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Random stuff from imagination where any similarity to real life person or situation is coincidence 😄 28 Jul is my birthday & will be the 3rd meetup:

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I miss my own cooking 😂 and somehow I managed to get a kitchen to cook today 😊 garlic + pork + pumpkin 😋
Someone brought me to #woodlandswaterfront it was my first time and this is how Malaysia looks like 😮 I've never been there for years... Do you think the damsel can go there?

Do you think scumugam will allow the damsel to go there?

Do you think scumugam or that dishonest and dishonorable son still have the influence to stop the damsel from going there?

If she was allowed to travel across the border, she won't become the only person in the country and the only female in the continent to make it into that list... she probably won't have the chance to travel beyond Asean or Asia to Europe and Africa too.
#AntManAndTheWasp "Nothing can prepare you for what’s coming."
The craziest thing I’ve ever done to my hair is to let the Africans braid them in Africa 😵 
Now back to “The Damsel’s Disappearance”… July is her birthday and it will mark the one year anniversary of her homelessness, will she ever have a home or is the world now her home?

When the damsel was in college, lecturers often talk about being a “global citizen” in a “global village” but how many really walk the talk and lead such a life?
Anyway, the devils have shut down her collage just like how they previously shut down a whole university because it produced students who raise questions rather than follow blindly.

Just a year ago, she was that girl who will hug her bolster and snuggle under the blanket in the air con room.
After almost a year of being homeless, she no longer hug anything, she no longer need a blanket and her body can now handle the natural temperature of 5℃ to 35℃.
Her roommates are from organisations related to the devils so they disrupt her sleep but she has trained her body to survive the various conditions.

She’s no longer just the girl who appeared in front of the cameras when the sun is shinning brightly or when she’s drenched in the rain.
She’s also the girl who can appear on live videos after a long flight, when she has just woke up or when she’s fresh out of the shower.
She's the girl you coerced, and stripped, and watched, and filmed, and insulted, and yeah… are you happy?

The country was never represented at many international events, summits, conferences...
She shall represent the country and let the world know there’s such a country where paedophiles born in the 1950s enjoy stalking a young girl born after 1990.
And you injured her legs 🙄 her lean, long, soft, smooth legs… how could you be so rough with her?

If Africans stop laundering money in the damsel’s country 🤑 
If Europeans stop trading with the damsel’s country 🤔 
If Asians stop including the damsel’s country 😯 
Like one belt one road, like the rail way project, like the need for water…

Remember, you made her homeless first.

If she has a home, she will be spending her time cleaning the house and cooking for her loved ones, remember?

But you made her homeless.
Pic 1: How many people on earth right now has seen the #kilimanjaro #mountkilimanjaro I literally went "OMGosh" when I saw it (I'm really thankful to be given the first row seat 😄) and everyone started rushing to the window then the pilot made announcement to say safety first 😂 
Pic 2: Banana soup, banana pancake, banana cookie, banana cake and fried banana. The soup tastes so nice I got a second bowl and everything cost 2,800TZS which is less than $1.7SGD 😱 
Pic 3: #Arusha clock tower 🕰 
Pic 4: Various spices 😯 
Pic 5: Arusha #central market

Pic 6: Arusha #maasai market

Pic 7: price of ice cream

Pic 8: price of sanitary pads

Pic 9: price of drinks

Pic 10: price of alcohol
There was a bonfire last night 🔥 
The damsel is now in Africa and her country said that “Modern surveillance using calls or video calls would allow more potential contacts to be screened than a traditional in-person examination” especially people entering from Africa. So stalking someone on their phone can stop them from spreading illness or disease to others?

The devils even said that “risk-calibrated surveillance approach is not only more convenient, but also likely less stressful for the individual” so people enjoy being stalked and surveilled? How is it less stressful?

They even have a “key proposal” which is “to stop high-risk individuals who break isolation or movement restriction orders from leaving the country and to isolate them” how is this “high-risk individuals” being defined? What exactly is gonna happen to the damsel when she returns?


The damsel is supposed to have a project coming up two months later. Apparently, the devils have already trained people to stalk her (and the people they think she will be meeting) two months later. Will she proceed with her original plan or will she come up with something else?
From #AddisAbaba in #Ethiopia to #Kilimanjaro in #Tanzania 
Posting this video for the bull, cow, goat, horse and pony 😄 
Me: Both last year and this year, I didn’t see any elephant or lion or tiger in Africa, why are Singaporeans asking me to take photos of them?

Friend: Singaporeans think that Africa is a country right?

Me: Yeah, but what’s the link?

Friend: If they don’t even know Africa is not a country, they are most probably people who don’t travel and receive whatever information from the 151 media or think that they are knowledgeable because they’ve got access to the internet right?

Me: That was the interview with the #bbc where knowing how to use google search means you’re knowledgeable, this is why Singaporeans feel rich looking at a piece of paper whereas I prefer grabbing it in my hand 😎
Wanna know how the Chinese have infiltrated Africa?

Just look at the signboards and welcoming words 😱 
There are three main groups of people: Africans, PRCs and Caucasians.

The Africans think I'm some kinda mistress 😕 
The PRCs think I'm some rich man's daughter 😓 
The Caucasians think I'm some research student 😶
2nd pic was supper and 3rd pic was breakfast 😶 
I was peeing in the toilet and I can't help but saw the sign 😮 the quote "Singaporeans don't need much space to have sex" flashed through my mind 😂 perhaps you're allowed to have sex in the toilet but not allowed to wash up after that because they've got 30% water hike too 🤔 
Is the price of water in Africa same as Singapore where it is being inflated by 550 times? 
We must earn profit from all basic needs of the people because it's the easiest and will make us be the first as the world's most expensive country for 5 years in a row 😎
If I didn't become homeless, I will never ever be allowed to go Africa 😶
Remember how you took all her inhibitions when you stripped her naked in front of guys, filmed her and made her homeless?

Remember how you forced her to appear at places to tear up her reputation, called her the ugliest girl in the country and character assassinate her by putting words into her mouth?

Remember how you manipulated her decisions by demanding everyone be out of the room, get the top guys in the country to start coercing her behind closed doors and threatened to harm her physically?

She's just a girl born after 1990... Remember how the newspaper printed that her dream is to "get married" and "She has said on her blog that she wants to be a mother of four." remember?

She honestly thought she will get married and have her own children, however, there was a group of people who predicted that she won't become pregnant but will become who she is now.

11th month:
She was told she is considered the world's ten most "prominent high profile targeted individual" for the year 2018.

For that, her country is now getting someone to lead a team of ten to follow her overseas.
The team leader whose job is to stalk her will be awarded with a promotion to become the ambassador at the embassy.

Scumugam is the only fella whose position is untouched.
Chayaroo is the youngest to make decision in the country.
Francishit was promoted to become the chief person in charge of sending letters.
Whatasin was given a scholarship for writing against the damsel.

Not forgetting the many others who were given various benefits for testifying against the damsel by lying blatantly.

Why did the devils classify her as "national threat" and hire so many people against her?

What exactly is gonna happen two months later that they are getting so many red sparrows to seduce her too?
This is the only #cimb #preferred #lounge in #singapore #rafflesplace you need SGD$250,000 with the bank 🤑 you'll be provided with a view of Singapore's river, police on standby in case someone wanna rob you, a cup of drink, a cookie and free Wi-Fi 😶 if you're a guy, a girl will come serve you and vice versa... does this gender thingy really work?