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The only thing sadder than this story is the fact that cases like this are not ‘Rare’ in Nigeria. Things like this happen a lot more than we hear about. Many families in an attempt to protect victims from stigma opt for silence over justice. It’s so sad because they deserve both (i.e. protection from stigma and justice). It’s high time we all lend our voices to these victims and their families to fight against these acts of Gender Based Violence. #HerStoryOurStory #EU4Her @euinnigeria
For anyone going through domestic violence right now, there are 4 things I want you to know:
1. You don’t have to keep it a secret
2. It’s not your fault (don’t let the abuser convince you)
3. You are not alone @euinnigeria wants to help. Visit www.herstoryourstory.ng
4. Asking for help doesn’t make you weak. It means you ARE strong.
Happy birthday @africamagic we've come so far together and there is still so much greatness in our future. I look forward to the years to come. I pray you grow bigger and stronger. God bless you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! #CelebratingAfricaMagic
Hey people, join me to take a stand against Gender Based Violence. Kindly visit www.herstoryourstory.ng sign your pledge and get a badge. And come post it here. The more we are that speak out the closer we’ll come to making a difference. I need you guys on this one. #EU4Her #HerStoryOur Story @euinnigeria
Looking over some stats for Gender Based Violence in Nigeria now. And I’m shocked to see that reported rape cases increased between January and June from 15% to 25%. We are obviously not talking about it enough. Let’s all stand up in whatever way possible for the women around us. Let’s eradicate Gender Based Violence in all its forms. #HerStoryOurStory #eu4her
Happy birthday to my FAVOURITE daughter in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. No matter how old you get, you’ll always be my baby.
@arsenal fans where you at? I got to meet a legend @wrightyofficial today. And I’ll tell you now he’s got such a great story and an even greater heart. Thanks @dstvnigeria @dstvng #ILoveMyJob
Happy birthday to our darling @fatimaomokwe May God continue to bless you exceptional favour, unending wealth and unfading good looks. Have a great day sweetie. You deserve it.
@policenglagos please explore ways to check the FEW in your ranks that spoil the reputation of the rest.
Love these two @ihuomalindaejiofor @ibrahimsuleimanofficial
It takes 1 voice to spark a movement.
1 action to alter the course of events.
It may have taken decades to foist total submission to despair.
But It takes1 experience to trigger a mental reset. 
In cinemas 7th December, 2018.

Be the one to inspire positive change today
It’s my amazing wife’s birthday today !!!🎉🎊🍾 Ok confession time: @kidskulture whenever I have to write you one of these messages, I think long and hard because as much as I live/love to talk, you are the one blessing in my life that always leaves me speechless. So this year, let me just say that loving you is truly my pleasure, being married to you is definitely an honour and keeping up with your hair is a struggle. I love you Baby. God bless you