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#myanmar #yangon 
Pic 1: 
Me at the #shwedagon today 😊 
Pic 2: 
Tickets to the #shwedagonpagoda with my friends 😇 
Pic 3: 
Map of the #pagoda 
Pic 4: 
Around 5pm, before sunset, it was brown.

Pic 5: 
Around 6pm, during sunset, it was golden.

Pic 6: 
Around 7pm, after sunset, it was beautiful 😍 
I like my pics a lot, especially the 6th 😘 
I also posted many live videos on to record the change in colour 😄
This morning, I had this for breakfast.
Last night, I vomited from 8pm to 2am this morning.
Then, I've got diarrhoea until 9am 🤒 
In the end, my roommate gave me two medicines and I fall asleep from 2pm till 7pm... Here's a random story:
There was a girl who gave a speech.
Her speech was inclusive and people supported her, it went viral.

However, she was attending an event and the organisers were unhappy that the participants shared her postings instead of theirs.
They made her delete her postings, which she did as she was unwell and couldn't be bothered to argue.

She deleted it and everyone started asking why is it gone?
She did her research well and people wanna share to raise awareness, why would she delete her posting for no good reason?

In the end, the organisers tried to be nice to her friends, because they got scolded by others who're of a higher "rank" lol...
Anyway, that wasn't her best speech ever and by deleting it, she'll be benefiting more.

Why get jealous just because others have more views and shares?
Life isn't all about social media 😉
Pic 1:
A photo I took when I woke up 😊 
I also posted a live video of how I look when I woke up on and in the video, I measured my weight 😶 
My roommate told me that my weight went down because I've burnt a lot of energy while I was asleep 😰 
Pic 2:
Cakes 🍰 bought all 9 pieces of them because they cost SGD$0.30 each.
Yes, 30 cents, it was unbelievable when I first saw it.

Pic 3:
I posted a video of me cutting the cakes into half on the above Facebook link as well.
They're so cute and delicious 😆 
Pic 4:
Bread that were brought.
In the end, I only ate the chicken floss bun because people came and ate the rest of them.

Pic 5:
Receipt for the food in pic 4, they're all lesser than SGD$1 😱 gotta say the chicken floss bun tastes good 😋 
I know I've posted a lot of live videos because the internet connection here is good and I've got 2GB for SGD$5 remember?

The people for this event are also nice 😄 there were guys who walked up to me and tried to test if I remembered their names 😅  which I don't and I do feel bad about it 😫 however, they were understanding and didn't pressurize me further 😝 
Most importantly, I've got a good roommate 😇 
She told me that I've gotta bath at least twice a day and use the conditioner 😐 
I was like "I only bath once before I sleep and you can have all the conditioner cause I only use shampoo" 😶 
She continued talking... Then I said "in Singapore, we've got a 30% water hike" 🙄
Meal at #myammarplaza it's one of their biggest mall and this is their #foodcourt 
First pic was what I ate, just the #beefpho though, the other two are #chickenpho 🐔 belonging to two of the three people I brought along.
I didn't try it cause chicken isn't good for my throat and I gotta protect my voice for this event.

Second pic is the receipt of the three pho, it costs SGD$3.50 per bowl 😋 in #Singapore, a bowl of #pho in the #mall easily cost three times more 😰 
Third pic was what the third person who I brought along ate, some rice kinda thing.
I tried and I didn't really like it 😣 
4th pic was the receipt, the most expensive item and it costs SGD$4.50 🙄 in Singapore, the most expensive item in #foodcourts probably cost three times more 😒 
At #cityhall #cityhallsingapore 
Duck rice $8 
Duck char siew rice $12
Duck char siew rice add egg $13
Duck char siew rice add egg and chicken $17 💸 
It was a food court, not a restaurant 😌
1st vid:
On board  #myanmarnationalairlines to #yangon 🛩 
2nd pic:
#myanmar arrival card

