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Shubh Deepawali | शुभ दीपावली 🎆✨🙏 #nitindivya
Buddhism has no central authority, and therefore many different varieties of practice and philosophy have developed over its history, including among monastic communities, sometimes leading to schisms in the sangha. The information presented here, unless otherwise noted, characterises only certain Buddhist monks who follow the most strict regulations of the 'Southern Schools' tradition. The oldest existing set of texts concerning a Buddhist form of life are those of the Pāli Canon. Although no copy of these texts comes from the time of the Buddha, because of its relative age the Pāli Canon is used by some monastic communities to define their conduct and identity. In some schools of Buddhism, notably those lineages in South East Asia (Sri Lanka, Thailand, etc.) that compose Theravada, the Buddhist monastic community is theoretically divided into two assemblies, the male bhikkhu (Pali, Skt. bhikshu) assembly, and the female bhikkhuni (Skt. bhikshuni) assembly. According to some stories, although his followers initially consisted only of men, the Buddha recognized women as followers after his stepmother, Mahaprajapati, asked for and received permission to live as an ordained practitioner. 
A Bhikkhu or Bhikkhuni first ordains as a Samanera (novice) for a year or more. There are some conditions which must be met in order to be allowed into Buddhist monaticism, such as age between 7 and 70 and haven't broken sīla in some manners when undertaking them. Male novices often ordain at a very young age, but generally no younger than 8. Women usually choose to ordain as adults, since there is no expectation that they do so in childhood. Samaneras live according to the Ten Precepts, but are not responsible for living by the full set of monastic rules, vinaya. Higher ordination, conferring the status of a full Bhikkhu or Bhikkhuni, is usually given only to those 20 or older. Women monastics follow a similar progression, but are required to live as Samaneras for a longer period of time, typically five years. In Thailand, monks are considered well supported by the community, and in return the monks offer guidance in life and in the Dharma.
Its not choice, its situation.
Diwali eco friendly wali !

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Monu ka bday celebration and family reunion.

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फूल vs कूल !

@akhil._.panwar ka #iphone vs @indianimator ka #moto 
Which one you like ?
I remember when a student, during the orientation session at MNIT asked me, what it takes to join indibni for internship ? I replied : We always see three things in all aspirants/applicants, no matter what position they are applying for:

1. Does that person is humble enough to mold as per need and eventually can become a trend setter? 
2. What's his/her vision, it isn't about what we will get from them, but also what specifically they want to learn from us ?

3. Down the line, when he/she will be successful, will we be able to have coffee together and talk about any damn aspects of life ? --
Happy to have Ankur Golwa aka golu at @indibni

Its extraordinary to witness your journey as a intern in 2013 at #indibni and now a product manager at #cleartax. 
Proud of you, Rise and shine !

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#karwachauth ka gift, 
Moto1 for the only one!

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#karwachauth ka return gift !

A long awaited memeber in family 
Welcome @amazonkindle #kindlepaperwhite !

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Sunday ko hum bane chef,
biwi khush, life is good !

Made bred dosa 🌮 with paneer and aaloo fillings; Served with tomato 🍅 and coconut 🥥 chutney.

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Life etc

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Grow through what you go through.

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Life etc.

#Wordstories with #indianimator.