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That videoke night in the Philippines "Time to say Goodbye" with @danielvanholdenn 😅 #thisishowwedo 🎼🎤
"Humble yourselves before God, and He will lift you up"
Loving this simple top by @hijabchic 💕
And I realize, I don't always need a reason for everything. 
I don't always need a reason to be kind, to be mean, to smile, to cry, to run, to stay or to leave .
No matter how intelligent someone is , there is The Most Intelligent of all .
I am my journey, I am what I've learned, I am where I wanna go, and what kind of person I want to be .
I am my faith.
"Friendly people are around, but sincere people are treasures found".
Emang es teh manis dingin pake es dan gula itu paling ntap - #ribetnya 😅 @vivizubedi 👍🏻🍹
Lovin' myself dressin' up like this in this tropical country☀️, comfortably modest with a lil touch of cheerfulness, and whimsical as I am👑 Which I can never hide that side of me💫
"Be yourself always, there's no one better" -Selena Gomez .
Let's just reveal it, we both like Selena Gomez😅.
Safe flight back to Bangladesh girl✈️ see you again this year? InshaaAllah💕 @aydhamehnaz
City of lights, I have a date tonight✨#skye #jakarta . @aydhamehnaz ✨.
You wanna be here too madam? @samahsafi 😊 but they don't have coconuts😂
Life gives me the wisdom to live and to love .
My New Travel Buddy from Citidines Apartment Hotel lookin' sooo handsome wearing Batik😍❤️ .  @ascott_ltd
Teddy bear ini adalah maskot dari Ascott, dan Citidines Apartemen hotel adalah bagian dari Ascott.
Kebayang kalo teddy bearnya bisa dibeli pengen ngasi ketementemen yg dari luar negri buat souvenir dari Indonesia karena teddy bearnya pake batik, ya gak si?😍 who loves teddy bear here? Me!!!💛
Stripes + Sweater = 💛
Glad @hijabchic has this sweater on their collection💛
As much as I love makeup, I still love the feel of not wearing it or at least very minimal. Let your skin breathe💛
📍Citadines Apartment Hotel, Rasuna Said- Jakarta