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Inclusivi-tee is a quarterly tshirt subscription club with goals of creating beautiful wearable art & building a progressive community.

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Inclusivi-tee board member, @bobbiboggs on becoming more socially conscious.  We are so glad you are here, Bobbi.  To increase your impact, join us at and show you care in art you wear. #socialjustice #equality #tshirt #lgbt #lgbtq #nativeamericanrights #blacklivesmatter #womensrights #mexicanamerican #immigrantswelcome #immigrantrights @cairmn @plannedparenthood #disabilityrights @karenjp0915 @negebes @claypantherceramics @ellen_degeneres @oprah @theviewabc @michelleobama
Negebe Sheronick, Inclusivi-tee board member at our recent fundraiser in Grinnell, Iowa, talking about social justice.
Day 7: one black and white photo per day, no words, no people #blackandwhitephoto #photography
David Sandborn playing at the Dakota. Wonderful. #jazz #davidsandborn #livemusic
Day 6 of challenge: one black and white photo, no people, no explanation.
Day 5 of the challenge: 7 days, one black and white photo per day, no comments, no people
Day four of the challenge: seven days, one photo in black and white, no comment, no people.  I will admit I am cheating by taking two photos and posting one on Facebook and the other here... #blackandwhitephoto #photography #kitchen #challenge
Day three of photo challenge: 7 days, one black and white per day, no people, no explanations.  #blackandwhitephoto #photography #barstools
And here is the black and white #photo #blackandwhite #steeringwheel
I took this photo to post in black and white for a seven day challenge: one photo in black and white of your every day life, no people.  I posted in black and white on Facebook, but then o saw it in color here and I really like the rainbow effect... #cars #photos #steeringwheel #photochallenge
Beautiful fall. I love the leaves and the smells in the air.  What a wonderful world we have to protect!  #fall #autumn  #leaves  #conservation #protecttheearth #photography
Inclusivi-tee is proud to announce our second quarter partner, @houseofcharity53 in Minneapolis. They work with people who are struggling with homelessness, addiction, mental health issues, and a lack of resources.  Their goal is to help each individual become the best they can be.  We are excited to raise awareness and money for this wonderful non-profit.  Find out more about House of Charity at  To find out how you can join our club and help support large and small charities nationwide, while receiving beautiful wearable art, please visit us at  Show you care in art you wear.