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🌺One night I dreamt about Lotus, they wanted me to bring them into life @lotusscarves ✨


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Another wedding gown choices you can found @griyafirdausi 🌸
simple gowns with beautiful deets. 
makeup by @vivithalib 💄. guten Morgen!💓
I can live with a wardrobe full of dresses👗. Love this beautiful green dress by @mannequina_ , available @hijup ! •
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All white? why not! palazzo pants by @hijabchic . 
feelin' faancayyy✨✨✨
Another scarf by #kamibersamahijup  @etuofficial X @kamiidea in grey , available @hijup ! .
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A huge smile from this Betty. cause I got my glasses and braces on 🤓 just like #bettylafea 🤓. plus an oversized top from @hijabchic that is super comfy~ I want to sleep~ good day!
"and after all of this time , don't you agree that life is about forgiving, believing, moving, giving , learning, growing and you do it all over again. those are the fuel of living" .
Black Vest by @hijabchic 🖤
had a an enjoyable private dinner with these ladies at a Turkish Restaurant ,  congrats lads! and thankyou @hijup ,  happy tummies happy faces 💓
I officially have these now to help my eyes see the world a bit clearer. they're sick with the blur 😅.
loving my printed scarf #kamibersamahijup , a collaboration by ETUxKAMI available at @hijup !
I got voucher y'all!! use it to get discounts! : HIJUPxNADA , yea🤓
My love, things might not have always been easy and pretty. You have the whole bright future in front of you, your kindness and sincerity will help you to go thru everything. I'm getting older, I might be getting stronger or weaker. but my love, you are the reason I gotta be. I might be far, but my prayer will get as close as it can be to you.. I believe in miracle, and so have you , in times.. the sun will shine a lil brighter and the flowers will bloom a lil sooner. you teach me how to love and fight for something, thankyou. I wish you all the luck and everything you deserve.. I love you with all of my heart and all the most beautiful words can never fully explain.. sincerely , your only sister.
it's ok buddy, you'll get thru it and the light will slowly shine a lil brigther again ✨.
pattercrush of the day! outer by @hijup ✨
fear-I always have it. faith- what keeps me going💎. top by : @radwah available @hijup ! 
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cover more. printed scarf by @hijup 🐣