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Dallas Jones, 8, hangs onto the side of the pool during swim lessons Tuesday morning at the Riverside Beach Aquatic Center. 🏊‍♂️ 🏊‍♀️
LOVE Independence Day was held Saturday morning all over town. Volunteers from local businesses, churches and organizations showed their pride and support. Swipe to see Commissioner Gary Hogsett looking disapprovingly.
The 2019 Arbor Day Celebration was held at the Logan Fountain in Riverside Park Friday evening.
Donkey Basketball 🐴🏀 participants had a kickin’ time Friday night in the Cherryvale High School gymnasium.
Space Spring Break is happening at the Independence Public Library with @nasa @ Your Library. Eighth grader Ethan Hise connects the circuit board of a small laptop for the day’s Space Coding activity.
Fifth graders at Jefferson Elementary and their speedy lamborfeeties took off during the Jingle Jog. Students took a lap around the school property, cheered on by Santa Claus who was watching and spurring them on from the roof!
Family Reading Night was a blast. Parents and grandparents gathered with their children Wednesday night in the Jefferson Elementary library. Cookies, apple juice and books were provided.
The third grade scientists of STEAM Practiced their three dimensional art skills with 3D pens Friday after school.
Those Queen Neelah contestants know how to move. Action shots from talent night. Photo credit @photoguyrob2
Students and faculty from all over the globe hoisted the flag of their respective countries today as ICC celebrated International Flag Day.
Take photos real good? Want to see them on the front page or our Instagram? Send them to us at Take a risk. Send that photo. Hear about it from your parents and grandparents and that one elderly lady at church who is friends with your grandma and cuts out all your accomplishments.
The 24 Hour Plays were a riot, a hit, and a tearjerker. These student playwrights made Inge both jealous and proud.