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8 DAYS TO GO PEOPLE! #TheIkTalks is almost here. Incase you don’t know, #TheIkTalks is an inspiring, insightful, impactful and fun mentorship class where everyone who wants a career where speaking is important, gets a chance to learn some of my secrets and ask questions about anything in the industry. See you on the 28th of July, 2018.
9 days to go!!! #TheIkTalks  I’m very excited to meet you all and interact with you. Unfortunately, the IK talks falls on the weekend when the 3rd Mainland Bridge will be shut down for repairs. But I strongly believe that where there’s a will, there’s a way. Do what you’ve got to do, set out extra early, be on time, come prepared with your questions, I’ll be ready with my answers. I’m looking forward to talking you into your future 👍🏽
Ladies and gentlemen, #TheIkTalks is in 10 days!! I’m as excited as you are about this edition. I want this masterclass to be as interactive as it can be. I want you to get your questions ready or email them to info@ikosakioduwa.com If you haven’t registered, tap the link and my bio and do so. If you have registered and you haven’t received an email, hang on a lil bit, you’ll get it. 10 days to go! See you soon. #TheIkTalks
Ok guys, only a few days to go!! The Ik Talks is back! I'm going to be sharing some of my tricks of the trade and secrets to my success on TV, Stage & at Events. If you are one of the people who have asked me for mentorship, this is the platform I have organized for you. I’ll be sharing stuff it took me years to learn, and I’m giving it to you FOR FREE! Click the link in my bio to register or send your name and your phone number to info@ikosakioduwa.com 
Oh in the interest of full disclosure, late comers seats will be given away 10 minutes to start time (whether or not the individual registered). I look forward to talking you into your future
England all the way!!!
The queue here is so long the airport is even giving out free water to people on the queue. Imagine what getting into heaven will be like. This is just one airport. #ImagineHeavensBorderControl #BringABookYouWillFinishItBeforeYouFinishTheQueue #LondonThisSummer
Love the creativity of this @exomagege. I’d have loved it even more without the swear words. All in all, a very creative expression of the cause. Thanks for taking a stand. #SayNoToPayForPlay
It's finally here guys!! The Ik Talks is back! I'm going to be revealing some of my secrets to being professional and conquering the big screens. If you've been in my DMs asking me to mentor you, OYA! There's so much to learn from this masterclass and to top it off, IT IS FREE! Click the link in my bio to register or send your name and your phone number to info@ikosakioduwa.com 
Grab a seat while it's available. Come with your questions, I'll be ready with my answers. See you soon.
Nicely put sis. God bless you. #SayNoToPayForPlay Repost from @tosynbucknor using @RepostRegramApp - What am I trying to say here?
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Be grateful for each new day you experience. It’s a gift from God not a “Right”. But while we celebrate being alive, let’s not forget those who have passed away or have been stolen from us. Take time to pray for their families. Let us also make sure we get our PVCs (and VOTE) to ensure that the kind of madness we have seen recently doesn’t happen again in our country. #GetYourPVC #Vote #CHOOSEyourGovernment #DontComplainAboutWhatYouTolerate #saynotopayforplay
We won’t stop fighting for this bro. It’s not going to be a quick change but I have faith that with time my colleagues on radio will see things my way. Radio presenters are meant to play good music. It’s not a favour we are doing. It’s our job. 
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Our prayers are with you and your wife @iambangalee. We love you.