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Lead Guitarist for Almost, Maine! New album "Stories" out now 😬


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So stoked to be playing with @knockoutkidband @storyuntoldca @wearervls in Colorado Springs! October 29th is gonna be a great day!
#Repost @almostmaine (@get_repost)
Our music video for #CallOfTheDead will be releasing on Halloween (Oct. 31st)! Are you ready to get your zombie on? ☠️☠️☠️ #lookwhatyoumademedo
🎥: @justinurban03
Messing around with a loop pedal today!
I've been writing a lot lately and I'm pretty happy with some of the things I've come up with, now only if I had an octave or loop pedal to incorporate some of this stuff live
Needed some good jams to work to, thanks for being so talented 😘 @rhdband
Such a surreal feeling, it wasn't so long ago that we had started writing/rewriting our songs. I'm so proud of my guys in @almostmaine 
If you haven't listened to our album "Stories" you're missing out, go check it out on Spotify, ITunes, Google play, wherever!
@shatterproofofficial 👀this cookie cutter life is getting old
My three beauties, welcome to the family #Moniker #Fender #Gibson
@almostmaine vs. some random arcade idk
PC: @justinurban03
Much love from all of us here at @almostmaine it's been a crazy year so far, can't wait for the rest to play out ❤️ PC: @justinurban03 
#summerstories #blamedavid
I miss playing in front of people so much! Can't wait to get back on stage again. PC: @tinamarie1197 #gibson #lespaul #poppunk #poprock
Red hair don't care #myaesthetic