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If I lose this account, please go to fb.com/huiiyingsg 😄 The reason why I get to travel is because of my random webseries: The Damsel's Disappearance


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🎶 let me see how you gonna treat me 😏 aint no easy 😉 think about it twice 🎶

Ain’t no easy hahahahahax… we Singaporeans are very easy people 😎 
I saw people defending the increase of GST from 7% to 9% that was announced by #MOFsg during #SGbudget and there were people saying that it’s to curb inflation 😂 you mean there was no inflation the past few years?

Singapore government said:
“GST is the one that will give you, over the long term, a sustained revenue of sufficient amount that will take care of our expenditure needs, for healthcare, infrastructure, security” 🙄 
Singapore is the only country in the world where the government earns from public healthcare as the #medishieldlife premiums collected is more than the claims every single year, do you know there’s also a CPF Basic Healthcare Sum of $54,500 on top of the CPF full retirement sum of $171,000, how many Singaporeans have $225,500 in their CPF account as of 2018?

Singapore is the only country in the world where the government does things like merging public transport companies in order to have a monopoly, have fare hikes yet not having adequate maintenance etc… with the latest report stating a 50.3% rise in net earnings to $47.1 million for the year ended Dec 31, 2017 because of the growth in revenue to $1.2billion, which is the fare hike that we’re experiencing?

Singapore is the only country in the world where the government has the internal security act that allows them to legally stalk its own citizens in the name of security, we allowed bomb maker Mas Selamat to escape from prison, we allowed robber David James Roach to escape canning, but if a girl born after 1990 tries to go overseas… we’ll make sure she’s deported back even though she did no wrong?

NO wealth tax 🤔 the Singapore government said:
“There are only so many handbags you can buy, only so many watches you can buy, only so many people who can afford those.” By the way, in 2017
“The surplus was more than expected, about S$9.6 billion in total” 😑 
A one time $100 to $300 for a 9% GST, and you believe they really care about you?
This month, I was at one of #marriott hotels in #asia 😄 
Next month, I will be at another #marriotthotel in #europe 😊 
My trip next month is funded by #facebook #twitter etc… because of my random webseries “The Damsel’s Disappearance”
(I’ve never expected them to fund my trip from flight to accommodation to food, a part of me would rather stay in a hostel then take the money to pay my rent and bills in #singapore LOL but it’s not allowed, so… yeah)
I wanted to take train from #zurich to #valencia to #frankfurt so that I can see the scenery, but they got me plane tickets so that I won’t be tired during presentation 😅 
If I’m not homeless, I will never do what I have done.
If I’m not homeless, I will never go to so many places.
If I’m not homeless, I will never dare take the first step.
If I’m not homeless, I will never travel to another continent alone.

I will most probably be at home cooking for my family 😶 
Sometimes, I scroll down my feed and think about the times we used to spend together 😔 
Next month, I will be flying to Europe alone via Swissair 🙄 
My friends told me that I can go cry alone during the flight, I think I will as I think of the people who used to be beside me during my flights 😣 
I’ve always say that “The Damsel’s Disappearance” is a random webseries and any similarity to real life people is coincidence 😮 
However, there are people who said if it’s not 100% true, it must be 200% true 🤔 
I’m not gonna argue, but isn’t it sad if it’s true?
🎶 I think you need a software upgrade because you run ten minutes too late 🎶

This is how I feel whenever there’s a breakdown 😂 
Sometimes, I don’t understand how people can say the transport system is good and the fare reviews are helping the commuters?
It’s call a fare hike, not a fare review, it takes more money from us to them and the waiting time is getting longer 🙄 
In fact, bus and train operator SBS Transit posted a 50.3 per cent rise in net earnings to $47.1 million for the year ended Dec 31, 2017.
The substantial increase is because of the growth in revenue to $1.2billion, which is the fare hike that we’re experiencing, not fare review 😒 
The Land Transport Authority (LTA) will acquire SBS Transit’s rail operating assets at net book value, which is estimated to be about S$28.8 million (S$30.8 million with Goods and Services Tax) as at March 31 this year 😶 
As for SMRT, the engineers only discovered that 26 trains delivered by the China manufacturer had cracks in the structure connecting the car body and the bogie after they were delivered in 2013 🤔 
Delivered in 2013 but only discovered the defects years later, and we actually need foreign new sites to expose it for us?

In the 20th century, students’ unions will advocate for a better transport system for Singaporeans 😇 
In the 21st century, students’ unions are propaganda machines instead of being independent 😫 
There was a girl who went overseas and brought back the concession pass system to benefit Singaporeans.
However, the damsel has disappeared and they have removed the concession claiming that it “failed miserably” saying that anyone who wants help should now go queue for hours for a few dollars 😔 “Failed miserably” to bring in profit for them?
Who will queue for long hours every week for a few dollars?
Yes, I know there are, but isn’t it sad to treat people especially our elderly in such demeaning manner?
Updated my WordPress and YouTube 😶 today is 11 months since "The Damsel's Disappearance"
🎶 watching you watching me I go all out 🎶

Today's Valentine's Day but I'm all alone watching people watching the damsel and it's giving me adrenaline rush 😣 
Is the damsel rude? Did she use profanity?
No, she doesn't 😊 
But you used all kinds of vulgarities, insults and degrading terms against her, is this how your family or the education system brought you up?

Is the damsel bad? Did she act violently?
No, she doesn't 😇 
But you used all kinds of threats, rapes and physical harms against her, is this how your family or the education system brought you up?

What she did... at least one or ten or hundred others have done before yet all the attention is on her 🙄 
Just because you're a failure with no backbone to standup for yourself (that's your problem) why do you have to put a girl down when she has to standup for herself because no one was there to protect her?

