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Founder of @inclusivitee. A quarterly apparel membership program that donates 50% of profits to charity. #inclusivitee


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All of these great designs are available now through inclusivi-tee’s Kindness Collection.  Bags and t-shirts in all sizes.  All materials are earth-friendly. More designs coming soon.  Every kind is welcome!
*Save the date*
On Saturday, March 10, we are having a musical event at Famous Dave's from 4-7 p.m. We will be raising money for @houseofcharity53, MN, Sigma's Bookshelf, and Sanya's Hope For Children. Featured Artists include Dan Israel, jazz diva Mari Harris,  Marv Wearth, and Rare Pharaohs. Tickets available early next week.
In honor of National random acts of kindness day, which occurred just a few days ago, we’re proud to release our Kindness Collection! All our t-shirts are available in both children and adult sizes, and $5 from each purchase is donated to the Little Free Library and other organizations that support literacy and education. Shop the collection now. Link in bio. ☝🏻
Teghan Devon at @butterbakerycafe An amazing musician and wonderful human.
Kindness changes everything!  Post your kind acts and kind acts you witness at http://bit.ly/KindnessBowl and help us change the world.  @kindnessbowl @ellen_degeneres @theellenshow @oprah @michelleobama #kindnessbowl
Kindness changes the world.  Please join us in the Kindness Bowl.  Just go to http:/bit.ly/KindnessBowl and register.  Include your zip code at the front of your user name so we can track you.  Then post a kind act, share on social media, and challenge your friends to post.  Let’s collect 1000 or more kind acts!  Thank you! (This decal will be available at inclusivi-tee.com later this week, along with a line of kindness clothing—-stay tuned!) @airbnb @joysofinsta @robinmborto @claypantherceramics @negebes @davinavagabonds @ashrew2014 @lovemyroomie @aclu_nationwide @bjvang @democracynow @kindnessbowl @kindnessorg @ellen_degeneres @humanesociety @theviewabc @berniesanders @amyklobuchar @socentalliance
Coming soon: Inclusivi-tee is introducing a line of kindness-related products—shirts, bags, posters—-and a baby line.  Stay tuned...
Join Inclusivi-tee staff as we celebrate kindness.  The Kindness Bowl runs January 26 through February 4.  Pre-bowl play starts now.  So, go on-line, post your kind acts, and help us make the world a better place. Kindness really is a game changer! #kindnessbowl @ellen_degeneres @houseofcharity53 @oprah @theviewabc @michelleobama @davinavagabonds @bobbiboggs @negebes @claypantherceramics @robinmborto @bjvang @kindnessbowl Http://bit.ly/KindnessBowl
This awesome shirt, designed by @badasssara is available now at inclusivi-tee.com.  Profits go to @houseofcharity53 who tirelessly feed, house, and empower people in need.  We are proud to call them our partner.  Thank you, Sara for the great design!  #feedthehungry #homeless #empowerment #giving #tshirt #diversity #ourneighbors
Coming next week, Inclusivi-tee will be selling photographs on our site.  Still 100% profit donation, still a passionate social justice theme.  Most of our photos highlight the beautiful world we need to protect.  Look for our announcement next week.  In the meantime, remember our subscriptions make wonderful gifts.
The first ice I saw, a couple weeks ago.  It reminds me how much I value clean, fresh water and how much natural beauty we have around us, even on the stoop right outside my door. #ice #photo #cleanwater #winter #conservation #blacksndwhitephoto
Our kitty, Bella.  She is beautiful and sometimes so sweet.  #cat #animallover @claypantherceramics