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Basicville, population: me 😀
My daily green walk to work ♥
With black nails and ripped jeans even a Monday can be great ♥
A much needed break from the stress and pain i'm currently going through. Please send some good thoughts my way ♥
Lazy Sunday mood when you're not an "I love sun all day every day" person
Essence spring 2018 novelties - hand care edition 😀 Essence Hydra nail care serum is a light aloe vera based serum that gives a quick fix to dehydrated cuticles. I keep in on my desk as it's not greasy and I can continue with work immediately.
Tropical hand mousse has a great tropical scent, i smell mostly pineapple and papaya. The texture is very fluffy and light yet nourishes the hands nicely. I'll probably save it for summer ♥
Weekend vibes ♥
(also name a perfume better suited for me, I'll wait)
Catrice Spectra light in 03 Irregular galaxies ♥ I wish the duochrome would be a bit more visible but a gorgeous nail polish with a great formula nonetheless 😍
Cleaning out my phone and wishing I was back at Sardinia ♥
Perfect polish for snowy days ❄❄❄
Morning stroll to work 😍❄♥