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Passion man, I have found mine in a selfish sport 🙏🇧🇩♊️

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Slow, steady and controlled 🙏🙏🙏
Skipping leg days is a sin #legworkout #legdaymeme #legdayworkout #squats #squat #bengali #bangladesh #bangladeshi @totalprofitness @tiltonfitness #tiltonfitness #profitness #asos #adidas
Someone once told me “it’s a marathon, not a race.” Something I constantly have to remind myself 🙏
How do cool people take those dramatic pics? Teach me senpai
@h311z @hellzfitness does my back squat pr as front squat. Never felt weaker in my life 😭😭 @tiltonfitness
Man I’m so proud of my squats, I remember being scared of the movement.
Haven’t been focusing on abs lately. #bengali #absworkout #tiltonfitness #bangladesh #bangladesh🇧🇩
Man I just hit a new pr of 195 at beach thanks to @hellzfitness. I thought he pulled up but turned out I was able to push it through. I’m crying man. Heli I love you man. Also gave up all the supplements in hopes to be #natty.
I couldn’t hold my breath any tighter 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
This was my 4th rep at new PR of 335lbs. I was actually scared about the weight. I was hung up at 315 for 4 months. Surprisingly wasn’t that hard to pull. I mean it definitely was hard, just thought it would be even harder. I think keeping a positive mind set can benefit us in doing more.
Someone get me a gun, I promise I won’t shoot myself 
#bengali #squats #gym
When you have to squeeze in that one last set #squat #gymshark #bengali #newjersey