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“Your reflections are requested at the completion of your MEMO Session”- You will me contacted by a member of our team for further details. 6.14.19 #MEMOSessions #MEMOHTX #iAmLyric
Home 🤘🏾
Yea he was!! 😂✊🏾 #rp @iamstillpunch
“ Classic studio ‘debates’ during my album process between the legend @terracemartin And @iamlyric. Lyric was like “check this out King....” 🤣🤣🤣. I promise I wasn’t instigating. Photo captured by @the7views as usual.”
Happy Sunday 🌸 r/p @the7views #Chella
...before the summer
Telling you the opportunity to witness and play a small part in this legendary shit has been amazing??? -would be a understatement 🙌🏾 I’ve LEARNED SO MUCH this last year! lol I feel like a kid in a candy store, “Ooo!! Whats this?! And what does that do?! Oh well why did you decide that?! What do you think about this?! Do you like this melody?!” And these people just let me be me 🤗 Thanks for helping me feel safe, thanks for inspiring me to love, grow, while accepting the loud, insatiable, hard headed, I-know-I’m-not-always-right-but-trust-me-I’m-right-this-time-headass, debate having, staying up ‘till 5am to perfect a song- aggressive- self conscious- prideful - ass ME!!! I become better each day ‘cus of it. 😂🤗🥰 Also???!!!!This shit Hard AF 🔥🔥🔥Seeing how much noise this project is about to make will be a fascinating social experiment to watch from this seat. I’ve learned a lot while in this seat🙏🏾 Cheers to yall🌸 @iamstillpunch @_omg.bre @the7views @therealhbeats @yeahitsearlee Thank You.  #TDE #iAmLyric #ThankYou #feelslikehome #MakeGoodMusicCoolAgain #ProjectAlmostDone #LyricMichelle #hiphop #womanrapper #raps #cypher #nextup
Honestly, I’m not sure why I recorded this video or when. I don’t remember lol. I just found it going through my old photos from this year. But the power behind “I’m going to be ok”.... Those words have carried me to this new place. This place where I find myself just plainly stating, “I am ok”. Excited about the future yet completely present in the now. See, sometimes I stay in my head. I’ve been told I overthink by more than a few. I think about thoughts, I think about THINKING about thoughts lol. “You talk to much Lyric stop”, I’ll say to myself in mid sentence or “you’re too much”, “No one cares” i’ll think after a quick text turns into a quick paragraph.... or 2. 🤷🏾‍♀️ I have all these dreams that Ive been afraid to say out loud. Instead, I think them. But I’m figuring out, thats the trap. First there was the word right? The word is so powerful, we have to remember to speak our truths. 
When I silence my voice out of fear, I hear the warrior in me sadden, her disappointment screams, “I’m just trying to be myself”. I wish I gave her more room to do so. I wish her confidence didnt terrify me, I would think. So, today, I’m deciding to not be afraid. To give her room to be loud, to be bright and shinny in hopes of giving anyone reading this the permission to do the same. I hope you join me when you’re ready. Speak life into yourself, claim your victories out loud, love out loud, dream out loud.  We are ok, even now, even in the storm, even with no money, health issues, and no answers... we are ok. For everything is everything. Even our tears allow us more room for the eventually joy to come. #iAmLyric #FireSideChats ✌🏾&❤️
Zig Zaggin’ 🌸  #iAmLyric
Thank you so so much @QueenVBlog for this amazing piece and look into my process on this months “Women on the Rise” cover 🌸 I’ve been a hard girl to reach lately lol but I promise, it is all in the music. I’ve been pouring myself into it and it feels pretty awesome knowing people care. That’s dope, thanks ya’ll🤗 #iAmLyric #LinkInTheBio
Visions of Ele. •
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