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Counting each and every blessing every step of the way 🌸 #Inspired #iAmLyric #Dreamer #NoFear
#Mood “BootsStraps” streaming now on @spotify 🏃🏾‍♀️#MorningRun #Mindful #Greatful #FeelingGood 🌸#iAmLyric
I took this 2nd picture at Complexcon & amongst all the hip hop and culture it was dope to see how many ppl cared. The pride I saw at the voting polls was inspiring. To see how people were starting to become engaged. I’ve spent a lot if my adult life volunteering, giving back to the community and when I didn’t have time bc of my art, I made a conscience effort to include topics that provoked thought and civil engagement. Recently I took a leadership role in my nurses union that I’m still getting use to and hope to be able to make legislative change. I hear jokes about all the “I voted” sticker ig posts but honestly I think its amazing. Its so dope to see people taking stands and thinking about their fellow citizens. I know we didnt win them all, and I have so much pride and love for my home state of Texas. I wish I could have been there as I saw all my creative friends help the Beto campaign. Though we didnt win them all, I want to take time to show those of you who may still need convincing one thing... your vote would have mattered. I applaud all of you who participated and I do not shame those who couldnt. From felonies to just a casual disenchantment of the voting process. I get it. I know they dont make it easy to vote. I had to take off a day off work just to be safe. So To all who made there way to the polls, who campaigned for a brighter future on and offline, who educated your friends and family, you made a difference. There is hope in the change in tone and the rediscovered pride in citizenship to be seen. Justice and democracy arent protected by one single act, but by the culmination of many many incremental actions snowballing into waves of freedom. So with this loss, there were many minds changed, opened, and set free. Civil engagement is how we protect our freedom. I love you all. There is no finish line. Tonight we rest and tomorrow we continue to fight the good fight ✊🏾 || ✌🏾&❤️
I know it’s hard, I know its painful, & I know you think about quitting. We all do babe... but the secret is, don’t. The funny thing about this game is that though people can decide when you win in a way by some how all simultaneously deciding to pay attention, but only you decide when you’ve “lost”. The game never ends, contrary to popular belief, you decide if its time to fold.
LOS ANGELES!!! TONIGHT we close out The 3 City Pull Up Tour in a major major way at The Airliner with @moodpiecesmonthly •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
“This is not released, and its called ‘Problems’, let’s go.

I gotta get my mind right
I don’t really like it when the times night
‘Cuz I’m scared of the dark
I need daylight 
Like I’m walking through the park
Solo just tryna get home
Mama said you better keep the keys on ya hand
Neva lay ya head by a window
‘Baby girl I’m telling you, 
You gotta come and move your bed’
Stray shots and collateral damages
And I neva be 
Anywhere my family is
And my brother ask
‘How did we get like this?
We don’t talk no more and I miss you sis’
Baby bro, we not kids
And I don’t call home ‘Cuz I don’t know how you gon’ take this
That I lost my mind
Fell in love a few times
And I slept on a couch in a basement
Then I slept in my car when I couldn’t pay rent
I was way to ashamed to face it
Taking showers in a gym just to make it
Going on a run, ‘cuz he said it be fun
Every day shit. “
📸 @hiphopheadsphotography ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Abbey Rizzle & Dani Killafournya present Mood Pieces Monthly @ The Airliner in Los Angeles: 9p-2a Performers, open mic & open beat signups (please bring beats on USB flashdrive, or we have Aux, or yr rig). Abstract Rude setting off the night sharing new material (Making Lost Trax), with mainstage guests Medusa, Lyric Michelle, Quaesar, Rokem & Karmic Basis. Residents DJ360, DJ CLU, outisde with DJ Smoke1, MC Woes, and guest host Maya Huyana #iAmLyric #LAHipHop #livemusic #rapper #bars #LyricMichelle #PullUpTour #LinkinTheBio #rap #TheAirliner #Lyric #Saturday #TheThreeCityPullUpTour #PullUpTour
“Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”
“Old age should burn and rave at close of day”
“Do not go gentle into that good night”
New York its been real ❤️ More pics to come but first we back in LA tonight! #np Bootstaps on @spotify #PullUpTour #iAmLyric ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Shout out to @evidence 🔊👊🏼🕵🏻‍♂️ 10/16 #neighborhoodwatchpresents an @undergroundassassins x @bsideshow collab
#tightlysealed (@doggma1 @mprttg)
@iamlyric #iAmLyric 
Crop Circles720 (@clockwize720 @thewordman720) and
@theonehypesun $5 at door | 21+
Hosted by @mc_ducer626 and B Side Show
Catch @rawz_ir and @djethos in the mix
Art by @josiahdeadflowers and @nanlibinvasion 
Tacos by @chicanaconhambre 👊🏼🕵🏻‍♂️🍻 #NeighborhoodWatch #ILLRemedy #DigginDaily #UndergroundAssassins #CrookedVision #VeltheWonder #Bussin #FuckYoCouch #LiveMusic #DrinkSpecials #HipHopJunkies #Freestyles #Rap #UndergroundHipHop #HipHop #MCs #OpenMic #DJs #Producers #Bboys #KatieJakesBar #Covina #SGV #626
*hums melodies to self during the session* 
Punch, “You got something?” ...Me in my head: HELL YEA!! Whatchu mean?!! This is amazing, watch me work! ...Me out loud, “Yea, if that’s cool”. Lol shout out to the real ones, the ones who don’t pretend, the creative ones, the ones who live and breathe this hip hop shit. Its OGs like @iamstillpunch that keep the culture alive and well 🌸 Learning a lot #Blessed #iAmLyric