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Published Author & Founder of @Soccology1, Psychotherapist, ex Professional Footballer.
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@ashleyzahabian what a quote 👏 #EQ
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Happy #GlobalWellnessDay

Here’s an interview about facing adversity and coming through the other end. #wellness 📸 @ernestsimons
#tbt: On this day last year the @Soccology1 book was born 😊 Happy Soccology day 🎁 #Soccology
#tbt: On this day last year the @Soccology1 book was born 😊 Happy Soccology day 🎁 #Soccology
#tbt: On this day last year the @Soccology1 book was born 😊 Happy Soccology day 🎁 #Soccology
I love this guy (@jamielawrence7 aka Captain Pain) but not his old hairstyles 😂 
Every year I wish I could train with him again but my schedule gets in the way. His training is the best I’ve ever done, better than the clubs I trained with in the Premier League. Jamie’s training gets mis-marketed as fitness but fitness is only a byproduct.

His training builds character and not through choice, there’s no hiding place in his varied keep ball sessions that come with severe punishments for the losers. The punishments drain your energy then you have to go again, dig deep otherwise you’ll lose again and get punished again. Resilience is not an option.

People that we were once quiet find their voice in calling out their team mates in this war of possession. Since I was a young’n I’d hear people talk about 11 captains but never see it, at Jamie’s training I’ve seen 30 captains. This isn’t a choice, it’s a means of survival. What I imagined it to be like during Sir Alex Ferguson’s time at Manchester United.

This raises intensity so that first touch and passing accuracy tighten, and the ability to perform unconsciously is sharpened vigorously. Performing unconsciously (think without thinking) is what’s needed at the highest level because the game is too fast to perform consciously throughout. So Jamie’s training provides the environment needed to develop the skill most valued and less developed - decision making.

His training has definitely conditioned me for life away from the pitch. I could speak more about what the training gives you but you get the point. So can others in football, players from Sunday League to Champions League filled Jamie’s sessions in the off season with no advertising, just word of mouth and their hearts brought them back year after year. If I went to him when I first got released from Charlton my career would of flourished for sure.

Why am I writing this? For two reasons. I believe we should give people their roses while they’re alive to smell them, and there are players lost right now who will be desperate for an opportunity come preseason. (Continued below 👇) #Soccology
Jamrock 😀🇯🇲#facebookmemories
A few snippets from the launch of the new @soccology1 mental health programme. There’s a big difference to studio interview Kev and at his event interview Kev. Studio interview is prepped, event interview is flustered and gives emotion 🤦‍♂️😂 at least you know it’s real. Enjoy 😉 #Soccology
‪Tomorrow I’ll be doing an @instagram live with Daniel Cappellero at 10am UK time. We will Be discussing how mental health affects performance outcomes. ‬
From our personal experiences & Phil Coutinho’s stress related injury to players that meditate, managing rejection, good anxiety & more! 
@Soccology1 #repost Highlights from the launch of our Soccology Human Performance Programme (Mental Health) on @skysports News.

Interviews from myself, @JJAliadere, Gus Poyet and @paulkonch will be posted through out the day on @Soccology1 platforms.  #Soccology