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“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there”
This quote really resonates with me today. Earlier I was feeling anxious and my brain was over thinking with thoughts that where negative about my self image. 🌻
I’m not used to posing in-front of the camera and I was bringing myself down for it & the way I was looking.
I know that to overcome this I need to step out my comfort zone and believe in myself and love myself unconditionally the way I am, and remind myself that I am not my thoughts.
Everyday is for growing and progressing. Get out your comfort zone and do something that scares you. Trust me, you’ll feel amazing for accomplishing something new.
Today has been about exploring Sydney’s coastline. 🌊
I love being by the ocean. Whenever I walk down to the beach and breathe in that salty air and hear the waves crashing against the shore I feel so at peace.
I could stand and stare at the waves for hours...Now that I live so close to the ocean I must really take the time to come to my happy place more often ✨
S Y D N E Y 🇦🇺
Taken a spontaneous trip to Australia after @daialarie asked me if I wanted to join her on a road trip to Brisbane.
It was a real fuck it moment. It was a moment when you don’t let fear or worries take over and you just decide to live and enjoy.
Saying yes to new adventures fills my soul. So excited to drive in a camper van for 2 weeks exploring the east coast. 🌈✨
Wake up early. Work hard. Be ambitious. Be kind.
It’s time to start living ✨
“The problem isn’t with your body, it’s what you think of it and what you think of yourself.”
 Remember to only speak good words to yourself, be grateful for what you are now in the present moment✨
This view never gets old 🌴
The pool is my favourite place to be ✨
Had an awesome trip to Candidasa. Got to trek thru some beautiful rice paddies and got this view of Mount Batur 🌏
My ❤️ in his element📸🤙🏼
Happy Birthday @sophie.r.ward 🎉 the memories of our adventure are some of the best of my life ❤️ can’t wait to see you soon! I love you!!🌏💖 have the best birthday 🎁
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Sometimes you just gotta smile and brighten someone else’s day even if ya feelin’ a bit 💩🌞🌈😁
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What a beautiful day🌈🌏🌞
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Desert 🐪 Vibez 🌵 with Bae. 
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