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Thank you to everyone who came to the premiere tonight. We appreciate all the support 🌹
Find out what everyone’s raving about tonight!
Catch your favorite couple tomorrow at 7pm in Park Aud for the premiere of season 2 🌹
Be there or be square ✌🏻
Nothing like a romantic sunset in the morning 🌹
CREW MEMBER OF THE WEEK 🚨 Meet Desiree, a freshman cinema photo major and one of Blinded’s Assistant Editors!
It takes a lot to make ryan speechless, but this weeks couple managed to do it. Comment below how you think they did it.
Did someone say crew member of the week??? 🚨 This is ross, our resident camera lover. He helps us shoot video but takes dope pics in his free time. Check him out @ross_schony or @rossschonbergphotography 🌹
The luck of the Irish is on our side today 🌹
We love dedicated PAs 🌹