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IT guru. Lover of all the video games. Robots ♥. Cosplayer. Hakuna Matata.

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I flipping love you guys @savageica 😍😊🖤💜
My boys are extra sweet lately. Must be the weather 💚
2017 was alright! Thanks for the love 💚 sorry your head got cut off Chewbacca 😂 #2017bestnine
When the squad accidentally matches for #ChristmasInTheOaks 😍 #maroonsquad #robots #latergram
Amigo made a new friend. 💚
Happy December! 😘
We decorated our IT Christmas tree at work 😊😂 #tradition
Started one of my two cosplays that I'll be bringing to #Evo2018 😊 definitely trying to give myself more than two months this time. One #mvci and one #sfv cosplay will be brought. I'll also be attempting to compete in Mvci. #cosplay
Working on gathering all the cats to my camp. 4 down, need 4 more. 😹 #AnimalCrossingPocketCamp
This month has been long and exhausting. That is all.
#wcw because sometimes you gotta love yourself and #tbt because it's close enough to Thursday and these are hella old pics.
When the furbabies know you need the cuddles tonight 💜 #Amigo is totally under the blanket by my feet 😂 and of course you see #Mordecai