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The 5th Ninja Turtle. AKA Haz-Matt on the @ALT1059 morning show, The AM Mayhem. Actively F**king cancer.
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I feel so official! Thanks, @stickermule, these look great! #TheAMMayhem on @alt1059. Thanks again to @vkukua for the design!
Tried out the new @realgastropub with some cool people from @rotarykahala last night. Definitely need to go again!
Comic book friends/fans! Just met @marjorie_liu at @bnalamoana. Came away with with the amazing Monstress Volume 1 signed. (Don’t mind me, i take horrible pictures.)
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Had the opportunity to talk to Kevin Farley (@kevfarls) about comedy, his podcast, war stories from the road. Be sure to check him out tonight at @bluenotehawaii and tune in to #TheAMMayhem on @alt1059 now for our conversation!
Here’s a slightly better look at some of what I picked up at @comicconhnl this year. 1) I got an Amy Reeder sketch and it’s AWESOME. Her Madame Xanadu run was great and I loved her take on Death, so I got what everyone gets, I got a lifetime... 2) Jamie and I love Lilo and Stitch, so this print from StitchToons was too perfect. 3) Jimmy Sparrow does some really cool designs, so I had to grab a few. The Hawaiian Air parodies are cool and Carrie Fisher and I share a birthday, so that was an easy choice; and we all could go for a little “Aloha 3000.” 4) These designs from 7 Sketches were too good to pass up supporting. 5) Fanboyz always makes cool stuff, so I went back for more when I saw my Snorlax spirit animal. 6) Maybe the most surprisingly amazing thing came from Andy Lee who just ink-sketched Jamie and I in the minute or so we were standing there. Really one of my favorite pieces. If you made it this far in reading, you win a No Prize!
A quick recap of my Sunday at @comicconhnl. @greyskysaturday dressed up as Venelope, I picked up an incredible Death commission from @amyreedercomics and even got sketched by @findandy123. All in all, a phenomenal day.
Y’all, I did it. I met another awesome comic book creator I’ve been a fan of forever. @johnromitajr stopped by my show, #TheAMMayhem and was super cool. Also hooked me up with a Con exclusive cover to Superman Year One. Not-so-humble-humblebrag...
OK, this is deep and cheesy like a Chicago pizza, but Sandman and his sister Death really hit home for me during/after my cancer diagnosis. So I was more than happy when I got to pick up these beautiful prints from @davidmackkabuki featuring the characters, words, and likeness of @neilhimself. Thanks to @otherrealmsltd and @cheehoobooks for making this happen. .
#sandman #death #neilgaiman #davidmack #comicbookart
Locally Sourced is on! This week, I talk with Lynne Yoshii, freelance illustrator who’s worked for @marvel and @dccomics! Find her work at @protokitty and look for her at conventions throughout the year! #TheAMMayhem #LocallySourced #ALT1059
It’s kinda like church on a Sunday? #TheAMMayhem
As a kid, I grew up being told not to play with my food. Imagine my confusion as an adult coming here for the first time and paying someone else to play with my food. #TheAMMayhem
We’re back! #LocallySourced is on NOW. Haz-Matt is talking to Reed from @hpuesports talking about competitive gaming. Got a story to share about your creative/community project? Email!