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I just do my dance and cuff my pants and twist my fingers with my hands...

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mood after a morning of coffee mate creamer and cable tv ❤️
really miss my sis this week ☹️ least I can scroll through these influencer level photos we took in the incredibly itchy grass before the poppy party was shut down 🌼
secret paths -> subway stations
“I think I’m gonna try NYC for a 3 month stint” ...she said 7 months ago. 😇
sending smoke(y eye) signals
#Bumblebee is out on digital today! Invite Tina into your home...she’s a real treat 😇
Happy #internationalwomensday ! #FemalesAreStrongAsHell💪 ...though my kung fu kicks and strange sound effects may not accurately demonstrate that here
actin like sour milk all on the shut the refrigerator? 🍼 #isposinginfrontoftrashcanspunkrock?
can’t get enough of the dance parties this week...doing the running man as I type this 🕺🏼
could go for a reservoir walk and a taco right about now...LA u doin ok?