Why are you so desperately seeking her attention by spamming her profile?

Did she ask you to watch her videos?
No, you wanted to hear her voice while waiting to see her face 😏 
Did she ask you to read her news?
No, you wanted to know her updates while thinking what she's up to 😌 
Did she ask you to share her postings?
No, you wanted to get her attention while fantasizing your ego being stroked 🙄 
Anyway, go ahead and stalk her cause that's your destiny 😂
Second week of Feb 2018 
Introduction of the second other character - Scumugam. He is thrice the age of the damsel who enjoys scrutinising her social media accounts from her blog to her Facebook to her Instagram to her Twitter to even type transcripts of her YouTube videos... The damsel doesn't even know his existence until he whined on his verified account that she "could have raised the issues at any time" about her sadness with him or his slaves or his dogs? Is stalking other girls the reason why you ended up in divorce 😏
Eating #indianfood after watching #indianmovie #padmaavat #padmavati 😋 
Even the goddess had to descend from her abode to slay the demons 😶 
I know it's just a movie and there's insufficient evidence to back up her existence 😐 
Nonetheless... When your friends can walk up to her for photos...
When "that guy" you betrayed can run in front of her and have that photo published in the news...
When the people around you have met her in real life and spoken to her while you can only watch her videos in your room... How does that feel Scumugam 😉 
You can have the power and the money to marry plus commit adultery but you can never have the damsel's body 😎 
So the reason why "that guy" ran in front of the damsel to have that pic taken is because he wanted to piss Scumugam off hahahahahax 😂 
Never know that guys born in the 1950s will have such a fetish 😅
Last day~ I’m gonna miss sleeping in this bed.

Sleeping keeps one healthy ok hahahax…

But once I’m back in Singapore, I’ve to get used to living in the city with the world’s longest hours but least amount of sleep.
It makes us become the least happiest and least emotional country in the world.

Our marriage rate is low, our divorce rate is high, our birth rate is the lowest as well as we’re ranked one of the lowest in sex drive.
How can you feel horny when you’re living in the world’s most expensive city in the world and those in power are having “personal indiscretion” with your women right?

Anyway, I gotta sleep and keep myself healthy.
Otherwise, given the world’s most profitable public healthcare system in Singapore, I may have to end up sleeping in hospital corridors due to the hospital bed crunch.
Anyway, it’s really sad to see so many people committing euthanasia because they can’t afford the healthcare bills.
Did the elderly really prefer to be cleaners, collecting cardboards and selling tissues instead of retiring?

Do Singaporeans prefer to work till death or do we want to live in a world where people are not afraid to have a child, fall sick, have a home and to retire?
Part of the random webseries: 
The Damsel's Disappearance
One day more~ I’m gonna miss lying on the bed so much, times like this make me wanna be 35 asap.

Only in Singapore, the majority lives in public housing yet we allow non-Singaporeans to buy public houses in order to drive the price of public housing high and give the illusion that Singaporeans are rich.

If I were to buy a BTO HDB - about 60% of the price is being set to land cost.
If I were to buy a resale HDB - 22.5% have to be paid as resale levy.

If you were to take a CPF loan at 2.5% this means you won’t be able to earn the interest since the money is not in your account.
If you were to sell your flat after using your CPF to pay for it then you have to pay back a 2.6% interest as well.

Do Singaporeans prefer to slave their lives away or do we want to live in a world where people are not afraid to have a child, fall sick, have a home and to retire?
First week of Feb 2018

Introduction of the first other character - Francishit. He is twice the age of the damsel who enjoys mimicking her voice in public. A fella who needs a long title to make up for his shortcomings, in his position as the Deputy Chief Prosecutor cum Senior State Counsel cum Deputy Public Prosecutor... He asked the damsel "And for the record, how tall are you since we've already have some of your statistics?" So what if you know her statistics yet you can't have it 😏
Day 4

Downloaded this live video from www.fb.com/huiiyingsg I’m gonna miss waking up naked with pillows on my left and right to hug 😘 
It’s illegal to be appearing nude in public or private place in singapore according to miscellaneous offences (public order and nuisance) act (chapter 184) liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $2,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 months or to both 😪 
But it’s ok, I will still return to Singapore because I want to marry a Singaporean guy 😍 
Anyway, chewing gum is also illegal under regulation of imports and exports act (chapter 272a, section 3) regulation of imports and exports (chewing gum) regulations where on the first conviction to a fine not exceeding $100,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 2 years or to both; and on the second or subsequent conviction, to a fine not exceeding $200,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 years or to both 😏 
We also amended the Sedition Act (CHAPTER 290) on 31 August 2013 and Defamation Act (CHAPTER 75) on 28 February 2014 after a girl exposed degree mills on her blog 😶 
We also implemented the Protection from Harassment Act (CHAPTER 256A) on 31 May 2015 after a girl exposed a bunch of gangsters who can’t produced a single thing yet harassed and intimidated her in a park 😎 
We also amended the Public Order Act (CHAPTER 257A) on 8 May 2016 and implemented the Administration of Justice (Protection) Bill on 11 July 2016 after the world condemned the inhumane acts that were done against a girl 😆 
We also added a new section 6A “Advance notice of events having prescribed crowd size” to the Public Order Act (CHAPTER 257A) on 3 April 2017 after a girl managed to get not just 10 or 100 or 1000 but even more people to meet her in public 😄 
We also added new sections 16 to 16AC and 19A “Protection from personal liability” to the Public Order Act (CHAPTER 257A) on 8 May 2017 so that the girl can be stalked, harassed, intimidated and even stripped without the need of producing any reason why they do so or evidence if they didn’t do it 😅