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TWO THOUSAND AND NINETEEN WHAT THE FUCK IS UP!!!🤗 (insert generic dj horns “BEW BEW BEW BEEEWWWW!”) First post of the year after taking some time off to recalibrate and assess and I feel great! I love to do yearly recap videos for you but mainly for self reflection. Its helps to stop and look up from this daily grind to appreciate how far we’ve come. That was the lesson I learned from 2018. This life of a creative is not a means to an end. Success isn’t a defined location which can only be accessed by holding your breathe waiting for an award, a number of streams, or a leading role to exhale. Life is about the continuous reach and fulfillment is just an inevitable consequence to all that stretching. In 2018 I performed... ALOT, I had the opportunity to be a member of The Nike Womens Marathon Project with a group of incredibly talented and inspiring women who made me cry, laugh, dance and run faster, longer... I headlined my first self produced show in LA #Sip&DripLA then my first self produced tour #ThePullUpTour in LA, Chicago & New York and 3 of the 6 dates SOLD OUT... I got the opportunity to be in 2 of my closest friends beautiful weddings, I shot 2 films and started production on a soon to come Documentary... I went to the Soul Train awards and was remind by @erykahbadu performance why music is so magical. I spent hours on the phone with my brothers debating random topics and with my friends. I watched wonderful movies, I watched terrible movies and laughed. I met new friends and reinforced relationships that will last forever. I lived. Hope if you get anything from me, you get that lesson that took me too long to learn. Life is happening right not whether you acknowledge it or not... so you better start living it. Plant your seed, water your garden, and tend to the weeds... but for the love God, don’t forget the best part; the rose smelling part... the good stuff ❤️ #iAmLyric #NWMP #PullUpTour #LyricMichelle #hiphop #actressla #music #life #newyear  #NewMindsetWhoDis
Focused | Balanced | Strong
Consider your Saturday plans made!!! DEC 15th w/ @presskampe on the drums!! I’m performing live with these very talented artist. This is the show you come to bc the last was sold out or bc you loved it soooo much you told yourself u had to rock with me again, or you were outta town last time or bc you said you were coming and you really meant to but then that thing happened with them ppl again and we know how they be...... BUUUUHHHT lol now you don’t even gotta worry bout alldat, cuz this Saturday we will meet again ❤️Can’t wait to see yall there 🤗 >>>~~~~~>>>>>>~~~~~>>>>
The Element @ClubFaisDoDo Saturday, December 15 2018. 
Live Performances by:

@MikiValeTheMC +Special Guests... Hosted by: Chaunte Wayans @cwayans 
Sounds provided by DJ @riotbooy

Doors Open at 8p

Presale tix $10 available at

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I am a MAD BLACK WOMAN #rp @blackslayingit if you know of local organizations in which I can volunteer my time to directly be apart of the change that needs to happen please comment below. I am furious #JusticeForCyntoiaBrown ✊🏾
Last year I didnt know shit about @spotify or how to get my music heard. @stephenchavez taught me a lot 🙏🏾 and I’m still figuring out this whole thing but I am far from where I started and I have all of you to thank. To all who have taken the time to give me advice, lend a helping hand, invite me to the studio, come to the shows and to yall who pressed play, Thank You ✌🏾&❤️ #iAmLyric #indieartist #LyricMichelle #htxhiphop #lahiphop #lyric #spotifywrapped2018 #freethoughts #linkinthebio
Its my BIRTHDAY MONTH! December 1st, I celebrated this weekend and will continue to celebrate with MUCH needed rest by reconnecting with my inner self, setting new intentions, and truly deciding to practice the habit of not giving a fuck #NaaahhhMasteAtHomeHeadass lol but seriously, I want to focus on my relationships more and my current state of peace. No more living in a future that does not exist. I am a creator; so my first set for this new year? Create the life I want to live in a micro sense. Honor those who love & support me, my art, and my story. And finally, love more, laugh more, fear less. From this post to God’s ears, amen yall 😉 Thank you for all the birthday wishes, those given, & those yet to come. I love you for real, now I think there’s time for one more bubble bath & facial right? Lol fuckit, No FEAR! 😂😂 #BootStraps #LinkInTheBio #iAmLyric
Decided to do the  #GloriousChallenge lemme know that yall think 🔥✌🏾#iAmLyric #Share #TagKritSoHeKnow ✊🏾
13-14 hr shifts at my day job to invest in the dream, years of creating music, studying the great performers, going to conferences, reading books, working on my craft, talking to anyone willing to give this young naive girl real wisdom and advice, hundreds of shows, hours on set, acting classes, marketing classes, master classes, sending emails, no manager, no secret angel investor, just me doing my squats and not letting boys be mean to me 🌸 I hate being that person that says “all I do is hustle” bc I want my actions to speak for me. Results. But I’m starting to find myself in certain circles realizing if you don’t remember why you belong in those rooms, they’ll say you don’t; and you might believe them. Slept in my car, drove hours for a 15min set and got in line at 4-5 am to sign up for a cypher or any other opportunity to create, to rap, to perform. This year I was apart of my first full feature film & I shot 2 of them! And this year will always be the year I ran my first marathon with amazing incredibly inspirational women and NIKE! I went on my first self funded tour and in Chicago and New York they sold out. They sold the fucking out! So look, your life doesn’t start when the world acknowledges your effort. This your life, right now, this is it. And if you are kind, if you spread love for yourself and others, and if you work hard - and I mean really really fucking hard - you can enter any room and know you belong. You BELONG. Don’t let them convince you otherwise. Someone told me I look so confident and honestly thats a lie. I think my hair is dry, I think my eyes look weird, and I have no idea whats gonna happen to all my dreams when im 99. But that thing you are calling confident? That comes from years of working on myself and my craft and knowing that bc I am forever a student, not having an answer to something is not an indictment on me as a person, I’ll just learn it. Ive been studying all my life, ill just study that thing you say I should know.. but what I do know? What I do know in every cell in my body? I belong here. What God has for you, no man can ever deny. You belong 🌸