen. 汳

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It has been raining alot lately and the temperatures have dropped. The poor strays must be cold and hungry out there. Are they hiding under the shelters? Can they find food? We worry for them 沽」 
We will be going to feed some of the strays tomorrow (Saturday) night 8pm-10.30pm. We need cars and feeders.
If you are keen to help us out, please email us at hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg thank you. 
#hopedogrescue #adoptnotshop #singaporespecials
Thinking of what to get your furbaby for a treat or a special occasion? We are currently selling these music CDs with music specially formulated for pets with the express purpose to reduce their stress and allow them to relax. A relaxed pet is a happy one so get one for your furbaby now and you can relax together! 
Each CD costs $35, inclusive of postage via registered mail. Buy all 4 at $130 inclusive of postage via registered mail. 
ALL sales proceeds from the CDs will go towards helping the doggies at Hope Dog Rescue. We will use these funds for sterilization, rescue and rehabilitation efforts, maintenance and upkeep of existing dogs, and food distribution to factory caregivers. 
Recorded and tuned specifically to pets' hearing,
your pet will enjoy it. Even humans do! 沽
If you would like to purchase the CDs for your pets, please email us with:
1ク鞘ΕYour name 
2ク鞘ΕMailing address (for CD delivery during office hours) 
3ク鞘ΕCD title(s) you wish to purchase and quantity 
4ク鞘ΕTotal number of CDs 
5ク鞘ΕTotal $ amount 
6ク鞘ΕPayment mode: DBS/POSB fund transfer OR Cheque 
Thank you. 沽

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We need help with stray feeding! Would any of you be interested in feeding the sweet doggies & kitties this Saturday 8pm to 1030pm? We are short of cars & feeders.

If you would like to join and help us out this week, please let us know! Thank you! 汾カ汾ア #hopedogrescue #strayfeeding #adoptnotshop #singaporespecials
Donut is going for a major surgery today. She suffered a broken spine last Saturday when a reckless lorry hit her. 
We did not operate earlier  as we needed to know if she had control over her bowels. Donut's case is very similiar to Sida's case and in fact, they are both heavy weights at 30kg. 
Her surgery is expected to cost $5000, last 4 hours and is extremely high risk. If its successful, she may one day stand again. If not successful, she will be paralyzed and have to join our Diaper Club. 
Let us all send positive  energy to precious Donut and hope that she will be our first miracle for 2018.

If you would like to help with her vet bills, please email Hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg Thank you.
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! We hope that 2018 will be an even better year for all of you (including all the doggies out there). We hope to see more dogs finding their furever home! 沽 
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Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! 沁沁 #MeetBlake #hopedogrescue #adoptnotshop #singaporespecials #christmas