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Not quite ready to fall ...not yet
#TB Can I just say how I finally watched the latest episode of @insecurehbo and I feel seen AF 😂❤️ We didnt get as crazy but we sure did have all the laughs, all the “its time to wake ups” all the pool fun and even freestyles 😂😂 (Yall KNOW I got busy😝) Even down to the way the color from the setting sun mixed with the stage lights to reflect our melanin?! Girl I was screaming “Yas!” the entire episode. I can’t say it enough, the women in my life are amazing and I love that @issarae and all the girls represented us in a way that seems tangible and authentic. Lol Coachella was LIT and WE saw @beyonce 😂😂 @waverlymcoleman @drineee @lareignstorm #TagTheGirls #iAmLyric #blackGirlMagic
The stage is my home, the only place in the world where I truly feel 100% myself. Funny how that works I guess. 🌸 Where do you feel the most at home? 
Song: “iAm” (Unreleased) #iAmLyric 📷 by @sofarsoundsla
Over the last couple of weeks I’ve played this video over and over. I’ve always been a @macmiller fan but this video, these words were more than music to me. I am loud and funny some say and I love so hard... but I’ve suffered from mental health issues as you all know, as many artists know. I played this in the dark at 3am alone when I need someone who didnt know who I was tell me I wasnt alone. When you don’t want to burden your loved ones with your demons bc you know how much pain they have caused... you’ve seen it within yourself. So Mac, I played your song. Thank you for letting me know I wasnt alone. I believe in God, and for that reason I believe in you. I believe God has meaning in the chaos and light in the darkness. You reminded me of the light. I told yall years ago I thought about the end. I thought about this hard life and how I wanted a long deep uninterrupted rest from it all. But music like this reminded me that I couldn’t give up on life... at least not until I made a concerted effort to actually live it. Music like yours remind me drifting in the nothingness of pain is warm but pointless. You reminded me to try. Thats what I think of when I think of this song. I believe God speaks to me through music. With every ounce of my existence I believe that to be true. Through this song in particular, I believe God was telling me to “try”. Not to worry about winning, or success, or money... I believe God was embracing me with the warmth of your light, of your words and telling me its ok to be tired, to be sad, just continue to try and God will do the rest. Thank you for your contribution to this world, thank your your light. I pray you don’t have to cry anymore. “See me and you, we ain't that different
I struck the fuck out and then I came back swingin'
Take my time to finish, mind my business
A life ain't a life 'til you live it
I was diggin' me a hole big enough to bury my soul
Weight of the world, I gotta carry my own
My own, with these songs I can carry you home
I'm right here when you scared and alone”
🌸Good Morning •••••••••••••••••••••• @cryserox  @uknowuluvit #Magical
“Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.” - @Nike I couldn’t be prouder ✔️#JustDoit #Greatful #nikewomenmarathonproject #iAmLyric  #colinkaepernick #BLM
@southlapowerfest @cocosouthla @bananasnetwork Thank You for having me!  I had a blast! And s/o to all the other performers so gracious and talented, a night to remember 🌸 @presskampe (on the Drums!) @LexLuOfficial @eartharrowmusic @rapsody @sahtyre @lostboy_emmitt @ItsTruSound @DjELray @TrismacWalters @BlackMonroeBand @ericspivak @NovenaCarmel @EyyWaju @verbsisthehomie @mayahuyana #Recap #iAmLyric #SouthLAPowerFest
Focus: This weekend I ran 16.11 miles for the first time in my life but I didn’t do it alone. October 7th I’ll be running the @ChicagoMarathon with a beautiful group of strong, funny, sweet and kind hearted dreamers and hustlers. Actresses, teachers, filmmakers, models, entrepreneurs, artists AND a fucking professional boxer! (😘) lol ...we are all athletes. We are all women out here trying to make a place in this world and I am incredibly inspired. @Nike brought me and these ladies together for this life changing opportunity and it reminds me to stop and take it in. To allow myself to be happy. This 10th week of training is “Recovery Week”. It reminds me that there are so many unique paths to this place we call peace and it is ok to celebrate as I navigate through it all. The hustle, the grind, the training is what I love, you have to. You have to love the fight in order to ever win the battle. And even more than that, you have to surround yourself with people who accept you for who you are and who love you through the pain. You have to find a clan of people who root for you, who you root for. This world is set up to remind you that you don’t belong so you must intentionally keep energy around you that uplift. If you don’t, you will fall prey to the gravity of it all. I’m grateful for all of the Women in my life. For you taught me love was real when I so desperately did not want to believe. 🌸 #iAmLyric #nikewomenmarathonproject @nikewomen @nikelab
[insert inspirational quote]
This Chapter of my life is titled: Beyonce Wasn’t Built in A Day 🌸 •••••••••••••••••••• IG Story time! I’ll let the video speak for itself, but the highlights are:

1) I was approached on the streets of Hollywood and got My first Commercial Agent! 
2) I immediately got called in for an audition (on my way now)
3) And that cute skirt in the video??? HAD POCKETS!
#LivingMyBestLife #iAmLyric #LyricMichelle thank you for all the well wishes!
Today I’m letting go. Today I am grateful for rest and for the women in my life who lift me up. Happy Friday 🌸
This appreciation post goes out to my big brother @doctor.umeh who just celebrated a birthday August 3rd. To see where you are now in your last year of medical school at THE Howard University is incredibly inspiring. I’m over here retweeting #BlackExcellence & #BlackBoyJoy posts and here you are, black man, just casually becoming a doctor right before my eyes lol. We didn’t always have a lot growing up and you were always so so talented, smart & beyond your years, I wondered when we were kids, if you’d ever find your people, your clan. Now I see you flourishing and I’m sooooo PROUD! You are one of the strongest, smartest, big hearted humans I know. This is the part of your story when everything starts to pay off. I say you call this chapter: Perseverance. 😊 I wanted to say this out loud so all my friends know just how dope my family is and loving and supportive. Umehs are the absolute best people. And yea, thats a video of my brother in one of my “iAmLyric” shirts two steppin to Post Malone with my Nigerian mom yea, thats a thing that happened 😭😂🇳🇬 Ya’ll give it up for my inspiration, my brother, Dr. Jerry Umeh 🌸 #ChaseYourDreams #WorkHard #Smile