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Below is a random story.

There was once someone who enjoys helping the disadvantaged, to the extent she often sacrificed herself and people said that she should stop being so nice to those who didn't even appreciate her.

She continued because she wished to turn back time and redo the things that she has done, jolly well knowing the she can't.
As much as people admire her life, she actually hopes to be like anyone else.
However, her life is one where riches can't buy and poor won't encounter.

One day, her life changed totally.
She was in a situation where if anyone else was in her shoes, they'd commit suicide immediately.
People said she won't because she's a survivor.

When she said she's hurt and crying every night for more than a month, people asked, does she even cry?
No one has seen her crying, at least not publicly.
Or maybe not being published out yet.

The day she gave up hope in her life, things turned around.
Somehow, those people who she has helped and encouraged, they became successful.
As she walked along the street crying, people walked up to her and told her she is their inspiration.

They provided her with the stuff that she needs and assisted her to make sure she survives.
Both locals and foreigners, apparently, guys in other countries have spoke to each other about meeting her.
When they finally saw her in real life, they were astonished, so was she lol... The whole experience is unbelievable.
A life where riches can't buy and poor won't encounter.
Aways do good, you won't know what's gonna happen tmr.
30NTD for a peanut pancake
If you saw my live videos on fb yesterday, these are the photos of the food πŸ˜‹ 
Last night was hilarious πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ I told the Singaporeans who've moved to Taiwan to join us for dinner.
All the guys tried to prove they're not that kinda guy 😏 hence we spent the night having dinner, chatting etc... Literally, every single guy appeared and the person next door complained that we've got many ppl in the room 🀐 
Since all the guys appeared, she's obviously having sex with outsiders.
Halfway through, I fell asleep on the bed.

During which, the guys spent the time talking about how to expose my roommate for stealing my room card to have sex with guys.
I wasn't really bothered but my roommate has been, in front of the class etc. been talking about my body, my clothes, my everything 😢 
Thus, the guys went to ask the reception for another room card and wanted to enter the room, I stopped them.
Somehow, my roommate decided to send a message in the group thread, demanding for me πŸ™„ 
Then the guys went to hide outside the room, she made me stand outside for quite some time before opening the door.
Some of them were like, we should just open the door since we've got the room card 😎 
When she finally opened the door, the guys sprung out and caught them red handed πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ She tried to blame me for the room card and the awkward situation.
However, the guys stepped in before I could answer to say that I was with them the whole night and scolded her.

It was my first time having such an experience.
A situation that made me know who are the guys who are really righteous or the guys who are quiet but will do real actions etc πŸ˜‡
My breakfast today 😊 
It's at level 2 cause level 1 is closed.

My roommate stole my room card because she wanna have sex 😰 
And everyone is asking why am I being stranded outside πŸ€” 
When she spoke to me this morning, she was like "for the past one week, you've been blah blah blah... I just want this room for two hours"

In my heart, I was thinking "I didn't go around asking guys for sex or have any physical contact, and the only thing that I did was talking about my YouTube videos." πŸ™„ 
Anyway, we've decided to have a gathering tonight at the lobby.
So whoever didn't turn up will be that kinda guy 😎
This was sent to my #taiwan #taipei #howard hotel room 😎 
#singapore is famous πŸ˜‚ 
What other adjective can be used in such a case?

There's an adult exhibition in Taiwan today πŸ˜‚ 
The reporters were interviewing guys who paid to enter, it made me think about what happen when a guy wants sex πŸ€” 
1. Say that you're a transgender.
2. Explain that you went Thailand to do the initial operation and Korea to further enhance the looks as well as voice.
3. Ask if he would like to join in too, giving reason such as it's easier to look at own's body than someone else's.

It works πŸ˜‰ 
If he still doesn't believe, provide news articles like husband found out wife was born a boy after years 😎
This was recorded in the afternoon πŸ”Š turn on the volume if u wanna hear πŸ‘‚ both have sounds πŸ‘Œ 
The following are rants:

On the first day, two particular guys came and introduced themselves, both of them gave similar introduction.
However, Guy A could understand what I say while the Guy B didn't, Guy B tried to mock Guy A and brushed Guy A off as irrelevant.
Yesterday, Guy A he told me to go and do some research.
Turn out, Guy B is 😎 
This morning, we've got a lecture, the lecturer gave lotsa motherhood statements.
During the Q&A, I went to use statistics and asked if he has got facts instead of general statements?

He was pissed off, started shouting in front of the whole class and everyone in the building came into the room to ask if I was alright lololol πŸ˜‚ 
When he was done spouting, I just looked at him and said
"you didn't answer my questions and state facts"

It was pretty melodramatic after that with people trying to calm him down πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ In the end, my seniors told me he's a 😎 
Nonetheless, it was hilarious to see him shouting when all I did was asking one question and repeating it because it wasn't answered.

About one quarter of the people for this camp are 😎 whatever you think that is.
Do you believe there's God that there's smthg called God's will?
#taiwan #taiwanese 
version of 
#annefrank #annefrankhouse 
The place where 
#鄭南榕 died 
Apparently, none of the participants heard of him 🀐
2 Aug 2017 at 4pm, it was the last speaker and she shared about her life.
She spoke about some stuff she did, how she fall into depression for three months and got married with the guy who stayed by her side.

First, she feels proud of what she has done.
If it's in Singapore, she'll be mocked at, way worse than what you can imagine.

Second, she fell into depression but there was someone by her side.
If it's in Singapore, she'll be shunned like a plague and guys will think she's beyond an imh case.

Third, she said she doesn't want kid because she still wanna continue lol...
Then my Singaporean friends told me Taiwanese has more perseverance than Singaporeans.
I was like "nah, we have persevered for decades and we're still persevering" whatever you think I'm tryna say.

She also made me think about relationship, like... Some couples are married with no kids.

Some couples got married and later divorced.

Some couples get together but never marry.

Some couples nearly marry yet got separated.

Some couples dated for a month yet marry, have kids and watch their grandchildren or even great grandchildren grow.

Relationship is complicated.
Only two restaurants are open for breakfast:
Yesterday in front of the waterfall and today beside the swimming pool πŸ’¦ 
I prefer yesterday's, probably eat in that same restaurant for two weeks cause I've got many stuff that I've yet to try and they look interesting πŸ˜‚ 
#ε°εŒ— #福華