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Eeeek! Today I’m headed over to a client / friends house to see more progress on her rooms and to do a DIY in her entryway. I’m excited to share all about it soon, I hope!👏🏼👏🏼Meanwhile there’s a post about e design and my heart behind it all..I’ll link to it in my stories but you can also just head to the blog. Have a great day, y’all! (It’s book day on the clean out) #myhousehomemade
Good morning! Today on the #househomemadecleanout we’re clearing out old magazines...This is easier said than done over here. My handsome man loves @natgeo and wants All. Of. Them. (I’m talking like, all the decades....) but maybe I can take some of the car and kid magazines to a little shared library in the neighborhood.  Will you have much to go through today?
It’s linen closet day on the #househomemadecleanout ! How are y’all feeling? Still feeling good? 🙋‍♀️ I’ll have time to get it done since I’ll be waiting on the plumber about our leaking-to-the-ceiling-below upstairs tub....😏🛁 [📷 from our last house]
Happy Monday! Today I’m in the kitchen clearing out some cabinets. I watched tidying up on Netflix so now I look at things and decide if they bring me joy. It’s such a shift in perspective...This was the kitchen at our last house. I actually really love our kitchen now. It’s small with way less storage but it’s light, bright and happy...And less storage is fine because when you get rid of the extra, there’s plenty of room. 💕 #myhousehomemade
Happy Saturday!! Let’s pretend this face is excitement because we put the pantry back together today. And also because we’re so close to being half way done with the #househomemadecleanout 🎉 I know some of y’all are even further! Today is craft supplies. This was the reveal I did of our last laundry room but the craft supplies were right behind that door. At this house they’re in about 4 different places...maybe I should fix that today. 🤔😬 #myhousehomemade
This bathroom is from Jess @brightgreendoor . 😍😍 Today on the #househomemadecleanout is bathroom drawers and I already shared our last house’s bathroom so I figured I’d show you another one I love. It’s so pretty. Feeling inspired as I plan a first round of changes for ours. Oh! Also I have a free dollar hack for my drawers that I’ll share on my stories later so make sure you check it out. AND I’m wallpapering the laundry room today. Wish me luck. 😬🤞🏼
Maybe this is silly maybe it’s not but this year I learned to install a door knobs!  I love being able to ask my husband for help with things because we’re a good team and balance for each other but I also thinks it’s important to be able to say “I did it myself!” (Or ‘myselp’ as my big kid said when she was little.) Anyway, you can do it. Go see my tutorial on the blog. It’s easy! Promise. 👊🏼#myhousehomemade
Happy Wednesday! We’re almost halfway through the #househomemadecleanout. Are you still with me? How’s it going? Today, I’m going through shoes. We keep the girls shoes in the crates in our mudroom. They have a pair of winter boots, booties, tennis shoes. As it gets warmer out, the boots will be replaced with flip flops. It’s me that could stand to pare down. 🥿👢 😏
The week 2 laundry room / pantry update in the New Year New Room Refresh is up on the blog! It’s been a really long time since I’ve posted a design board on my feed but they’re a favorite of mine so I’m gonna do it more often. It’s the most satisfying thing to plan it out like this for myself or someone else and watch it come to life in a room! Makes me giddy!! 🤗 #myhousehomemade
Happy Monday! Today I’ll be upstairs working on organizing my office and desk drawers for the #househomemadecleanout. Remember the awesome rug I found at Dirt Cheap before Christmas? It’s up here now looking all cute and colorful. Well worth the whopping $15 I paid for it. 🙌🏼 Oh! And I’ll link the chair in my stories. I’ve had it for over a month now and it’s great! Have a good day!
I felt like we had our junk drawers under control at our last house but then when we moved, things just ended up being shoved everywhere. Today, that changed. Yes, I said junk drawerS. Who has more than one? 👋🏼 #househomemadecleanout Happy Saturday y’all! And GO COWBOYS! 🏈⭐️💙
Happy Friday!!! Today I’ll be going through my clothes for the #househomemadecleanout. I’m pretty ruthless when it comes to cleaning out clothes. I think if it doesn’t fit you or if you don’t feel like it’s flattering. If you haven’t worn in it a year or at all yet in the current season then why do you still have it? Peace out, getup. ✌🏼👕👖👚 I also usually try to donate something when I buy something new. A closet with some space in between the hangers looks so pretty. Let those bad boys breathe!