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Burnt and dusted! 🐙 | Missing the summer toast on this rainy weather☕️🌧
Closest I could get to hangin' out with John! 🌺 ...
That moment when I brought my fangirl self to Liverpool! Literally tired me legs dead as I walked everywhere (armed with an offline map) to visit Fab Four places. And got too fan-girly emotional in the Cavern, uh huh, blaming it on the pint! 😂🐞 ....
P.S. I could only imagine the football-watching scene there now. Must be crazy fun!! Haha. Drink a pint for me insan! Semis na!!! @jerichorayel ⚽
21 cities/villages after, my longest solo travel (so far, hehe) have reached its end. And boy, what an adventure it has been. Loads of thanks to new found friends, and also to random strangers turned impromptu photographers!! You awesome beings made this trip memorable!! And to UK, you have been amaaazing, see you again next time? Hehe. For now, fish is going home! P.S. See you soon fambam!! 😊❤ #latepost
Crail is a historic fishing village in East Neuk, Fife. Enjoyed the sunset, beach, and walking around in this village that I missed my bus twice! 😂 🏵
View from the West Sands (in St. Andrews) 🏵
A picturesque coastal village in Fife called Culross. Its cobbled streets and structures date back to the 16-17th century. 🏵
"As time goes on, you'll understand. What lasts, lasts; what doesn't, doesn't. Time solves most things. And what time can't solve, you have to solve yourself." - Murakami 🏵
The Fab Four.. plus Koko. Haha.  Finally got to fangirl in Liverpool!! 🤘😸