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USA - Elite skill development - power skating, individual skills, game sequence work. Proud Union College Alum.

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Inside edge progressions. Focus on posture, stick position, eyes selling movement, and speed change. @jlammens7
Back from USA Hockey National Camp and right back to work. We are working on accelerating out of transitions, walking with our eyes up, and generating space with pop backs.  @annakamettler @usahpdc
Mohawk’s into a quick directional change. @shane.mettler @jlammens7 and Sarah Mettler
Mikey Schneider. You are a rockstar and amazed me with your strength. #mikeystrong @claytonkeller19 brought a jersey over to Mikey today and @gunnargranito18 named Mikey an honorary New Canaan High School Captain for the upcoming season. So much fun with Mikey and his brothers and sister. Please help Mikey at
Skill lanes this morning...and the demo at the end was 💰 @total_hockey_development
Happy Birthday @ccjones530 Happy Birthday America🇺🇸. I have a lot to be grateful for!
@shane.mettler working on a quick release following a weight transfer. Harder than it looks to execute.
Working through release points. The last one unfolds further back in the stance allowing for the most force down on the release. @jlammens7
Selling change of direction followed by acceleration. Shoulders, skates, head and stick have to be involved in the deception. @jlammens7
A little over a year ago my little 6 year old had a devastating bike accident. Because of the quick and amazing work of Nurse Bell, our pediatrician, Norwalk Hospital, and especially @yalenewhavenhospital we had an amazing year. From his first meal of waffles 5 days after surgery, to NYC, hockey, fishing, and simply hanging out we had a great year. Love you buddy. You are a warrior. We are blessed!
Escapes. “I can’t do it!” ....5 seconds later....does it. See the story for proof. @alladuane11 Summer sessions underway! #believe
Warm up the edges, offensive zone sequence work (selling direction, directional change, pulls, and attacking the soft spot), and ending with “pop the cone”. Almost Rico!  @bgammill16 @ncrico @cspain_22