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We’re about to play musical furniture in here because this is the corner where the new (old) desk will go. I’m working on selling my current desk and then this vanity will go upstairs in the guest room. I’m so excited for the much more usable space right here.  It’ll fit almost the whole depth of the wall and give me space to work downstairs. Right now though, we’re headed to see some favorite people. 🙌🏼 #myhousehomemade
Hope y’all had a great weekend! This is the dining room at our last house but yesterday I ordered a rug and today I started on the oval pedestal table I found on @facebookmarketplace this weekend. I’m so excited to show you the difference a few changes can make #myhousehomemade
This was a super cute corner already but turning it into a workspace for @melissa_keytotheworldtravel  makes it so much more functional.  If you’re a renter, these panels ($15 at tractor supply) are a great way to hang stuff on the wall without all the holes. Happy working, my sweet friend!
Thank you for all of your input on our tile search yesterday! It’s so helpful to crowd source this stuff! 🙌🏼 Since it’s been a while, I thought I’d share our bathroom makeover from our last house. We brought it down to the studs and turned 3 small spaces into this beauty. Now, after finding tile I love, I’m waaaaay more excited to take on the girls bathroom. Can’t wait to share more!! 🎉🎉 #myhousehomemade
Happy Thursday! I made these pin wheels for our girls playroom a long time ago. I used scrapbook paper and push pins. They’re such a whimsical way to fill a wall in a kid’s room or nursery. I’ll link to the post in my stories later. Have a great day! #myhousehomemade
Hope y’all had a good weekend (and a good Monday...and Tuesday.) We’re kid free again this week so I’m trying to be super productive with my time.. I’ve been going back over some older posts on the blog.  There are 3 projects pictured here. Any ideas what they are?  I’ll share the links in my stories later today. ☺️ #myhousehomemade
I filmed this the day of the #oneroomchallenge reveal and am just now getting it out to you. I love this beautiful room but it’s fun to point out all the DIY’s that added the finishing touches. 💕 #myhousehomemade
Thanks for all the excitement about the magazine shoot yesterday! It was great. Last week we celebrated one year living in our sweet house so I put together a post of befores, afters (or ‘for nows’). Head to the blog for more pics! #myhousehomemade
Tomorrow we’ll all be hanging in this tiny hallway for pictures of the mudroom! 🎉 I shared on my stories that I was feeling insecure.. I could focus on the unfinished floors, unpainted doors, foil on everything (thanks kitten) and plenty of not magazine worthy spaces but we’ve lived here one year and I’m proud of all we’ve done.  So, I’ll focus on that. 👊🏼#myhousehomemade
I’ve been waiting to tell you this and now it’s almost here. Next week (on Tuesday) @betterhomesandgardens is COMING TO SHOOT OUR MUDROOM FOR THEIR MAGAZINE. 👏🏼🎉👏🏼 I seriously cried when they reached out. It’s a goal come true. I’m so excited and God is good! #myhousehomemade
Y’all, I’m thankful for friends who will help you paint! 👯‍♀️ This room is warm and rich with an accent wall using Sherwin Williams ‘Warm Stone’. I think it’s just what it needed. 👌🏼 ps this is my first IGTV video....have grace. 😉#myhousehomemade
It’s been a while since I created this board for a laundry room (the smallest edesign package includes 5 ish😉 things to finish your space) but looking at it now, it could be a bathroom, or a kitchen...really, you could get the rug in a bigger size and it would look awesome for any room! Love this art, fabric, rug combo.😍😍 I’ll share the links in my stories later. Happy Thursday y’all! 🙌🏼#myhousehomemade