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Newborn, Baby and Family Photographer from Slovenia.
🌿 Minimalistic
🌿 Pure
🌿 Natural
🌿 and Authentic
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When miracles come in pairs🍀✨
Fields of love❤️ Poletje in njegove barve, ob večerih, se počasi poslavljajo. Na voljo je le se nekaj prostih terminov za večernja fotografiranja v najlepši svetlobi.
Let’s jump into this week without having fear of falling. Remember, fall seven times, stand up eight.
When love takes over❤️🍀
Don’t worry sis, I got your back❤️
Make a wish💫
Who is excited about some summer break? Meeeeeee, meeee😉 I am moving my office on a seaside for one week🌊☀️Yaaaas!
Tudi ti odštevaš dneve do najlepšega zmenka na slepo? ❤️
My dear one, life won’t always be easy and sweet, but remember, it will be easier as long as we stay connected❤️
Can you feel the excitement?❤️