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Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! They were all granted. That day of my trip found me squinting in the Sahara with some new friends. And if you want to learn how to tie a headscarf, just let me know.
For those curious, you don't actually get robbed and murdered. 
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Here we go. Step 1.
This is a story about a mom and dad who took their children's education into their own hands. Their kids' academics began an elementary school in a soy field called Kirby. Seeing shortcomings in the education and environment, they did something that even the bravest parents might shy away from. They, both working demanding jobs, decided to teach their kids themselves. What ensued were years of hard decisions, big lessons, 'homeschool conferences', and good old-fashioned cold-hard effort. Ten years later, they put their son into high school to finish his diploma, and then saw him off to university. The foundation they gave me allowed me to follow my interests wherever they went, getting a rich academic experience at a school and with people that I will always be proud of and greatful.

To Mom, my teacher, thank you for the thousands of hours you spent teaching me, researching curricula, going to conferences, talking to other homeschoolers, and learning the material yourself. Your selflessness, consistency, and bravery will always inspire and humble me. Every exam I wrote, and this entire degree, is built on the lessons you taught me at our kitchen table - writing on the little whiteboard you hung beneath the wall clock. Whether it was teaching me multiplication with Math-U-See blocks, or studying the Epic of Gilgamesh, that's where I learned to learn.

To Dad, thank you for working an incredibly difficult job for decades, and coming home to remind me that hard work, combined with a respect for education, can open doors. Thank you for walking beside me every step in choosing to come to U of T, which has opened doors that have completely changed my life. Every hour I studied, and this entire degree, were born of the work ethic that you taught me on our farm. Whether it was planting a forest in our valley, or going out on cold winter nights to feed the sheep, that's where I learned to push myself.

I wanted to say these things publicly because I don't know how my parents did it, and I want everyone reading this to be as inspired by them as I am. This is what can happen when you love someone and you're willing to do what it take for them. Thanks Mom and Dad.
It's been a pleasure. 
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What about more of this? #takemebacknow #pharaohpeaks