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Promise you this is the last pic for today✌🏻. White top and denim palazzo by @hijup . I love love love wearing palazzo pants❤️ hijabi friendly, most comfyyy💕 .
anyways @hijup has a payday sale , and today is the last day! Go on to their website and Make it fast! .
As much as I love to wear layers, I still love tropical weather! But wait.... It's too hot now I need to wear white❄️
Wearing @hijup white blouse!
And one of my fav turkish brand who does the printed scarves! @arminemoda !❄️❄️❄️
Last day!!!!!
SURPRISE, SURPRISE! Due to high demand, HIJUP Payday Sale is Back! Sale seru di pekan gajian dengan ragam koleksi pilihan dan diskon hingga 70%. Kunjungi @hijup sekarang juga!
Promo berlaku 27-28 Februari 2017.
Don't forget to smile😊💕.
With my beautiful pinay girl, ammarah! And your name in Bahasa Indonesia means, Anger!!!😂 HA HA HA fits you perfectlyyy , joke lang but the meaning is no joke😋✌🏻️
@vanillahijab @vanillaforclothing colour mood💕
I hate cold weather.
But I love what I wear .
What's ur fav season of the year? Don't tell me sale season! That's mine😂
A cool short escape to Japan, see you again japan! Now -Philippines!🛫
Comfy cute top by @hijabchic 💕ready to sleep during my flight😋
Work work work work #japan
I think I need to live in Japan ❄️💃🏻🌷
#tapfordetails tartan top by @hijup 
Shop using my code HXINP1
And get 50K shopping voucher.
min purchace 250K.
Geminians! 💕
It's a good day for a good day🌷. If you love instant scarves go check out @vanillahijab collections! And this outfit is also by @vanillahijab @vanillaforclothing
Me in highschool : zayum, these are cute, I'm so gonna buy 'em
Me now : zayum, these are cute, too bad I'm too old 😭💔😍