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Tarek Pukat is an admirable Acehnese local wisdom that upholds the value of cooperation and togetherness. @au_presley captured these silhouette against the dramatic sky just before the fishermen started sailing and performed their centuries-old tradition.

Submit your best photo for a chance to visit Raja Ampat and join ISTPC 2019! 
#ISTPC2019 #WonderfulIndonesia
Happy Indonesia's 74th Independence Day! Celebrate the glorious moment with us. Create a wonderful experience here.
Banyumala Twin Waterfalls in Bali holds an irresistible charm that captures the heart of those who come to admire its beauty. @prorvina was impressed by the untouched wild nature and we can assure you, you will be stunned too! 
#BanyumalaTwinWaterfalls #Bali #Indonesia #Travel #WonderfulIndonesia
Bringing Bali Beach Clean Up Movement forward, @hendriandghani effortlessly captured an important aspect of preserving sustainable tourism in such an aesthetic manner. Dare to take one that is better? We challenge you to submit your photo and join ISTPC 2019 next week! 
#ISTPC2019 #WonderfulIndonesia
Feel the thrill while you walk on the Situ Gunung Suspension Bridge in Sukabumi, West Java and experience its spectacular surroundings.
#Sukabumi #WestJava #Indonesia #Travel #WonderfulIndonesia 📷 @nics_mindset and @eloisegroves
Can anyone guess where in Bali @letsnailmoscow is? Hint: a nearby island famous for its clear and pristine waters

#Bali #Indonesia #Travel #WonderfulIndonesia
Find both peace and adventure at the same time at Gili Meno, Lombok Island. It might have a minimalistic vibe on the surface, but what lies beneath the waters will astound you just like it did to @wanderwithjamie

#GiliMeno #Lombok #Indonesia #Travel #WonderfulIndonesia
Aside from its gigantic, monumental hole-in-a-wall, Bawana Beach in Sumba Island holds a tempting ambience with its unspoiled beauty. #BawanaBeach #Sumba #Indonesia #Travel #WonderfulIndonesia 📸: @andhikabayu
Congratulations @nesa_putra3941 for winning Indonesia Sustainable Tourism Photo Competition 2019.
Displaying the bravery and spirit of Balinese locals, this picture also introduces us to a tradition called Perang Pandan or "makere-kere", which is held to pay tributes to Indra, The God of War. Submit your best photo and be the next winner of ISTPC 2019! Click the link on our bio to join the competition. #WonderfulIndonesia #ISTPC2019
Congratulations @deomanish for being the winner of Indonesia Sustainable Tourism Photo Competition 2019.
This spectacular photograph not only displays the beauty of Bali's rice terrace, but also tells how the Balinese maintains the agricultural system by traditions from long ago to this day. Are you ready to be the next winner of ISTPC 2019? Click the link on our bio to join the competition. #WonderfulIndonesia #ISTPC2019
Have you seen the movie "The Shape of Water"? Either you're the mermaid or the human - you can enjoy this unique amphibious experience in Bali and create unforgettable memories with your friends or lovers.
#Bali #Indonesia #Travel #WonderfulIndonesia 📸: @catchagypsea & @jennasilver_
This immaculate tidal island of Gili Kapal in West Nusa Tenggara might only be visible when the tide is low, but once you conquer all the challenges just like @estpr did, the incredible view you will see at the end is going to be worth the experience. 
#GiliKapal #WestNusaTenggara #Indonesia #Travel #WonderfulIndonesia