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The Switch + is so much more than just an average wall switch. It can control everything from the temperature to the lighting while also being able to play music and tell the news among other things.
While some space related problems can be solved by getting convertible furniture/storage space, using mirrors is a much more economical and utility oriented way of giving your home a larger appearance.
We thank Mr. Vishal for his kind words from the bottom of our hearts and we are grateful to him for the opportunity to work on his home! When our clients are happy, so are we!
We see and appreciate all the hard work that women do, with us and out in the wider world. Imagination Inc wishes women everywhere a very happy Women's Day and we hope that it is filled with relaxation and positivity!
The colour red is used in some hospital rooms as it can increase the appetite. Darker shades of green can make a person feel tranquil and peaceful, giving a room a serene, natural vibe.
A very popular recent and upcoming trend is that of using convertible furniture. Not only do these pieces take up less space, they also serve multiple purposes, making this trend a no-brainer for the modern urban home.
These plants might develop a red or yellowish tint with too much sunlight. However, they require very little water in the summertime and even less in winter. Under the right circumstances, thy might even yield pink flower blossoms!
More specific solutions also exist for dealing with scratches on wooden furniture. For scratches on lighter coloured wood, a walnut paste can be used to cover them up while with darker wood, iodine can be used to effectively mask the scratches.
A few nice perks of the Harmony Elite are that it can control up to 15 devices around your house while also being able to sync with them wirelessly. It can make for an extremely convenient and helpful addition to your home.
Common perception is that interior design is simply about choosing furniture, accessories and decor. However, interior design is about evaluating and using space in terms of practicality and visual aesthetics making it completely different to interior décor.
What works in favor of eco-friendly materials is their sustainability. They have numerous benefits such as being low-maintenance, cost effective and waste effective as well.
Ambient light can come from recessed downlights mounted in the ceiling, ceiling lights mounted to the surface of the ceiling, or table and floor lamps. These types of fixtures characteristically give an even, diffused light level for the space.