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On the coaching carousel: Patrick Favre to France🇫🇷, Anatoly Khovantsev in Russia🇷🇺, Sandra Flunger guiding Swiss 🇨🇭women and Ricco Gross in charge of Austrian🇦🇹 men. 📸@nordicfocus @guberniev_dmitry @swissbiathlon http://www.biathlonworld.com/news/detail/coaching-carousel-part-2-moves-in-austria-switzerland-france-and-russia
Last season was one of the most successful for 🇩🇪 @karolin.horchler and 🇳🇴 @vetlesc. In the battle for the main IBU Cup trophies, they proved to be the strongest, taking not only Big Crystal Globes but also the small Sprint Globes. 🏆🏆Check out our new story on biathlonworld.com in English, German and Russian. 📸 @artistream/Osolodkina #biathlon #ibucup #winners
Ever heard about #sundayfunday? Today be it with the last part of our #biathlon #bloopers from the BMW IBU world cup tour. Check the full clip on FB or YouTube (especially if you missed out Part1 and 2!)
#funclip #funvideo #bestof  #biathlonfamily
It's all about fairytale creatures in our "best rifle design" award today. 🦄🦄🐲🐲
Fellow athletes voted @makulaa and @anton_shipulin as the best ones on the tour. What do you think?
#awards #biathlon #design #rifle #creativity #unicorns #dragons
Scandinavian National Teams 🇳🇴🇫🇮🇸🇪head into training season with a strong mix of veterans, rookies and of course,  a few stars⭐⭐⭐! #newseason #summertraining  http://www.biathlonworld.com/news/detail/getting-ready-for-the-new-season-sweden-norway-and-finland-national-teams 📸@nordicfocus @artistream @renemiko
More good news for our fans: @nastja.kuzminova and @mikkl_roesch have both communicated that will take part to the next #biathlon season! 😍 📸 @nordicfocus / Osolodkina
#biathlonfamily #onemorego #NeverGiveUp
In case you missed it...she's back... another season for the 3-time World Cup Total Score winner🏆🏆🏆🇫🇮 @kaisamakarainen! #gokaisa
With a Facebook post, @karin_oberhofer has announced her retirement from professional biathlon.If you want to read the translation of her message, it's ⬇️below.  We take the chance to wish her all the best for the future #biathlonfamily 😘🇮🇹️ She leaves biathlon as a 2 time Olympic and 3 time WCH medallist!
📷 @nordicfocus
"Wherever you go, go with all your heart...
Today my son turns 10 months old and this very day, after many years dedicated to biathlon, I decided to end my professional career.

Motivation and love for biathlon are still there, but with today I chose to dedicate my whole self to my family, because I feel proud and satisfied of my results and all that I have lived until today.

Too often we live in the past, or we are afraid of the future, forgetting to live fully in the present.

The "inner peace" that my little Paul gives me is impossible to describe, but it has been with me since the day he was born and I want to enjoy it every day with him.

It's not an easy step to take, but I know it's time to start something new and trust the beauty of a new life's beginning.
THANKS, with all my heart, to my family, my friends and FAN, to C.S. Esercito and the sponsors who were with me for all these past years, for your help and support.

The most beautiful thing in the world is to love and be loved. Without big proclaims, I just want to share this news with you. These words come from my heart and I want to wish all the best to you all that followed and helped me in all these years."
Three smiling ladies for the weekend: @kaisamakarainen🇫🇮 ,@nastja.kuzminova🇸🇰 @skardinon🇧🇾 and their Crystal Globes. Our last Globe 🏆story features this trio: http://www.biathlonworld.com/news/detail/crystal-clear-at-the-season-s-end-kaisa-and-martin-on-top-part-3📸@artistream @slavikpetrcom
as you know, Thursday is the day of our athletes awards as voted by peers at the end of the season... today it's about #sportsmanship and our medallists are @johannesbo and @dadofun 📷 @slavikpetrcom and @artistream 
#biathlonfamily #awards #award #biathlon
The @dsv_biathlon🇩🇪 women and @skiskytterlandslaget 🇳🇴men each won two team Crystal Globes, led by stars @laura_dahlmeier and @johannesbo. @federazione_sport_invernali🇮🇹 won their first-ever in the mixed relay. http://www.biathlonworld.com/news/detail/team-crystal-globes-domination-german-women-norwegian-men-part-2📸@nordicfocus @artistream
The whole #biathlonfamily sends the best wishes and warmest congratulations to @gasparinselina and her husband Ilia Chernousov for the great news that they are expecting a second child ☺️🍼 😍