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Lead Guitarist for @almostmaine // proud @monikerguitars artist // I freaking love music // I Fall Apart music video 👇👇👇


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Put me in the next Air Bud movie pls

PC: @justinurban03
“I should have known that it would end this way
I should have known there was no other way
Didn't hear your warning
Damn my heart gone deaf
I should have known, look at the shape you're in
I should have known, but I dove right in
One thing is for certain
As I'm standing here
I should have known” -Foo Fighters
@chonofficial blew me away, best concert I have been to ❤️
In my element, music has never let me down

PC: @justinurban03
But I’ve got a suspect feeling

PC: @justinurban03
Chinken Nungett
PC: @justinurban03
This is crazy to me! Go follow @almostmaine on Spotify if you don’t already! Loving the support we’ve been getting with our cover of @postmalone’s song #IFallApart; Can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds 😏
I sleep with the fan on and the window open so I can wake up to the cold sunshine you left in my life

Soft Spoken
//Tell me that it’s all okay// jamming on @postmalone’s song “Stay” feat. My pasty white arms
@postmalone #IFallApart #AMxPM

New music video available now, go watch it 😏 link in bio
1 DAY || #IFallApart 🤘🏻
@postmalone bruh we covered your song and it comes out in 2 days, it’s pretty dope just saying 😎 #ifallapart