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Take a break, cool down and have an ice cream🍦❄️💕.
Another fun way to enjoy the famous Red Velvet cake, is an Ice cream now! mixed with Belgian white chocolate and swirl cream cheese. @magnum makes it possible💕 with their tempting #magnumredvelvet #PlayWithMagnumRedVelvet .
Guten Morgen! Want some?😊🍦
Not even that black lil dot
"I'm leaving
left these questionmarks and breathing
In this empty room I'm believing, 
This Every sunset is an awakening
To stay thru the night with no lights
This Every sunrise is mesmerizing but
Who knows if the sun will shine too bright for the eyes
In this empty room i'm healing"
When our scarves are twinsies! @ayuindriati 🦄 . Newest collection by @vanillahijab 🦄 , and feel like a unicorn✨💕. Anyways happy birthday intan! @intankf semakin berkah semuanya💕
Let's have a deeper talk about this phone, shall we?  What a perfection I found on #vivov5s , dengan harganya yang terjangkau untuk sebuah smartphone, Kamera depannya bagus esp buat yang suka selfie with its 20MP Softlight Camera #PerfectSelfie! Dan resolusi kamera belakangnya 13MP, hasil gambar yang didapetin sekelas dengan gambar 52MP. Jadi mau di zoom sebesar apapun, gambarnya gak akan pecah. What a great innovation @vivo_indonesia !
Feelin' super girly and blushy today with this outfit by @vanillahijab . Thankyou for coming to @vanillahijab pop up store💕
Cheers! Enjoying @dapurola 's cake while waiting on the line for @vanillahijab pop up store! Look how happy these faces were💕🌷
Vanilla sisters! I'm on my way to the pop up store, see you there again💕
Let's come and shop at @vanillahijab pop up store tomorrow (last day) With me! See you around💕 
Di street gallery PIM 3 lantai 2 ya :)
Your daily modest wear  has finally published our first campaign video! We believe each one of us is beautiful and unique, spread the love 💙 .
Iya creative director nya in frame juga mewakili tim wajah asia🙋 , dan Iya videonya ngedit sendiri juga , kecuali tulisan brand dibelakang , leh uga ya :') #terharu makasih yg udah follow ❤️ . Buat yg udah pengen pake baju longgar longgar makin sopan :') Katalog nya di upload besok!!
Watch the full video on youtube [link is on my bio] ⬆️ .
Behind the scene-first photo and video shoot for S.O.R apparel . Thankyou team!💙 follow for more updates!
These bloopers tho😭😩 you know~ that feeling of "oh no i hate looking at ma own selvvvv"😪 #meeverytime
11.15 PM 🎥
Bukan sulap bukan sihir🦄.