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Every choice you make shapes your future. Sometimes people seem to have an inordinate amount of luck on their side, but what you don’t see are the tiny incremental decisions they’ve made that have inched them towards success. By being the best person you can be in the smaller moments, you’re preparing yourself for impromptu opportunities that are bound to come your way eventually. 
Despite the choices you’ve made in the past, a new day brings with it a new chance to become the person you’ve always wanted to be. Even if that new day is a Monday! Wake up fifteen minutes earlier. Try to listen more than you talk. Walk to work. Sign up for night classes rather than binging that Netflix series. Next time you’re in a queue, instead of scanning your Facebook feed, strike up a conversation with the person in front of you. 
What are some other small habits you could take on to shift the trajectory of your fate? 
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Stop, collaborate and listen. Recently, our Parramatta team dedicated a day to the theme of "collaboration". They held business development sessions and consultants from varying specialties gathered to identify new opportunities that arose from working together. As they say, no man is an island. 
Pictured: our lovely collaborative consultants Cromwell Alvarez (Major Accounts) and Lauren Cefai (Business Support). #collaboration #teamwork #recruitment #worksmarter
She won The Apprentice (Malaysia), developed an iPhone App that was endorsed by the Lord Mayor of Melbourne, worked as a TV presenter internationally, interviewed the Prime Minister of Malaysia, established a successful business, scored a job in an area that she was told, flat out, by her peers was a fantasy and (luckily for us) now works as a consultant at Ignite. What's the secret to Juliet's success? Take a peek into the colourful world of one of our remarkable consultants in our latest blog. (on the homepage of our site). #blog #recruitment #theapprentice #malaysia #talent #journalism #careertips #success
Are you passionate about helping people live their best lives? You could be the perfect fit for Ignite. We are currently experiencing a growth spurt and we’re on the lookout for motivated people who are suited to our vibrant culture and driven to make a real difference. With over 34 years of history working with Australia’s industry leaders, Ignite offers the opportunity for unlimited growth. We reckon it's a pretty awesome place to work too! We celebrate our wins and our wins are big because we recognise the importance of work / life balance which makes us work smarter, not harder. If you could envision yourself as a member of the Ignite family, come visit our careers page. #recruitment #jobs #seek #workwithus #ignite
Got a job interview coming up? Want to charm your interviewer's pants off? In our blog we’ve identified 6 psychological hacks that are scientifically proven to make people like you more, so you can nail that job interview! “More often than not, I find that, regardless of credentials, it’s a candidates unique attributes that really influence the outcome of a job interview,” says Matthew McArthur, Indigenous Specialist Consultant, Ignite.

But what exactly is the elusive je ne sais quoi that makes one person stand out above the rest, beyond the obvious wear shoes, shower and don’t mention that giant pimple on their nose social norms?

Fear less, work-seeking warriors. We’ve dug through the archives of scientific journals to uncover some empirically proven tips to find the answer to this question and help you win your interviewer over. Go to our site to read this blog and become the suavest Don Juan of candidates. 
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Are these a bunch of supermodels advertising ice cream? Nope, guess again! They're Ignite Consultants visiting the @finefoodexpo in Melbourne where they popped in to see a few of their clients and got up to a bit of networking. Note: modelling agencies, please do not try to poach our consultants... Again!  #supermodels #finefoodaustralia #ignite #recruitment #networking #outandabout #lifestough #consultantlyf
R U OK? 
If someone’s doing it tough, they may be afraid to tell you. Sometimes it’s up to us to check if someone is struggling by asking if they're ok. We get so caught up in our busy lives it’s important to take a moment to step back and look around us. By being there for others we can help them feel supported and connected at a time when they may need it more than we realise. You don’t have to be an expert. Sometimes all we need is for someone to listen. So, if you notice someone around you who might be having a tough time, why not ask them how they’re doing? #ruok
Ding! That’s the sound of another successful placement made by Catalina Malone our Accounting & Financial Services Recruitment Consultant. Catalina specialises in the insurance sector so don’t be afraid to hit her up if you’ve got questions about jobs in that space. She’s very knowledgable and friendly!
Congrats to Catalina, her client and her candidate for another match made in heaven orchestrated by Ignite. Huzzah!
#winning #recruitment #celebrate #wins #ignite
Are you a creature of comfort? You might want to get out of those metaphorical (and literal) slippers and step into some hard yakka boots (so to speak). A  recent Yale study demonstrated that stability actually shuts down your brain’s learning centres. So if you’re not stepping outside of your comfort zone, you’re not learning. 
Sign up for tango lessons, change your routine, volunteer to take on a role at work that scares you, listen empathically to someone whose opinions differ from yours, bungee jump! What are some ways you could step out of your comfort zone? Read the full article at www.inc.com #lifehacks #comfort #success #development
A huge happy birthday to Taki, our Marketing Magician at Ignite. What better way to celebrate your day of birth than to gorge on a gigantic white chocolate and berry cheesecake. Charoúmena genéthlia to you @takikonstan 👏👏👏🎈🎈🎈🎁🎁
Did you know that 90% of Australian organisations faced some form of cyber security compromise in 2016? Or, that extreme weather events and natural disasters are the only major risks greater than cyber attacks, according to the World Economic Forum?
Trendier than a fidget spinner (according to Google Trends), cyber security is the topic on everyone’s lips. Alas, the reason it’s such a hot topic is because its demand is skyrocketing while our ability to prepare for cyber crime is increasingly in doubt. The result of which could be catastrophic.
Australians lost approximately 64 million dollars in 2017 due to cyber crime. In 2016 the cost of cyber crime to the Australian economy was estimated to be one billion dollars. A major survey found that around 18% of small-to-medium businesses were impacted by a cyber incident. Yet only 37% of them had cyber insurance cover.
Cyber security is real, it’s scary and it does not discriminate. So, besides investing in a bunker and a thousand cans of baked beans with which to fill it, what exactly can we do about the skills shortage? 
Thankfully, there are steps we can all take to prepare for the potential hazards of cyber crime.
Read our latest blog to hear what the experts suggest we do about it. #cybersecurity #cybercrime #hackers #futureofowork #STEM
A giant, heartfelt congratulations to our General Manager of Ignite On Demand, Roubina Giragol. Roubina celebrated 11 years with Ignite last week. That’s an entire solar cycle. Or, to be more precise, 4015 days!
“It has been an exciting 11 years, filled with challenges and great achievements. But one thing that stands out for me is my team. I have been blessed to be surrounded by such dedicated, hardworking, loyal, extraordinary people. We’ve come a long way in the time I’ve been here and we have a long and exciting journey ahead of us. I am really looking forward to the next 11 years!”
Brilliantly said, Roubina. Here’s to another solar cycle! 
Pictured: Emre Simsek & Julian Sallabank  #anniversary #ignite #congratulations