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CSCC '17 Graphic Design major for design inquiries contact aaronharberdesign@gmail.com 🌿

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who wants a phone case? 
#illustration #dog
lets tear 2018 up.
made flowers today. #illustration #graphicdesign
do you prefer just the shape?
what?? you want a funky robot? well, alright.
more old stuff and my all time favorite piece of mine is BB8. y'all ready for The Last Jedi? #starwars #illustration
watched Valerian and it reminded me that i did a portrait of Cara Delevingne while i was in school. just wanted to give you guys some old stuff while i make new. this was my first illustration so be gentle! #illustration
@xbroke_sofax 's avatar.
an avatar for my lady 🌷 #illustrator #graphicdesign
preview of things to come for someone special's beauty brand... #beauty #makeup #graphic
never made an avatar before. it's a lot of fun! what do you guys think?
new day. new mood. new color inspiration. 
#illustration #logodesign #ah