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A Singapore-based group of dog lovers who believe dogs should be treated with love and respect. We help abused, neglected or abandoned dogs.


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2018 HOPE Calendars are now available for Pre-Order! 
Featuring inspiring and heartwarming stories of our rescued dogs, we've got the perfect calendar for your home or office! At just $10 per calendar (and limited to only 1000 pieces), 2018 HOPE Calendar makes great Christmas gifts for your friends and family. All proceeds go to HOPE's rescue expenses and to fill the hungry tummies of homeless dogs and cats - and that's the best Christmas gift you can give them. :) Hurry and submit your order now ! (https://goo.gl/forms/DJc2QyYVA4hS4SXD3) (link in bio) #hopedogrescue #adoptnotshop #singaporespecials #christmas #seasonofgiving
Hello everypawdy! Recognize me? Yes I am sugar! I have grown bigger and stronger from the last time you saw me! I am very thankful for my foster parents and their dog, they have shown me so much love and care that I am regaining my trust in hoomans. 🐶

#MeetSugar #hopedogrescue #adoptnotshop #singaporespecials
It has been raining very heavily these few days! Harper wants to remind all owners to keep your doggies warm, give them blankets so they can snuggle in them, and keep them indoors away from the rain! Give them a thunder shirt to make them feel secure if they are afraid! 🌧 #hopedogrescue #adoptnotshop #singaporespecials #MeetHarper
Guess who! Is this Blake, Kopi or Happy? 🤔 (p.s it’s handsome kopi!) -
#hopedogrescue #adoptnotshop 
#kopi #meetkopi
Dogs are a man’s best friend 🐕🐾 #MeetChester #adoptnotshop #hopedogrescue #singaporespecials
“Why do hoomans keep making me take a bath?!” #MeetAlyssa #singaporespecials #hopedogrescue #adoptnotshop
Adora’s transformation
1st pic: After 
2nd pic: Before 
Look at how much a dog can transform when showered with love and care. Adora was found in a very bad condition and she was extremely fearful. But look at how far she has come today. She is now a happy healthy dog! Although still fearful at times, she is now much more confident and comfortable than before! It is all thanks to the patient and loving volunteers at Hope! ❤️ #MeetAdora #hopedogrescue #singaporespecials #adoptnotshop
Sida wishes everyone a happy Saturday! Bring all your doggies out for some fun and fresh air! And of course give them lots and lots of scratches! (Sida absolutely loves them!) #MeetSida #hopedogrescue #adoptnotshop #singaporespecials
Peekaboo!!! Bet you didn’t see me there!!! 😝

#MeetMatilda #goofygirl #alwaysmakingpeoplelaugh #hopedogrescue #adoptnotshop #singaporespecials
Sweet sweet Brandy just wants a human companion to lean on. Our volunteers love this sweetie to bits! Brandy is a low energy girl and a very gentle one. She’s nice to other dogs and in fact a little too nice such that sometimes she gets bullied. Her calm and gentle nature may make her a good fit for a family! Do contact us if you are keen on adopting/helping Brandy! Thank you ☺️
#MeetBrandy #hopedogrescue #adoptnotshop #singaporespecials
Did you get to meet our sweet doggies today? Here are some pictures of them! 
#hopedogrescue #adoptnotshop #singaporespecials #adoptiondrive #worldanimalday
***HELP NEEDED!!!*** We have an upcoming adoption drive this Sunday.  It was a very last minute invitation and we didn't want to pass up the opportunity for the dogs.

We urgently need drivers and handlers to help transporting our dogs to and from the location. Here are the details:

Event: World Animal Day
Date: 1 October 2017 (Sunday)
Time: 12pm - 4pm
Location: RDA Centre, 5 Jalan Mashhor Singapore 299174

Please let me know if you can help as


To date, we only have 1 driver and 1 handler. Please let us know if you can help out. 
Thank you!