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Multidisciplinary exploring the frontiers of arts, futurism, tech πŸ“· tag #ideasrex
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Today I witnessed the power of the ocean as the storm was coming in and out, but all of those are reflected in the powers of civilizations and architectural ingenuity that has to deal with both, nature and human thirst for power.
The sun is moving to the other side of the planet and we have to look inwards to discover our internal light
I went to face Hades in this place, but instead I just faced the power of water that sculpts the material representation of Terra Firma.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend πŸŒžπŸƒπŸ
Kingdom within a kingdom, separated from each other by a fence, but containing the elements of each other.
This is how Portugal greeted me as the airplane approached the Earth from above the clouds. Really delighted with the atmosphere in this place. Any recommendation for places to see around Lisbon, Cascais, Sintra?
Facing the fears like Vasco da Gama faced Adamastor (a mythological creature in power of the sea, storms and nature) by simply asking "who are you?" disarms the most powerful force, as the need to explore overpowers the dangers. Did you feel this sometimes when the brain is so focused that only succeess is a possibility?
Trakoscan Castle, once a fortress, keeping an eye on the vascular system of roads, later transformed into a romanticized vision for a lifestyle that reflects the trend, a quest for beauty and a fairytale in the age of inequality
If the World stopped for a moment, did a full reset and we all became minimalistic in our material possessions I think the prospect of happiness and sustainability would be much easier to achieve
Salvador Dali believed that one railway station in southern France is the center of the universe, due to cosmogonic vision he had. I think those points on Earth may have been named Axis Mundi in the past. This is one of my Axis Mundi, and my latest abstract painting is trying to capture that connection. What place on Earth represents your your most inspiring spot?
Our ability to lose ourselves in the piece of art or writing should be taught at the earliest possible age. I see adults roaming around trying to understand but deeply ingrained world of functional, factual and useful which kept their motors running in the past keeps them locked in the cage of their own imagination. #greecestagram #philosophyoflife #vision #futurism #society #greeceπŸ‡¬πŸ‡· #foodforthought #exchangeofideas
Window of opportunity into the infinite (just like what we see in the photo) is what we should be using the technology to find highly associative models. It is the infinite space of abstract, mythological, collective consciousness that create what we call art Art.
Today I travelled to the myth of Prometheus and realized that what he gave to people could be interpreted as a breath of change we observed so many times through history, disruptive technology that dismantled the ruling class, inventor or artist that everyone scorned for lack of understanding, political visionary with too many enemies, what do you think this myth could also signify translated into our times?