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I direct short films and play pretend on T.V. Sorry mom.


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Honored to be presenting a #Vetty award in Washington D.C. this weekend on behalf of @ausvets.  This organization provides powerful support and structure for veterans to ensure a meaningful and sustainable future in civilian life.  They are each heroes and deserve to be recognized for their service, but many need assistance in their new journey being home.  Please join me in supporting them in any way you can.  Click the link for more info.  Thank you. www.vetty.org *****
The show will be streaming LIVE on FaceBook. Check it out!!
Wait till you see me in 2029.
Made the roster but forgot my uni.
Nailed my acceptance speech last night in the living room watching the #Globes.
Happy birthday Homegirl.
I still write messages on my hand to remind me of the truth. 
@loveislouder @shannonksinger @ferni_ferro This video is out now on the web. Go find it.
Moms Christmas brownies weren’t your garden variety.  I’ve been giggling for 11 hours.
Early 20th century photo of Peter Hale during his flying days.  Thanks @lorenkegler for keeping me warm.
@_jeffersonwhite shoots 35MM. I just shoot Blue Steel. #Eugoogooly
Howard Roark would be proud.
Happy Christmas from me and my best buddy.  AKA ‘The Shark’ @jrbourne1111
Morning everyone.