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Last day in the studio before going back to @iZombie 🥀
New Goal....go to the beach more than once a year
Goes to the beach once
💓 The @womenshistory event this weekend made me & @iamaj hearts so happy knowing that women are congregating together in mass numbers to let their voices be heard!! Please donate if you think it’s important for our future youth to be able to visit a National History Museum that shows the great accomplishments of women of ALL races.....(yes, one doesn’t exist.....YET, but we are getting closer to this dream coming true) #womenshistory Hair & Makeup by💄 @eruminer
Happy Happy Birthday @madelinezima From first meeting each other in acting class when I was 12, to reconnecting years later at an audition....I’m so glad you are in my life!!! You have a special spirit & I’m so grateful to have your encouragement as a friend & fellow artist
Haven’t put on a swim cap since I was 10 🏊🏻‍♂️..... 📷 @auhasardspr
Sad that summer is over......came & went 💧
📷 @auhasardspr Where’s your favorite destination?