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Some people come into your life and they become more than just a friend they become your rock a shoulder to cry on a light when your feeling dark and someone you can count for anything . Lin we have been friends for 17 years I love you and I hope this year brings you joy good health and lots of money lol 😛 happy birthday to my baby momma ❤️
I’m so happy I have this video to cherish forever . Sharing this special moment with my mom , my number 1 supporter , my rock , and the greatest person I know ❤️. Happy Mother’s Day to my angel on earth  #heavenmusthavesentyou #cover #mothersdaysong
Who remembers #popback ? One of my favorite dance breaks thanks to the great @edmoorechoreography
Taking a trip down memory lane ....about to release some fire 🔥
There is no greater feeling than sharing my love of music and dance with the world . Thank you to everyone who came out and supported this night . I have so much exciting news coming up that I can’t wait to share with everyone . New Music New Show Dates and some special surprises along the way . Check out the full video live on my YouTube channel ... link in bio .
Happy 5th birthday to the first girl to steal my whole heart ❤️ #frankiemadison
I rarely post my choreography on here but wanted to share a little clip of the solo I did for @elliebalzano , Ive had the privilege to work with kids and dancers all over the world and watch them grow into incredible artists and share a little of my passion and dream with them along the way , and for that I’m forever grateful #whenwewereyoung @calumscott
Last night at 2 am I couldn’t sleep so I went in my car and jammed a little .... forgot how much I loved this song #jealous #cover @labrinth
No greater feeling than doing what you love with people that you love ! Surround yourself with positive energy and focus on the good , life is to short to not be happy 🙌 , also forgot to thank in my last post joey and Laura @etstudioprod for helping create some of the show tracks and vocals for this night ! So many people who helped make  this dream come true , it’s only the very beginning 🙏
There will never be a person who loves you like your momma ❤️
Thankyou @resortscasino for capturing this moment ....#hallelujah
I’f your ever in trouble I’ll be there on the double ❤️ ...priceless moment sharing the stage with my dancers my band and my Cali girl . Nothing can top that #aintnomountainhighenough #encore #resortsworldcasino