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On Sports Bar [@talkSPORT] talking about all things @Soccology. 
If you were listening then you would of heard the announcement, if not, then you’ll have to wait till tomorrow for a social media post 😜 Thanks to @WarrenHaughton for the hook up & helping players in media 👍🏽
Hearing about these two managers coming  up against each other, brought back feelings from my youth.

There were a few key shifts that changed how I viewed the game, they were one of them. Two powerful men that played with elegance, I grew up within a culture of aggressive expectation if you were “big”. Thierry & Patrick were strong however, their game wasn’t based upon their strength but to support their technical side. Watching them made me a lil uncomfortable because I couldn’t understand it, it wasn’t “normal”. My culture taught me that they should be aggressive and that’s all. So much so, if there was a big player that opted to focus on the technical aspect of the game, people would make a point of mentioning it “he’s big but he can play.” Key word being “but”, taking away the assumption that he’s like the others.

Our culture in England has moved on since but worth doing a cultural MOT now and again as the past has shown there’s value in it. 
‪Dream Team (2008) v World Cup (2018) ⚽️ #10YearChallenge‬
#TBT Here are highlights from the first Soccology event. Author - Kevin George
Samantha Miller - Host
Wayne Burnett - Tottenham U23 Manager
Maggie Albrecht - Professional Development Coach
Andy Ansah - CEO Sports On Screen
Terry Bowes - England Beach Soccer
Michael Turner - Southend United Player (former Inter Milan) 
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Happy (brand) New Year!

The Dalai Lama says “To be born at all is a miracle, so what are you going to do with this life of yours?” (Every year’s a rebirth). My plan is the same for every year, make myself uncomfortable. No matter the achievement, if I achieved it comfortably then I ask myself did I really achieve? I’ve made my 2019 plans for discomfort 😊

@jessicaelliottjdf every year is a big year for us, so this year will be no different.
2018 had bumps but it was great! 2019 we’re ready! #HNY
Players Player 🏆 + 2018 Champion 🏆. ⚽️ 😊. I have a funny love affair with football. It used to be turbulent and now, although I have an extremely competitive mentality, I value the other things that it brings a lot more = Friends (& business 😜). @sarpong_photography 📸
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We got @iamkevingeorge working hard in the run up to #Christmas 😂🎄. Quick stop off @waterstonestrafsq  to sign copies of his book #Soccology⠀
#Football is about more than just physical prowess and skills with the ball at your feet. In #Soccology Kevin George speaks to 45 professional players offering valuable insights about the beautiful game on and off the pitch, helping readers become stronger minded and improve decision making and skills in football and in life. ⠀
How football Benefits from street culture, where I think Theresa May should focus her attentions when creating her strategy for mental health (and how it affects football) and after care for players.

Extension from interview:

Street culture/poverty/gangs create characters that football loves, but football punishes the excess. 
The youth worker was attachment for those who didn’t have someone to attach to at home.

After care at clubs is done, but can and should be inclusive a more wholistic approach support over targets that fall under welfare.

More info backed by research and footballers’ stories in my book ‘Soccology’. #Soccology
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