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πŸ•Š floral ruffle dress - 3 sizes (24usd free shipping!) one of our first pieces on the new site, and one of my favourites! actually i think this piece is most like my style on the site (for anyone who wants to know lol) perfect with a denim jacket like in the pics! surprised this isn't one of our more selling items, take a look at these pics and tell me your thoughts! βœ¨πŸ’πŸŽ
πŸ•Š plain beret - 19 colours (8usd free shipping!) comeback of one of our bestsellers! 😱 19 colours?? so many options?? 😱 even i got a shock when i saw the colours available LOL and some of them are in really nice shades! πŸ’“ check online to see the full palette now!
πŸ•Š solid tone flare sleeves shirt - 6 colours (18usd free shipping!) basics like these are so trendy now! get yours because its so easy to match with any bottoms! so sorry for being inactive for so long! was one of the most hectic weeks of studies 😫
outfit inspired by @the_kimo! i really like this one, what do you think about this co-ordi? πŸ’“πŸŒ· .
πŸ•Š sheer striped v-neck blouse - 2 colors (18usd free shipping!)
🌿 solid tone loose shorts - 4 colours (18usd free shipping!)
πŸ’« slip accent shoulder bag (24usd free shipping!)
πŸ•Š health embroidery asymmetrical cami dress - 2 colours (15usd free shipping!) super unique and simplistic piece! ((and honestly $15 is such a steal what)) ✨🌷
πŸ•Š washed vintage skinny jeans - 4 sizes (23usd free shipping!) ahh one of my new favourites! everyone needs a pair of these casual jeans! ✨
πŸ•Š plaid notched collar shirt - 2 colours (16usd free shipping!) our two promoters wearing different colours of our bestseller! ✨☺️ want to stand a chance to receive free clothes like them? join our affiliate programme! find out more on our website! (menu>affiliate programme)
πŸ•Š barbapapa socks - 5 colours (6.50usd free shipping!) back on site as requested! these socks are the cutest tbh πŸŒŸπŸ’—
πŸ•Š short sleeve solid tone shift dress (22usd free shipping!) minimalistic design! and the colours are all so pretty 😍✨
πŸ•Š flower embroidered side slit flare jeans (25usd free shipping!) embroidery jeans are super popular now and im def getting myself a pair of these 🌼πŸ₯€
πŸ•Š in love hollow earrings - 2 colours (6.50usd free shipping!) thank you so much to @kr.oomi for tagging us in this photo! love the colour co-ordi of her outfit! 😍
πŸ•Š tomorrow will be better iphone case - 4 designs (10usd free shipping!) super cute and motivational!! practical too since you can slip your hand through the strap so it wont fall on your face when you're lying on your bed and scrolling lol πŸ›Œ