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‪Goodluck tomorrow @ng_supereagles We have faith in you. Make us proud. 🦅🇳🇬‬
Thanks @lordvianee i appreciate you for jumping on this. Though I’ve got to correct an impression. Songs should be played based on how good they are and not just based on how much effort was put into making the music. Radio stations receive more music than they could ever possibly play. So it’s important to play the best of the lot, and certainly not the ones that people paid them to play. Repost from @lordvianee using @RepostRegramApp - After travelling all the way from Delta state to Lagos for greener pastures...roamed the streets of Lagos no food no baths no sleep...our songs deserve to be aired for free cos we paying our fees already. Thanks Sir @ikosakioduwa for this opportunity to speak up #saynotopayforplay cos we tryna be better people here all you can do is not kill our dreams. God bless Nigeria #TFEfirstlady #TFEMusic
Repost from @folustorms using @RepostRegramApp - #SayNoToPayForPlay. This is just one narrative in a much larger story. The average paycheck for an on-air-personality in Nigeria, is a bit rubbish. Not just in the context of the Music sensations birthed via their platform, but in the context of what it costs an average young Nigerian to live; Rent, food, transport...E don finish na. That is another narrative. If we pull back to a birds eye view and peer through passion, we see a bigger picture. Who’s platform is it? Oap? Station Owner? What responsibilities do you have? Will you compromise standards without realizing because of a much needed cash gift? Is this sustainable? No? How do we progress from here. Life has shown me that Playing ostrich doesn’t work and fortune favors the bold. #Nottooyoungtowhatever #bepartofthesolutionORbepartoftheproblem #yourchoice cc @thepgmclub @douglasjekan @ikosakioduwa
👍🏾Repost from @rapradioafrica using @RepostRegramApp - "Payola" is a destroying plague! This is one of the major reasons why we founded @RapRadioAfrica. To give a voice, to give airplay to the truly talented emcees/lyricists whom the plague have frustrated. I worked on terrestrial radio for about five years and I saw this mess everyday. "Payola" has to end! We have prayed. Now is the time to act! 
Join in the #SayNoToPayForPlay Challenge and lend your voice to a revolution. 
It's quite easy! Do a few seconds recording on your phone. Say "your name" & "I SAY NO TO PAY FOR PLAY" and upload. Don't forget to attach #SayNoToPayForPlay
Thank you Sweetie. Repost from @mikina_talks using @RepostRegramApp - Black & white for serious issues @ikosakioduwa . #saynotopayforplay.. supporting Ik on this selfless and beautiful campagin on NO TO PAY FOR PLAY.. Let good music fly!! #blackandwhite #ikosakioduwa #campagin #goodmusic #love #nigerianartist #music #upcomingarist #vloggers #youtuber #nigerianyoutuber
That’s my girl! Thanks for joining the brave. Repost from @teniolaking using @RepostRegramApp - #SayNoToPayForPlay!!! Put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel about it?? 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ Shoutout to @ikosakioduwa for this one!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾
Good luck to our SuperEagles 🇳🇬🦅. We believe in you
Any predictions for our match tonight? Confess, how many of you placed bets? 🇳🇬 🦅 🏆
Hey Deji. Thank you for this. Repost from @dejionadeko using @RepostRegramApp - I think up and coming music makers already have tough for them out here.
I also think we water down quality when all it takes to air the jam is a deep pocket.
Finally, I think we should let good music speak for itself.
I #SayNoToPayForPlay
Respect to the Boss @ikosakioduwa for this campaign.
And to @bridg_nkem getting me on it.
📽🎬 @thatphotobelle
Thanks Josh. It’s not late at all. In fact, please ask everyone you know to join the campaign.  Repost from @absolutelyjosh using @RepostRegramApp - I've wanted to make this recording but I haven't had the opportunity until now. We really need to #saynotopayforplay with one voice @ikosakioduwa it's a dire reality and we stand with you
Repost from @doubleoent using @RepostRegramApp - Thanks for the voice and the movement @ikosakioduwa . We’ve spent quite a lot on the hustle yet barely managed to promote due to the excessive payola being demanded. It has to stop! @iamallyousee #saynotopayforplay
I hope more people jump on this with us. We will not have it oh 😁😁. Nice one bro. Repost from @akinadesoji using @RepostRegramApp - "My name is Akin Adesoji, and I Say NO To Pay For Play!"
Thank you @ikosakioduwa for trying to bring some sanity to the Radio & Music Business in Nigeria.
Artistes should not have to pay presenters to get their songs played on air.
As a #KCOB When the call is sounded, I must answer "Here!"
We say NO to #Payola.