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"es ist schön, wenn das Aussehen passt , doch felt der Charakter und Intelligenz, baut es die Pluspunkte des Aussehens ganz schnell ab 🙌🏻 " .
I heard someone said "food is readyyy!" 😁🍕🍔🍤🍝🍜🍱 .
this cape is designed by the talanted indonesian designer @hanniehananto 💛Japan is the perfect place to wear her design, and so I did! .
#nadaexploresjapan #tokyo
my soul would probably attached by an explorer by heart like me, I find it brilliant.
outfit by @hijup ❤️
here is to all strong woman out there, may you be the blooming blooms all seasons, you die and grow back again, beautifully, each time. may you be forgiving for everytime they tried to break , cut you. you might think you've been mistreated , your kindness didn't valued but let me tell you this, you are valuable, brilliant. sometimes you're just being too kind, too strong , too positive, and when things turned out the way you never thought before , I know it breaks your soul but eventually it will all make sense again. I believe beautiful things are meant to be united, they're just rare. keep blooming back again 🌸
Sun hits me hard! but I'm living a life☀️❤️ .
Sweater by @hijup  and yea I can hear my customized nike shouts 'just do it' out loud! .
"before everything turned out cliché, like all of the things I knew, should we stop here? I need to be home now, been traveling too long, honey you gotta come home soon."
Thankyou for wathcing @halaltravelt7 here are big smiles from Chef Nina and her assistant 😄😄 . it was such a wonderful time, terlalu banyak momen wonderful lain nya yg gak bisa muat di tayangkan di program yg singkat, I actually wish they put in some of our spontanious talks, and jokes, and laughs. but semoga bermanfaat 🤗 sampai ketemu minggu depan , halal traveler! .
capek kakaknya duduk dulu bentar, stelah itu kita lanjut jalan kaki lagi menyisiri yunani yg nyanyasss sambil liputan and get tanned dari pagi sampai malam, selama 2 minggu! senyumin and stay curious~ .
di tengah liputan di Athena yunani, mengeksplor sejarah, makanan, dan tempat tempat menarik tepatnya, di Athena. Nada akan berbagi ceritanya di Halal Travel , sesaat lagi di Trans 7, pukul 12.45 siang . see you! @halaltravelt7 •
#nadaexploresgreece #athens #nadahalaltravel
Selamat Hari Sabtu , it means Halal Travel time! 
hari ini nada bawa halal traveler mengeksplor yunani, tepatnya di ibu kota yunani, Athena. Sampe ketemu di Trans 7 hari ini jam 12.45 siang ya! ❤️
be grateful, stay happy and keep traveling✈️❤️
#nadaexploresgreece #nadahalaltravel @halaltravelt7
"give thanks
for all that is ,
give praise
for all that is"
Top by @hijabchic , lovely earth tone color for Autumn 🍃🍂
You've been through so much
So many ups and downs
You've given your love
But never liked the way it turned out
You closed off your heart
And you carried the weight
Like a million rocks on your shoulders
But you don't have to wait for an apology
Or for someone else to make amends
When you can remember
That your healing is in your hands

Just let it go, inch by inch
Just let it go, and do it again
Just let it go, one day you'll see
Just let it go, you set yourself free

You've been used
You've been abused
Someone came along
Who didn't value you
You carried the weight
Of your heart
Like a million rocks on your shoulders
But life isn't meant to be perfect
And we won't always win
But can you remember
That your healing is in your hands? .
-written by one of my most fav song writer, India Arie💞
"when I look at you girl, I see a true work of art, so many beautiful things coming from one little heart 💞" .
Good morning beautiful things💞 .
#nadaexploresjapan #nadahalaltravel #yokohama #japan