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High Fashion & Commercial Modeling. From Portugal, with love 💋
(Photos aren't mine, I only edit them)

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One of my faves. Just perfect ❤ #VSFS2017 #iamfashionweek
My beautiful angel 🌟💛 I'm so proud of her! #VSFS2017 #iamfashionweek
Brazilian squad & the fantasy bra 💚 #VSFS2017 #iamfashionweek
She's back & I'm so so happy. Simply the best 💙 #VSFS2017 #iamfashionweek
I love this outfit 🌟 #VSFS2017 #iamfashionweek
"Let's do this show for Alessandra" 💛 #VSFS2017 #iamfashionweek
Love this 👭 #VSFS2017 #iamfashionweek
Backstage 💕 #VSFS2017 #iamfashionweek @victoriassecret
Clearly now, more than ever, the show needs models like her. Always my fave! ❤ #VSFS #iamfashionweek
I'm in shock with all the news about the #VSFS2017. Apparently 5 models and Katy Perry had their visa denied. #iamfashionweek
"I think my biggest responsibility, standing here, is to all the young women who are watching. I want to let you know that just because I'm standing here, winning this award, doesn't mean that I have it all figured out. I'm so grateful for every opportunity, but that doesn't mean that I wake up feeling like the Gigi the world expects me to be on a daily basis. If you don't feel strong every day, that's OK, and it's normal. Every day something new can inspire you, and a small thought or idea or action can change the course of your day, your week, your month, your year. You're never alone, and you're never stuck, no matter how down you feel." 👏❤ @gigihadid #iamfashionweek
1, 2 or 3? ❤ #cfdafashionawards #iamfashionweek