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Lead Guitarist for @almostmaine // proud @monikerguitars artist // I freaking love music // Call Of The Dead music video!! 👇👇👇


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I’ve been sitting here for ages trying to think of a good caption for this... and I just can’t.. PC: @justinurban03
2018 is going to be a good year for music
PC: @daviddentam
Hey thanks for the great life advice Cory
There’s a story behind this, I promise; plus I’ve always wanted to smash a guitar so 🤔😎
Look at this cool thing @daviddentam  and I got to do! @monikerguitars is a great company to do business with and we couldn’t be happier

#Repost @almostmaine with @get_repost
We’re proud to announce our singer and guitarist @daviddentam and our lead guitarist @hopper__am are officially sponsored by @monikerguitars! Here’s us rockin’ our custom Zuma guitars! A huge thank you to Moniker for the sweet hookup! 📸: @Justinurban03
“Is he touching his butt or fixing his in ears?” 🤔The world may never know
PC: @justinurban03
I missed this little guy, also my hair matches his hair so 💁‍♀️
Don’t sleep on @almostmaine this year. 
Pc: @justinurban03 
#almostmaineband #stories #voxamplification #egnateramp #gibson #moniker #mrblackpedals
Ayyyy shoutout to @mylonelyheartnj for this kickass T-Shirt, if you haven’t checked them out you definitely should!
More loop pedal shenanigans, definitely getting some Buckethead vibes
Down to my core
PC: @rfrazee
Throwback to last summer when I had 6 Chins and met a friendly cat in Nebraska while on tour, I miss you little guy 🤗