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I direct short films and play pretend on T.V. Sorry mom.


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Booty booty booty booty...rockin everwehere. 
I am beyond proud to present to you @arcticgearhats.  This mission is a shining example of an enabled community using their resources to effect their circumstances.  Please join them and help turn #EmpathyIntoEnergy by visiting the link in my bio.  To watch the FULL LENGTH video, hop over to my facebook page and share the love with your family and friends.  #ARCticGearHats
Happy Valentine窶冱 Day
Alright, have your fun with this dodgy bugger..... best pun/meme wins a photo on my insta story. Go on with it then...
@inn8creative takes these.
Pack up the car honey, we窶决e going to Disneyland..
@inn8creative took these pics.
Selfie game on powint
Always willing to jump fully clothed in a pool for social awareness!! Check out @jezmagazine and learn how we窶决e turning the tide on human trafficking with your help.
Neighbors 4 am party. Not sure if I窶冦 more mad I was woken up or that I wasn窶冲 invited.  Either way it窶冱 obvious in times like these you post a B&W photo...
Dogs at the haircut store.
Dis your man. Or, at least part of Him. Work in progress you know... thank you @shotwithhart for you patience ... Dont love the grey hair filter but hey... potato potatoe...
This is the satisfied look of a man after not one but TWO trips to @joespizzanyc in one day. #NoShame
Happy New Year tootsies.