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That’s where I go with a person when really connecting, no?
Can anyone relate?
HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO Y’ALL  #repost #family #love #gratitude
Wooooaaahaha #amcthewalkingdead
What’s mine is yours and yours is mine (; #mypatnersincrime
Judith turning Magna’s legs into Spaghetti #thewalkingdead
Just watched this recommended clip on YouTube about how hair extensions are being made, which is shocking, but more shockingly to me is how women in poverty all over the world are being ripped off by unprofessional and shady “companies” who pay them a couple dollars for hair that’s worth hundreds of dollars and some of them have to in order to survive...
It is an exploding business and that’s why I felt the need to share this with you guys
So if you like hair extensions maybe consider #remyny next time (;
Dan seems to be trying to make a change and to wanting to help (;
So thanks Dan Choi!

#girlspower #makeadifference #care
Coming soon?!😋
Very grateful for this one!
So much more to learn from you!
Thank you my dear friend!