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•BANANAS LeimertPark,LA x 4/17
•UCLA,LA x 4/26
•Malibu, LA x 5/20
🌸More nightmares than I remember ...yet I dream🌸

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#Day3 🌸
🌸You may say that I’m a Dreamer... #Day2fit #MiChella
Day 1 #MiChella
✌🏾& ❤️
When your Melanin is kissed by the sun, when Queen B reminds you to live your best life and when Obama is the only president you recognize 🌸 #HappySunday
1st stop on the @SoulFulOfNoise Tour SUCCESS!! San Diego you were amazing ❤️ NEXT UP: I’ll be at @TheJuiceJoint as a Featured Artist! I LOVE this spot and am so excited to get to be apart. I don’t wanna hear “Oh Lyric you never invite me” lmao CONSIDER THIS YOUR PERSONAL INVITE!! See you Monday Night Friends!! 🌸
Go over to @revolttv and check out the last Music Video Roundup! Including my latest #FREETHOUGHTSFreestyle among dope artists like @iamcardib @eminem and @youngma 🌸
Rehearsal is never just rehearsal with these guys 🌸4.7.18 Lyric Michelle X @soulfulofnoise X San Diego #FTF #FREETHOUGHTSFREESTYLE
“You see he’d bring me around, to flirt with the clientele. I would make them smile ...make it easier for him to sell.” #iAmLyric