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@jjcskillz @basketmouth And I decided to misbehave small at #TheFalzExperience2. @falzthebahdguy didn’t mind but our wives weren’t having it. @funkejenifaakindele @elsieokpocha & @kidskulture didn’t allow us be great.
Look who I just met and hugged. I am amongst the few in this world that have actually touched @mr_foreen. To Jesus be my glory. Hallelujah!!!! #ikosakioduwa
Our tables had various sayings from Game Of Thrones printed on them. They also had different styles of cutlery. Some wood, some silver, some gold, Dragon eggs and candles on bottles dripping with candle wax. Wine and ale was served from decanters and not bottles @kidskulture thought of everything. #iksgot40
Our friend’s knew we weren’t playing from the moment they received their invitations on very deliberately aged paper, rolled into a scroll sealed with the sigil of House Osakioduwa and delivered by a raven. Shout out to @inkheartstudio for the #iksgot40 invites and @peteramayo for the deliveries.
Happy birthday to my darling girlfriend of 10years. Sweetim, you are even more beautiful today than the day you decided to help my friend’s life by marrying him. Happy birthday Baby.
Checkout my crazy cakes. They tasted as good as they look #iksgot40 #LivvystwistMyGirlfriend
Everyone needs friends like mine. #iksgot40
My friends are cooler than yours #iksgot40
Even the security at #iksgot40 brought it.
Honestly we have the best friends. I’m still tripping. #iksgot40
More of my faves going in. #iksgot40
I love people who are confident enough to NOT take themselves TOO seriously. Thanks guys. #iksgot40