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Multidisciplinary exploring the frontiers of arts, futurism, tech 📷 tag #ideasrex
Photos from travels ^_^ everywhere @ideasrex
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The economy we are so used to has to change, with automation many lose functional usefulness but it still doesn’t make a human being irrelevant. Many futurists tap upon the aspects of looming divisions, superior generically upgraded human vs non generically upgraded. This can only be a result of economical division and the concept of greed going strong. I think the first step is dealing with the greed and infinite hunger for power through shortcuts  #ideasrex #futurism
I had a dream of a planet so respectful towards everything living that the conduct of behavior prohibited any impinging on the personal space between each other. #ideasrex #dreammachine
One of my digital exploring of shapes and color for #inktober2018 quest to create every day something small no matter how insignificant it may seemed, because it all starts with small steps #inktober #inspiration #ideasrex
There is only one way we are truly making progress as a civilization and that is the knowledge, made from reading and learning to think. The best way to equalize the population is to make the knowledge freely accessible but make hedonistic entertainment payed for #ideasrex #futureofwork
Very inspired the by the book on history that I am reading, by Will and Ariel Durant. A reminder that everything in live runs in circles, goes up and falls down on the eternal road to complexity #ideasrex #thoughts
A little #SundayMorning #SundayMotivation “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” #ideasrex #art_empire
We often do see with our eyes but the expectation that we are building all the time #ideasrex #observation
There is only one thing that is certain to bring success in any of our projects and that is a discipline, everything else is a work of opportunistic mind #ideasrex #architecturephotography
My painting The Eye of Horus that is observing through our technology, phones, drones, laptops all watching while they are being watched #ideasrex #art
Today we have so many windows to realities within a reach that was unimaginable only two decades ago, when we think about the way internet transformed us, I am wondering will those windows (smartphones and computers) be integrated much further with our senses in 20 years, maybe contact lenses, some kind of neural lace, what is your craziest prediction? #ideasrex #futurism
Sun above us and the sun around us reminds us that there is a universal reflection and symmetry in this world #ideasrex #flowers🌸
Touching my thoughts like looking at the mirror from the point of future because capturing of the now for this painting was few years ago #art #ideasrex