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Glam punk dirtbags from Milwaukee City 🕸☠️💅💉💄🗡🕷.

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A couple of Daniel’s pre-Junk bands just got reissued on CD and you can pick them up on our mech page at #masterheartache #motorcyclepromdates #indonesianjunk
📸: @brucelee1255
Johnny Cyanide circa 1988.
Taken from the Vinyl From The Vault blog.
Look at that guy sleeping on the bench behind Johnny. 📸: Zach Bundalo
📸: @benjimayhem1
Our first album turns two years old today.
Been thinking of doing a short run CD comp of Crimes, the live tape, and some other stuff. Here’s a sample we got from the manufacturer. Would anyone be interested if we ordered more of these?
Upcoming Junk:

1/26 Chicago, IL (Reed’s)
2/2 Madison, WI (The Wisco)
2/3 Columbia, MO (PDM)
2/16 Milwaukee, WI (Circle A)
2/24 Oshkosh, WI (Reptile Palace)
3/9 Racine, WI (Evelyn’s)
3/10 Carbondale, IL (SKI House)
4/6 Chicago, IL (Liar’s Club)
4/7 Stevens Point WI (PABS)
4/8 Milwaukee, WI (Circle A)
6/2 Milwaukee, WI (High Dive)
Our friend Jamie from @palelipsband rockin’ her Indonesian Junk shirt in Europe. Photo by @punkrockraduno