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Phase 1 of kill this bush complete. Soooo I know I need to cut it a bit lower, but can I just spray like root killer on these things or do I need to actually dig the roots up? K thanks
Lately when people see me they're like "how ya been, haven't seen ya in a while, what's new". I usually respond with "just been busy, bought a house, ya know just real busy"... I don't think people understand my struggles lol. #iHaveNoIdeaWhatImDoing #homeownership #renovations
Someone got a new toy. #Mordecai #bengal
It's been a while, hey there ☺️
Pretty sure #Mordecai felt betrayed like I wasn't ever coming back home. My poor baby 😂 he's feeling some type of way.
Bye Texas, was fun.
Bye New Orleans, see ya next week.
#Amigo is as long/big as my mid section 😂 such a big little pupper.
Made a disco ball for #Mordecai so he could throw a party with his pals. Dude is a bad influence with that catnip!
Sweet baby boy 😻 #Mordecai #bengal
I should really cook more often. This roast is S tier. #roast #foodPorn #idWifeMe
Stream will be live at 8pm cst. That's in 30 mins! #Overwatch #Dreamleaf