3rd pic:
Fish set meal 
4th pic:
Fish and noodles

5th pic:
Chicken set meal 
6th pic:
Chicken and rice

I prefer the #fish meal more than the #chicken meal so I exchanged with my friend lol 😂 
7th pic:
I got a 2gb sim card for SGD$5 😱 so I posted a lot of live videos on Facebook today 😝 
In Singapore, I pay #m1 more than SGD$20 for 500mb, under the mysim15 plan 😒 
8th vid:
Just me playing with the cup holder as I was bored 😆 
9th vid:
The whole building of #melia #meliahotel 
10th vid:
The lobby area of #meliahotels #meliahotelsinternational
I'm now at #changiairport waiting for my flight from #singapore to #burma #myanmar #yangon 😊 
In the past three months, I rejected more than ten trips 😣 
to Sao Paulo in Brazil, 
to Berlin in Germany, 
to London in UK, 
to Rome in Italy, 
to Seoul in Korea, 
to Islamabad in Pakistan, 
to Melbourne in Australia, 
to Myanmar, Mongolia, Nepal etc... People told me that if I stop going overseas, I can turn back time and get back my belongings that were lost 😔 
In the past one month, I started accepting invitation again because I don't think it's possible to turn back time. 
I'm also no longer as interested in getting back what I've lost as compared to the first one month, even though I still cry at night as I miss them a lot 😢 
Anyway, for the first time in history, I'm allowed to bring along three people 😄
Updated my WordPress 😊 
For the first time, I posted a live video of myself on instead of deleting it because people are commenting about how different I look now 😏 
I've got longer hair; I haven't cut them for three months.
I'm now even fairer; I haven't got time to tan myself.
I'm at my heaviest; I have to gain another 10kg to reach acceptable weight though 😎 
Somehow, my WordPress can't seem to link to my Twitter, my Twitter can't seem to link to my Facebook 🤔
As per the live video posted at today, there are a lot of cupboards but I'm only given one compartment 😶 
This is what I was allocated with and here are 35 shirts.
Behind are 15 dresses, 5 pairs of pants, 5 pairs of socks and 5 sets of undergarments.
Everything else that I own are inside the bag that I carry everyday.

I can't believe how I gave away more than half of my stuff within 3 days and am left with just these within 3 months 😢 
In the past, I always hope to be like other girls.
These three months have made me come to terms that I'm not like other girls 😔 
That said, there are still times I hope I can be like other girls lol... And now I gotta choose from these clothes to go out for today as well as to go overseas this week 🤐 
Yeap, why am I going overseas again if I said I wanna be like other girls right?

I'm trying to accept I'm different now 😒
Today, I posted three live videos on 😊 
The first video shows I'm at my heaviest ever 😇 
The second video was a guy whose bag was dripping water.
People walked away from him while I told him and I got bored so I filmed how he tried to figure out which bottle was leaking cause his whole bag was filled with drinks 💦 
The third video is this.
Not gonna mention which nationality pooped in the train but yeah, you may make your assumption.
As seen from the video, everyone was shunning it, including myself lol 🤐
The minimum required 💸
Yesterday, someone gave me a pink USB lightbulb after reading my WordPress 😂 when I thanked that person, that person said "$1 only" 🙄
In the random story series, the damsel is at a low point in life.
Today, let's add some drama to piss her off.
Okay, she doesn't really get pissed off, but here's the story... Some people wanted to meet her, and she agreed.
After she agreed, they used her name and received many benefits.
Let's just say, group A used her name to get benefits from group B.

Group A lied to the damsel that it's a gathering that group B will join.
Thus the damsel continued her other plans to meet other people.
Her schedule was fully packed.

Slowly, group A started sending weird emails to the damsel demanding her to meet one day before, two days before and three days before.
The emails were so rapid, she didn't even have time to reply.

In the end, the damsel found out that group A went to organise a fan meetup and she is supposed to be there at least three days in advance and leave three days later.

That was also when group A said because group B gave a lot of benefits blah blah blah.
Is life all about benefits?
Is this just about benefits?
What about credibility, honesty and being direct?

If you had told her you want to book a large part of her schedule, she would have agreed, but you didn't.
Why did you over promise before consulting her?
Did she agree she will be the star?

Of course she is the star for all events, nonetheless... At least inform her instead of screwing things up then expecting her to accommodate?

Upon further checking, group B actually met the damsel more than once while group A is gonna see her for the first time.
So much for a first impression.