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Marine biologist | Travel bug | Creative | PH 🌸🐳🌴

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What a daaaarn paradise this island is, more so coz Im with you, here. Lalala. 🌸
Fruitty breakfast yumyum πŸ‘ŒπŸŒ΄
If only we could stay by your shore a little bit longer 🌊
Oh you silly little heart 🌊 🌸🌴
Surfin's not easy, but daaarn addicting!! Got loads to learn, more toasting ahead! 🌊
Fetch me my coco!! 🌴
On unpaved roads, and unknown tales πŸƒ
That dying fire was awoken by the unexpected. I maybe struggling on each stroke still, but atleast now I have this ember to hold on to. .
"Writer's block" has been a recurring theme these days. But last night I received an unexpected encouraging email *thank heavens*. Now, Im feeling all possitive that in my element, I'll find sense on these scribbled words. 🌊
Hope that we continue to gear towards sustainable means as we ride the modern development road. May preserving this piece of paradise of ours come first, always. 🌊 🌴🌺
Oh my 🌊
Oh you sun kissed salted fish πŸŸβ˜€πŸŒΈ
Missing fire wood slow cooked meals (as I spend most of my time in concrete jungles nowadays). Oh la laaa.