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MAJOR #tbt
🌜London Nights🌛 by @auhasardspr
Best Friends on & off the screen innit? Love ya Ra....#HappyBirthday @rahulkohli13 you’re officially Christs act like it
#GoodMorning ✨
How I’ve felt this past week....
Miss posing with your feet @iamaj (Fyi- still have some “Good Love” & “I keep on going the distance” shoelaces on our website store)
Happy Birthday Mommy! So glad I could visit one of your favorite places you’ve ever been to this past year. Love you so much, thanks for showing us what kindness looks like @carriemichalka Here’s til you turn 100!! ⚓️🎂🌴🌊
.......favorite place you’ve ever traveled to?
Home 🏡 by @auhasardspr
Regram from an image posted by @alliestormoody in Pennsylvania from yesterday. The fact that we all worked together to flip the House is a feat that should be celebrated, so take a moment to enjoy that accomplishment & all of the hard work that got us here. I won’t stop fighting for your rights & your safety in this country (whether we see eye to eye or not) and I will continue to use my platform to raise awareness in any way I can. Love you guys
Me waiting for the next 24 hours until the votes are in.....go to if you plan on voting today & need help on your ballot
“When I was a boy and would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping” This statement from Mister Rogers really hits home to me on a day like today.....I encourage you to be a helper by participating in this election & casting your vote. Vote as if: your skin is not white, your parents need medical care, your spouse is an immigrant, your son is transgender, your sister was a victim of gun violence, your best friend is a veteran living with ptsd, your brother is gay, you’re a survivor of sexual abuse. We need your voice.....